I guess it’s time for a status update on my projects. I don’t tend to update very often, so better not expect another one until a project is finished.

Before anything else, I want to clarify which projects are affected by KaioShin’s retirement. This does only affect projects in which he is the lead (as can be seen on this page). SRWJ will continue, as will Xenosaga, Oriental Blue, Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2, Tales of Innocence and all the other SRW games.

It has been quite a long time since the last status update, so I’ll give a report on everything. Tom has been constantly editing and improving Oriental Blue’s script, and he also took good care of locating the remaining problems. The quality of the script is nothing short of amazing! Tom is also making progress translating Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (the first part is already completely translated), but it’s not his focus right now.

Super Robot Wars J is almost done. All status and battle graphics are translated and inserted, and the script has been given awesome and thorough editing by deets. His editing makes the game much more enjoyable, there’s such a huge difference between the original engrish-y script and the improved version. So for any naggers who believe that the long editing phase wasn’t worth it, it was. By now, there are basically only more graphics left. The title screen animation has to be reprogrammed, and some ingame graphics also have to be redone (for example, the Naze Nani Nadesico event). It’s been quite a long time since the last technical problem arose, so I’m positive that there aren’t many bugs left either. Tyria is also translating the FF script now, having finished the F script some time ago.

Xenosaga is also well alive, but as many of you may have guessed, it’s been on the backburner for quite a long time by now. I really feel bad for this, but there are so many projects that are almost done… so some have to take priority over others. But the translation continues steadily. The project isn’t in any kind of danger, and I don’t intend to drop anything. There is no need to worry. Once SRWJ, ToI and OB are finished, I can give more attention to other projects that aren’t as advanced.

And lastly, Tales of Innocence. I’ll just say that we started the beta test last friday. All big problems have been fixed, and the editing is also pretty much done. I’m not sure how long the testing will take, but it will definitely be the first game to be released.

I have limited time, so I have to concentrate on finishing one project after another. Innocence has been in the focus since the beginning of the year, and it will be followed by SRWJ and then Oriental Blue.

91 thoughts on “Update

  1. Asema

    Excellent. Thank you for the update, and don’t rush — I’d rather wait a year for a good translation than wait a month for a sloppy one if that’s what it takes.

  2. daizenblaze

    Man, Srwj is so close! ive waited for a new super robot wars game for so long.

  3. Signtist

    Would it be too much to ask for an early patch for DQM1+2 so that I can play DQM1? I know nothing about rom hacking, so I’m not sure if it takes a long time to make a patch, or what. Sorry if the question was out of line.

  4. Ross

    I can’t wait for ToI and I’m also excited for Oriental Blue too, thanks for taking the time to let us know what’s going on!

    Xenosaga I & II is one I’m really looking forward too as well, we didn’t get parts I or III in Europe though III is easily played with stuff like SwapMagic sadly the first one isn’t, so it will be good to play through the story in order and on the go.

    Thanks again!

  5. xhunter

    Xenosaga’s on the backburner?Nooooooooo. ;_; ToI being almost done is great news though.

  6. Hale

    Thanks for the update on XS I+II, I’m sure that you’re busy so any news is better than no news :3

    Onto other projects, Oriental Blue has piqued my interest since Tom was raving about it in the comments some time ago, I’ve yet to track down and give it a try in japanese(not that I can understand anything anyway :P) but i’m positive that it’ll be good.

    TOI heading towards completion is wonderful since I’ve been craving some Tales of games on my DS for quite a while(Whilst I do occasionally play narikiri dungeon, a REAL tales of game would be nice.)

    SRW’s in general make me happy >:3 J wasn’t the one I was most fond of(A bit too easy imo), but any SRW in english is better than none.

  7. BadBoy

    You are so damn lazy… always talking about your projects and blah blah. I’m sick of waiting you guys to finish them but you just have excuses. You know what? Go to hell!

  8. Tom

    Hooray! I’m glad to see some love for Oriental Blue! Yesterday, I completed another playthrough. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played it now. I am very satisfied with it. I’ve played it so many times that I should be sick of it, but I’m still enjoying it. I think the non-linearity may play a role in that.

    It’s probably best if you do not play the Japanese version for the moment. It does not make a good first impression, actually. I didn’t really like it at first. I only wanted to play it because I loved the Tengai Makyou games.

    Practically every review on Amazon said, “I got this game because I had time to kill, expecting that it would be garbage, but I realized how incredible the game was as I kept playing.” I agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly.

    It actually has the deepest gameplay in the whole Tengai series. The game is very non-linear, too. It really needs a good guide, or it might be frustrating. I’m tempted to try, but I know next to nothing about writing a guide.

    To give you some idea, the instruction manual for the game is 60 pages long, which is pretty hefty for a GBA manual.

  9. Tom

    “You are so damn lazy… always talking about your projects and blah blah.”

    I can forgive you for thinking that. You’re excited to play the games, and it must be rough to wait there, feeling like everybody’s sitting around doing nothing.

    I finished the first draft of Oriental Blue just about a year ago. Since then, I have revised it, bug-fixed it, replayed it, revised it some more, replayed it again, reworked some lines, played it again, straightened out some inconsistencies, and… Played it again, of course. I’m still excited about it, and just as eager to share it.

    Kingcom has Tales of Innocence being beta-tested RIGHT NOW. That’s right. Heck, I have played the English version myself (I’m not the translator for it, by the way, throughim is), and it’s incredibly well done.

    But it’s not ready to be released. The only reason you have to wait is because this group doesn’t want to make a patch that is anything less than the best. It would be easy to be lazy and rush out a patch with glitches and problems, but this group cares about the game. We’re not just trying to fire through as many translations as we can. We are trying to make something awesome.

    “I’m sick of waiting you guys to finish them but you just have excuses.”

    The only excuse is that Kingcom’s fixing bugs in Tales of Innocence before it’s released. You would rather he left the bugs in? Just be patient.

    There were many times I wanted to give up and release OB in an incomplete state, just to have it done, to have something to show for all of the work I’ve put into it, but it just takes time. I’m glad that I’ve had this extra time to fine-tune it.

  10. Volg91

    i concur with most of the people here. take your sweet time. hell take some time to get plastered or whatever you want in between releases i can imagine the tedious work required to release these translations. although i am really really really really reallllllly excited for srwj, and probably every other srw project, and now i think i wanna try every project you guys are working on just for the hell of it. keep up the good work.

  11. Zel

    Well, I agree with what everyone is saying.
    The longer the translation is being worked on, the better it will be.

    That, even I know.

  12. Whey

    Thank you for all your hardwork in translating rom…
    SRWJ… I cant wait to see the fruits of your labor… more power guys…

  13. Maou

    Not to mention that with me in boot camp, it doesn’t really matter to me since I’m home only for weekends.

  14. BK

    I’m glad to see the site will still be updated. Kaioshin’s name is in the URL, so I was afraid he owned the site and it wouldn’t be updated anymore.

  15. Hale

    “To give you some idea, the instruction manual for the game is 60 pages long, which is pretty hefty for a GBA manual.”

    Wow. Tom.. just.. wow.

    I’d add more on the whole time lag thing but given that there’s games I’ve waited longer for(and thoroughly enjoyed when they did get released) I really don’t mind the wait at all.

    (case in point was feda btw, of which I played… 3-4 times with the incomplete patch but never finished it until the complete patch came out fairly recently. On that note, the project itself is… 4? 5? years long at least)

  16. Tom

    Yeah, more time invested means a better patch in the end. Actually, I wish that I would have played through Caravan Heart in English before the patch was released. (I’ll admit that I only completed the Japanese version.)

    When I eventually played the patched version, I was surprised that some things had been changed from my original translations. For example, I hadn’t intended for the church menu to use “Dragon Quest 8” style saving options. That was altered at some point during the beta testing without my knowledge.

    I also spotted a few other bits like the word “OK” instead of “okay.” (I prefer to spell it out with four letters.) Some of the text could be fleshed out a bit more, as well. I’m sure there are other errors as well. It’s a good translation as it stands, but it’s not my best work.

    There is still a part of me that wants to do a “second draft” of Caravan Heart, making it into the translation that I wanted it to be originally, but another part just wants to make sure to play through all of my future releases before giving the okay to a patch.

    To make a patch that’s truly good, you have to comb through everything, again and again. There’s always stuff that slips through the cracks.

    I translated a little more of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 today.

  17. chris

    so you’ve done the menu and system text, and all of dqm1, so after dqm2, itll just be left to revise the script, and test it, right?

  18. Tom

    Once DQM 2’s script is finished, here’s what will remain:

    Graphics hacking, menu hacking, battle script editing, general revisions and typo editing, “cell phone trade” password editing, and script formatting.

    None of those are easy to do, and most will require work from both Kingcom and myself.

    Then the beta testing can begin…

    It’s not just a matter of me finishing the translation of DQM 2’s script. If that were the only thing holding back the patch, I’d have finished it already.

  19. ENDG4MER

    “I also spotted a few other bits like the word ‘OK’ instead of ‘okay.’ (I prefer to spell it out with four letters.)”

    Maybe I’m just an dialect whore, but I always considered the two to be different ways of waxing affirmative in a script. Sure, they both SOUND the same, but the fully fleshed ‘okay’ is translated in my mind as being calmer or more down to earth. ‘OK’ is typically more enthusiastic or exotic, more often used by hot-blooded or foreign characters. It can be another good way to diversify different characters.

    Also, kudos to you guys for taking the high path. As a fan of quality over quantity, I’m very much looking forward to all three of the releases mentioned.

  20. Alexeon

    Thanks for the news. 😀

    I really look forward to TOI and Xenosaga. SRW-J will be fun as well (I dont know anything about Oriental Blue, though so I cant comment.)

  21. Time Diver

    Glad to know things are going smoothly. Better to wait a couple of years for a great patch than only a week for a crappy one

  22. Tom

    The instance of “OK” in the script is said by an old man who says “okay” in other instances, so to me it’s a glaring flaw, although I admit that most people won’t notice it (or care).

    Oh, and since the Tengai Makyou series has never had any RPGs released in English before, I can see why people wouldn’t know about Oriental Blue.

    I assume that it will only become popular years from now, if and when Tengai Makyou is ever officially translated.

    I don’t see that happening any time soon, but perhaps having the fan translations out there will convince Hudson that there is a foreign audience for Tengai Makyou.

  23. Signtist

    Thanks for the update about DQM1+2, Tom. I hope things are coming along smoothly.

  24. Verus

    I’ve waited this long for Xenosaga, a while longer isn’t going to hurt me. 🙂

  25. ed

    thanks for the update, its so good to hear that ye are still working away. it must be ages since the last update but thanks again:) roll on dqm1+2!!

  26. ed

    must have a look at srwj see what all the fuss is about – must be good judging by all the talk:) still really want to play dqm – wish it was no.1 priority:(

  27. PiccoloZimGir

    i’m so excited about the release of SRW J that i am currently playing SRT OG 1 and then 2 on my PSP. 🙂 can’t get enough of the SRW series.

  28. KaioShin

    Glad you like it Glenn. When I have some time I’ll change the header image to something more fitting to the site’s topic.

  29. Nephrite

    I don’t know if anyone will ever see this but I noticed you guys were working on SRWF. I know it’s a pretty big game (especially considering F Final) so if you all need any help translating or editing it, please let me know. I’m an avid Super Robot fan and would be more than happy to help get that game to more people.

  30. Zaane

    Thanks for the updates, still looking forward to DQM 1&2 since Joker just seems so….so….lacking = /.

  31. Batmantis

    SRWJ has supposedly been “almost done” for well over two years now, according to this blog. I think it’s like the paradox of Zeno’s tortoise- as they get closer to their goal they become slower to the point where they’re hardly doing anything at all and will never actually reach the target.

  32. Time Diver

    @Batmantis: They wanted to work on other games before they really finish SRWJ, please be patient

  33. Asema

    I’m beginning to wonder too, though I don’t mean to rush… dds apparently hasn’t been on youTube for a year? I hope he’s still around, at least.

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