armips is Kingcom’s ARM/MIPS assembler. It’s primarily intended for romhacking tasks for PSX and GBA/NDS.

Features include:

  • Assembler and user defined macros, with label support
  • The complete MIPS R3000 and ARM7/ARM9 instruction set (THUMB and ARM mode)
  • Table support
  • Support for overlays, you can open and close as many output files and cross-reference them as you need
  • Automatic checks for possible load delay problems in MIPS code, optionally fixing them automatically by inserting NOPs.
  • Many different directives, among them some to ensure that the assembler doesn’t overflow a given area
  • C-style math parser

Version history:

  • 0.7d (released on 1st April 2013)
    • added automatic optimizations for several ARM opcodes
    • many bugfixes and internal changes
    • added static labels
    • new directives: .warning, .error, .notice, .relativeinclude, .erroronwarning, .ifarm, .ifthumb
    • quotation marks can now be escaped in strings using \”.
  • 0.7c (released on 11th December 2010)
    • macros can now contain unique local labels
    • area directive added
    • added missing ARM opcode variations
    • countless bugfixes
    • no$gba debug message support
    • full no$gba sym support
  • 0.7b (released on 19th September 2009)
    • ARM/THUMB support
    • fixed break/syscall MIPS opcodes
    • added check if a MIPS instruction is valid inside a delay slot
    • fixed and extended base detection
    • added “.” dummy label to the math parser to get the current memory address
    • added dcb/dcw/dcd directives
  • 0.5b (released on 8th September 2009)
    • Initial release

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