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As you’ve surely noticed already, the site comes in a new design now. While I loved the aesthetics of the old design it had some usability faults that made it quite a pain to work with sometimes. Since I was updating the wordpress backend ofร‚ย  the site anyway I used the chance and threw in a new theme too. I hope you like it! Some of the older posts might look ugly now since I had to use a lot of tricks back then to achieve some effects, like adding white borders to an image to get it centered. Those might look strange now, but I think you’ll live. I might clean up those posts some day, but I wouldn’t bet on it considering my latent lazyness.

The header image is still the standard that came with the theme. If anyone would like to create a 960×90 pixel header image that I can use (and that I like) I’ll gladly take it. It should contain something that will connect it to the site (i.e.: one of the projects) somehow though. And keep in mind the text and the search box go over it. If no one volunteers a decent picture I’ll probably rig something up from some H-game CG, you have been warned ๐Ÿ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Website upgraded

  1. Distracted

    An H-game CG would be fine with me, except I visit this site at school and I share my computer at home so due to that fact I nominate something involving giant robots, probably something Super Robot Wars-based, but that’s just my idea.

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