I guess it’s time for a status update on my projects. I don’t tend to update very often, so better not expect another one until a project is finished.

Before anything else, I want to clarify which projects are affected by KaioShin’s retirement. This does only affect projects in which he is the lead (as can be seen on this page). SRWJ will continue, as will Xenosaga, Oriental Blue, Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2, Tales of Innocence and all the other SRW games.

It has been quite a long time since the last status update, so I’ll give a report on everything. Tom has been constantly editing and improving Oriental Blue’s script, and he also took good care of locating the remaining problems. The quality of the script is nothing short of amazing! Tom is also making progress translating Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (the first part is already completely translated), but it’s not his focus right now.

Super Robot Wars J is almost done. All status and battle graphics are translated and inserted, and the script has been given awesome and thorough editing by deets. His editing makes the game much more enjoyable, there’s such a huge difference between the original engrish-y script and the improved version. So for any naggers who believe that the long editing phase wasn’t worth it, it was. By now, there are basically only more graphics left. The title screen animation has to be reprogrammed, and some ingame graphics also have to be redone (for example, the Naze Nani Nadesico event). It’s been quite a long time since the last technical problem arose, so I’m positive that there aren’t many bugs left either. Tyria is also translating the FF script now, having finished the F script some time ago.

Xenosaga is also well alive, but as many of you may have guessed, it’s been on the backburner for quite a long time by now. I really feel bad for this, but there are so many projects that are almost done… so some have to take priority over others. But the translation continues steadily. The project isn’t in any kind of danger, and I don’t intend to drop anything. There is no need to worry. Once SRWJ, ToI and OB are finished, I can give more attention to other projects that aren’t as advanced.

And lastly, Tales of Innocence. I’ll just say that we started the beta test last friday. All big problems have been fixed, and the editing is also pretty much done. I’m not sure how long the testing will take, but it will definitely be the first game to be released.

I have limited time, so I have to concentrate on finishing one project after another. Innocence has been in the focus since the beginning of the year, and it will be followed by SRWJ and then Oriental Blue.

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  1. Nerem

    I think Batmantis’s beef is that they say they’re ‘almost done’ but haven’t released anything to really show it, and they keep touting that it’s ‘almost done’ with only a ‘couple things left’ and then months pass with no update or release. And really, if they were so close to finishing, wouldn’t they get it done NOW and get it out the door rather then put it on hiatus while they start an entirely new game?

  2. Jitro

    its already May… i hope you finish this patch as soon as possible (I’m sorry if it sounds demanding or rushing you..). super robot wars is my favorite strategy game in video games. even though i don’t understand japanese im still playin it. when alpha gaiden was released i played it like 6 times in a row… because that is the first time i played srw in english so im so obsessed with it..

    im hoping you release this too….. seed is here so i think i will play this like a year!.
    please finish this game Sir… i always checking the progress/news of this game every day…
    thank you guys..

  3. Jitro

    im still waiting here like a martyr.. i always checked this forum everyday….

  4. SJCrew

    I have high hopes and expectations for this project, such that I’ve halted progress on my SRW J playthrough long ago and plan to start all over once this gets released. If this is as well done or even better than the @Gaiden translation, then I’d say this project was worth every second of the wait and the effort you guys put into this.

    Don’t let me down.

  5. jitro

    its already June. im always looking at this site everyday…… ^_^

    deets you can do it!. ^_^

  6. Grzly

    keep on visiting like me guys. i am sure we will one cry in joy seeing the work done

  7. Time Diver

    Just wait you guys, they will complete it and release it. They said that they would, this takes longer than you think.

  8. yic17

    I am most excited for SRW J .. with Full Metal Panic! and Gundam SEED =3
    and then SRW F & F Final for PSX ..

    well, keep up the good works guys =)

  9. SB0083

    I would like to know…what phase are they in for this project? It seemed like they had practically everything taken care of, so…is it just play testing? If so, that would explain the long delay…

  10. Ember

    Be patient guys, he said he has other projects he’s working on. Be thankful he’s even translating the game at all, let alone doing it for free. Think of it as a Christmas Present at this rate (An awesome one too!)

    Anywho, keep up the good work man, translation is looking great. Tell Deets I said thanks for all the work lol.

  11. SB0083

    I’m being patient, though the occasional update on progress would ease the anxiety, really. I just imagine that it’ll be this long because the playtesters are being thorough enough to play through the game four times: one playthrough per mech, plus the secret mech.

  12. Guy

    Anyone who thinks this will be out by Christmas is deluding themselves. They most likely aren’t getting a lot done with this project right now. If anyone asks them about their progress on the forums they tend to just get butthurt and make sarcastic remarks. Instead of pounding the refresh button on their homepage, go do something else and check back early next year.

  13. Tom

    Actually, the game seems to be making good progress now, from what I’ve heard.

    I am optimistic about it.

    I personally don’t have a problem if somebody asks about progress, but I think it gets old to hear the question always phrased the same way. (“When will it be done?”) Instead, get creative and ask questions like “What’s left, exactly?” or “Is there a specific part of the game that’s giving you trouble now?” etc. 🙂

    I think such questions would be more interesting, and more focused on the little issues that remain (whatever those might be). It’s true that hackers and translators don’t devote all of their spare time to getting the projects done… But when they stop here to see how people are acting, will they be motivated or depressed? Encouraging comments and genuine interest do a lot for productivity, I think.

    As I’ve said before, I’m not the translator for this project, but as an “insider” with the team, I can say that I hope for a tightly knit community where people feel free to join in on the “fun.” I hope that we can all gather together with a common passion!

  14. SB0083

    In other words, motivation. Sure, I’m absolutely motivated. From all the progress I’ve seen, this translation will be unlike any other I have ever seen. Seriously, going as far to translate and recreate their own sprites for Shield Defense, along with the basic plot translation and whatnot? Absolutely incredible. I’ve pointed this site out to my friends and they too can’t wait to see this done, since all the footage I’ve shown them has been outstanding.

    So…go translators! Outstanding job and we can’t wait to see the awesome final product!

  15. Tom

    Well, the “basic” plot translation has been done for a long time, along with all of the menus and menu text (the worst part of any translation). It’s been edited thoroughly. I wouldn’t call it basic, from what I’ve heard. It was quite bulky. I would say that it would have been an absolute nightmare for me to translate it, but I’m not a robot fan to begin with.

    I don’t know how impressive the shield defense sprites are, but I do know that the title screen gave them the most trouble. The way it uses transparencies, animations, and such made it really nitpicky.

    The translator’s job is done. It’s all about hacking and testing.

    Kingcom could probably tell you exactly what remains, but I suppose there might be issues deeper within the game that he’ll have to encounter during the course of the game itself too, which is what the testing is for. 🙂

  16. Justin

    I would like to thank all the people working on this project for there hard work and let them know some of us appreciate there efforts and a well done translation over a rush job any day of the week.

  17. Ember

    It almost makes you wonder what part of the game they’re hacking right now lol. Either, my 3rd play through of the game will be by far the best.

  18. Matt

    This is just another note of appreciation going out to the entire translation team. I’ve played quite a few fan translations now, and I’m fascinated that so many people would get together and release something that rivals even an official translation.

  19. Draconian Terra

    Many of us are very eager….I hope the translation team finish this one before the Christmas….hopefully soon.

    Years and months of waiting…All are very eager to see and play the translated version of the game.

    Translation Team….any updates on SRWJ?

  20. Sean

    I just want the translation team to know that I think what they are doing is awesome and I can’t wait to see a finish product. I will wait as long as it takes to wait, so put your all into it. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  21. Draconian Terra

    Hi Translation Team,

    Currently playing Tales of Innocence translated…good work on that one!!!

    any updates on SRWJ?

  22. Crimson Cloud

    Hello there, I’ve noticed that there was a complete silence about this project for a while now, hope you’re alive and kicking. How about a surprise to everyone by completing the translation for the new year at least. That would be a best present to us all.

    – Best of luck guys!

  23. TitusFFX

    I was wondering if the project ever had a test version patch until the final release is ready. anything would be an improvement to 100% japanese text as I’ve played it to the point of where you can’t even get the xp past it’s current max. ^.^

  24. Claudio

    it’s good to see someone is finally finishing the SWRJ project, i’ve been waiting for it for some years now…

  25. ChronoMoogle

    Whats about Oriental Blue?
    I just finished Far East of Eden Zero in Japanese (played it with spoilers) and would love to play a game of this series in English 🙂

  26. mewi

    Keep up the good work on the xenosaga 1&2 translation, I am looking forward to it… even though it seems I wont see it for a year or two ;P maybe you can bump it up on the lineup? <3

  27. Lucas Felix

    Xenosaga Translation stopped? It’s been some time since the last update. Sorry for bothering, but I was willing to play this someday, since I don’t speak japanese =/

  28. Matt

    Don’t mean to bug you guys but are there any updates on the Xenosaga translation? Really looking forward to this one!!

  29. Joigal

    Rather than whine about how long this is taking, maybe we should ask how we can help.

    So how about it? What do you need help with and how can us fans help you make the translation?

  30. Ashlyn

    Wow.. I guess it’s harder to translate a console game then it is to translate a MMO. But I wish you guys the best of luck.

    If you don’t mind my asking. What parts are giving you trouble? I may only be a beginner, but I wouldn’t mind trying to help if I can.


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