Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

Caravan Heart Boxart

Caravan Heart Boxart

Developer TOSE
Publisher Enix
Platform Gameboy Advance
Release Date March 29, 2003
Genre RPG

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart is the third installment in the well known Dragon Quest Monsters series. It’s the only game in the Monsters series that didn’t get an official English localization.

This was the very last game published by Enix before they merged with Square. Follow Prince Kiefer (one of the heroes of Dragon Quest VII) on his quest to help a friend find a cure for his parent’s illness. You’ll travel in a growing Caravan, full of trained guard monsters and a whole bunch of human party members.


  • Great graphics
  • Classic Dragon Quest Soundtrack
  • 200 Monsters
  • Monster Reformations using the hearts of befriended monsters
  • Fight both with Monsters and Human party members
  • 22 Classes for the human party members
  • Lot’s of depth and strategic possibilities
  • Light-hearted main quest
  • A LOT of optional bonus content after finishing the main story


Caravan Heart – English Patch Version 1.00
Patch Release Notes

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Additional Material

My very personal view on the history and background of this translation project. It got much too long and I’m just rambling on and on, but I’m sure some of you will find it interesting anyway. It uncovers sekrits that should have never been known to man!
Tom’s project reflection is in the release notes, it’s much more to the point than mine, so be sure to read it

Character Classes Guide
A guide about all the different charactler classes in the game. I wrote this since I was bored and I was testing all of those classes anyway for the transaltion. It’s available on Gamefaqs. You’ll only really need it once you reach the epilogue – but then you’ll be glad such a guide exists, trust me. Have fun and don’t mind all the typos and grammar mistakes, it’s pretty much still in first draft form.

World Map
Crysta made this little gem. A very nicely done worldmap for Caravan Heart. If you ever get lost, take a look at it. Hosted here with her kind permission.


A preview video I created for our translation