9 thoughts on “Super Robot Wars J

  1. Jimmy

    I just finished the srw j game and i would like to thank you from the very bottom of both my heart and my soul. I could not have enjoyed this game if you guys had not translated it. I am looking forward to playing both SRW F and D translated. When the bad times do roll, just remember that their are countless people who are enjoying this game and its all thanks to YOU guys!

  2. Brandon

    Hey im just wondering what emulator will this work on. i tried Visualboy and no$gba but it wont seem to work with either. please help me

  3. Kingcom

    It works with either emulator. Make sure you are using a dump of the unpatched japanese version for patching. The patcher should notify you if the patching goes wrong.

  4. Jukse

    Thanks and congratulations for this great translation! There’s no doubt that this project involved a lot of hardwork and the fact that Kingcom and co. completed it to deliver such a high quality patch without any sort of profit involved is simply inspiring.

    I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours!

  5. Jeftah

    Thank you, Thank you thank you for this amazing translation!!! I am a new SRW fan, and I’m just eating these games up, and I couldn’t have enjoyed the awesomeness that is SRW J without your help guys!!!! Thank you!!

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