You gotta be kidding

Another update? Now we already reached the total count of 2009 – just this month! I’ll keep this one shorter than KaioShin’s insight on reviews though.
We uploaded a preview of the DQM1&2 translation. It shows the whole introduction of the first game. Enjoy!

115 thoughts on “You gotta be kidding

  1. Slikshot

    oh btw im sorry for that
    had to do it

  2. hendo

    i hope you guys finish working on this game i been waiting for it to come out since you guys first started working on it

  3. hendo

    oh and i do thank everyone’s hard work on making such awesome games with such professional work on these

  4. ed

    ^^ me too:) just leaving a message to support you guys and hoping you pick up DQM soon;)

  5. ed

    just wondering if there’s any update on DQM? was just looking at the savage vid again and its hard to believe its a year ago :O and i’m still waiting im-patiently for it:) wish i could help with it to hurry it along. how about an open source translation?? put all the files up on source forge and let everybody do their stuff;) tongue in cheek there:)

  6. Kingcom Post author

    There won’t be any open projects. DQM is still going. I recently implemented a new VRAM allocation manager that gives great new benefits.

  7. ed

    ah yeah i didn’t think there would be;) you’ve put in so much work into it already! great to hear you’re still working on DQM, and as always its great to hear about updates even if they are about vram allocation! thanks kingcom

  8. Rob

    Thank you for all the work you are doing, I am a huge DQ Fan and am eager to play this game! I have already played them for Gameboy Color, but this looks amazing. I am very appreciative that this project is still going!

  9. RootBeerKing

    Just discovered this game and your translation, just wanted to say keep up the great work! I can’t wait to play this, Dragon Quest Monsters was one of my favorite games for the game boy and I’m blown away that there was a PS1 remake, AND that it’s getting translated to boot!

  10. Silenceer

    I hope it comes this year, its a great work and many people would be happy if this classic game can be played in english….
    Please finish it…

  11. herman

    hey just wana say i been keeping up to date nd love ur guys work cant wait for dqm keep up the awsome jobs

  12. desconchetumadrizate

    hi if u had some time plss tell me what can i do to help ( in mostly anyway) i dont know a thing about the hacking or traslating nippon but if u want to do an ¨official¨ pbp for psp signed by booth of u i can help i do some animesubing so i have some lvl of knowledge of video and audio mooding/editing of what ever u need i can try to make it happen one way or other.

    (sorry for my english im chilean and just got a REALY good teacher so i can learn a decent form of this languaje)

    good luck guys

  13. G-Money

    Hey, just wondering how things were going on the game. The Gameboy versions were some of my favorite games of all time, and I’m pumped you are doing this. Best of luck!

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