The last news update scored over 100 comments, so I guess you guys deserve another one. Next update will happen if this news gets over 9000 comments.

Progress has been steady on most fronts. The Project Overview page has been updated, but here is a run-down of the most important developments:

Super Robot Wars J

Editing is complete! Deets did an exceptional job in finishing the whole mammoth script in such a timely fashion. Now he moved on to work on editing images (he has a talent for that too!). Notice the “Shield Defense” graphic in the screenshots next to this. There are only very few images left to edit (and hack). This project is really close to being done now. Beta testing should commence within the next few weeks. (No we don’t need any testers, thanks).

Super Robot Wars F

Speaking of super robots, F did also make a huge leap in progress since the last time. Tyria is almost done translating, all that’s left are a few entries in the character database (Bonus content giving an overview of the characters and shows that appear in the game). Once he is done he will start to get cracking at SRW FF soon. In case you didn’t know – SRWF is only the first half of the story, F Final tells the other half. You can import your end savegame from the first game and carry over all stats, money and items to the new game. A translation of F alone would be pretty unsatisfying, but don’t worry, we will translate both.
Since the script is in such an advanced stage, Kingcom also started hacking the menues and made good progress. The project should get even more attention once J is released. By the way, Deets also signed up for editing again and already edited the first scenario! Rock on Deets!

Oriental Blue & DQM 1+2

This project is also progressing smoothly. More menues are done, what’s left are mostly minigames. Tom edited the script like 20 times in the meanwhile too, so it should be pretty polished. Speaking of Tom, the script of DQM 1 is completely translated. Kingcom also started hacking many menues. I played it for a bit already, and the first game is really quite playable already. More progress on this one is on the back-burner though until Oriental Blue is finished.

Tales of Innocence

The Tales of Innocence project is also going absolutely great. The script translation was finally completely finished a few days ago! After a massive marathon session of translating the last skit was translated well ahead of schedule. The script is being edited now. Another project that should enter beta testing very soon.

Kingcom also spend a great deal of time on his assembler called armips. While working on our projects over the years it was clear that goldroad/spasm and the other available assemblers for our target platforms were shit. So he wrote his own! After a ton of features were added he finally made a public release some weeks back, you can read about it (and download it if you like) at this thread. You can also see the feature list there and leave feedback if you like. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know if any other soul besides him uses it.

That’s it for now. There probably won’t be another news update until a release is ready (the 9000 comments thing was a joke). I’m sure though this time it won’t be another three months. Stay tuned.

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  1. Zaane

    mm im excited for DQM was one of my favorite games and always will be DQM caravan made me cry on the inside tho and joker was good but…also kinda bad anyways im not really sure what # coment i am but if u figure it out im that #!

  2. Tom

    (Please note that Devil Children isn’t going to be “Demi Kids.” I have treated the script with the utmost care, and used all of the original, uncensored names and terms.)

    I’m excited about both DC and OB, but it may be a while until they are hacked. Even though DC was translated first, it is more likely that OB will be hacked and released first.

  3. Reficul

    Er…Tom, this is a bit off track, but if you don’t mind me asking, how’s progress on Tengai Makyou Ziria going?

  4. Tom

    Ziria has not progressed because the script dumps are way too messy for me to work with right now.

    It has bits and pieces of words scattered throughout mountains of coding… I will work on it later, hopefully with a cleaner version of the script.

  5. Hitoshura

    So uh… I hate to be a pest, but is there ANY news concerning Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei? We haven’t heard anything in over 9 months…

  6. flamezero12

    Thanks a lot for the hard work. Nice to see some of the projects finishing up. Keep it up.

  7. Rocker

    So is there any estimate on when Devil Children will be released? I have been dying to play this game ever since I played Light and Dark book (yes I had played the English “Demi Kids” versions but I am a huge fan of keeping it the way it was in the original japanese version, whether it be tv or game).

  8. chris

    what sort of base knowledge do you need to start romhacking? like, assuming i know nothing about coding in any language, before getting into the specific docs on rhdn, what should i know? thanks in advance

  9. Chrona

    I think I’m obsessed, I’ve been checking this site daily even though DQM1-2 and Xenosaga are nowhere near done. Oh well, more traffic for you xD

  10. Tom

    If I had to make an estimate on when Devil Children will be done, I’d have to say “not any time soon,” unfortunately. Though the translation’s complete, there are still major hurdles to overcome, and I haven’t seen any progress on it for quite some time.

    Chrona, I would not say that DQM 1-2 is “nowhere near done,” given that DQM 1 is pretty much complete. The only reason I’ve held off on 2 is because I know Kingcom would give it priority over OB, and I want him to finish OB first.

  11. Zeru

    Still got your impression, yes, it’s very demotivating. In most of the translation most of the time goes on script translation and here we have opposite situation. Very sad. With such slow progress it should be 1 translation at once, not several projects at once. You need more hackers or not so lazy ones(I mean someone particular, but will not mention him, he knows). They must catch up with Tom, who translating with speed of light.

  12. Chrona

    @Tom – yeah, that’s what I meant. I know you guys don’t give betas or anything, which is what I meant.

    …unless you’d make an exception since this game is two actually different games and release the first one when it’s fully done? *wink*

  13. Tom

    Oh, I wouldn’t say that most of the time, the hacking is quick work. I think that most of the time, the translators are slow, so the hackers have plenty of time to finish hacking all of the major obstacles before the script has even been finished.

    I know Kingcom is focusing on one project in particular now, so OB will have to wait, but at least there is progress on that front.

    And sorry, but we would not want to make an exception for DQM1+2, because you can breed monsters between the games, and we wouldn’t want alternate versions floating around, because it’d confuse people.

  14. KaioShin

    zeru: You can also go fuck yourself. I’m really tired of your constant whining in the comments. Whatever you post will be deleted shortly afterwards from now on.

    I would suggest you start your own projects, if you’re so dedicated and awesome, maybe Tom will translate for you, although I’m not sure he’ll be able to keep up with your h4x1ng speed of light. But I guess it’s easier to enjoy the free gifts of others and whine if you don’t get enough of it.

  15. Donelwero

    Damn, I cant believe some people do even complain about “waiting”… Go play something else, go watch some pron, idk just… go away.

  16. Morphix

    I hope you will name God and Devil Gundam right in SRT J. Unless you think it’s too offensive lol.

    Just kidding

  17. FruitsPunchSamuai

    Another comment to add to the cluster. Cant wait for the SRW games to be finished. Also looking forward to DC. Keep up the good work my friends.

  18. Hale

    I really should stop by more often…

    At any rate, it’s nice to see that things are still moving along. It’d be nice to get an update but like they say, no news is good news.

    Thanks again for translating the games :3

  19. Walmrathaua

    I hope they release on january 31rst, being my birthday and all.

    great work you guys are doing

  20. Irrimn

    Just checking in and come to find all this animosity. I think anyone that doesn’t have their hands in translating any of these games just needs to be quite and patient and full of praise for the people that are taking their time to translate these games without any sort of compensation but our cheering them on.

    Anyways, that side note… uhh, aside. Keep up the good work! Here’s to hoping for some good news soon. 😀

  21. Zaane

    @Tom and Kaio

    well i for one am uneducated in the arts that are hacking and translation and i fully apreciate everything thats being done.
    u really shouldnt complain to much. if u dont like something about the projects u could always not play them im pretty sure coments like yours wont be missed

  22. Chrona

    Hey Tom, do you have any messengers? A friend of mine might want to employ you for a translation he’s doing. It’s up to you, of course

  23. Dave

    So the next update isn’t till 9000 comments for real?
    Oh well, i can wait xD
    Just wanted to show my support. These games look awesome and can’t wait for the translations to be released.

  24. Bro


    “There probably won’t be another news update until a release is ready (the 9000 comments thing was a joke).”

  25. Glenn

    Hmm, the Translator for Xenosaga DS is still unannounced 😛 I’m dying out of curiosity XD

  26. Jack

    I gotta admit, I visit this site at least twice per day just in hope to see the final release. But im sure it won’t be long. Keep up the good work guys.

  27. Hale

    Aww I’m still looking forward to that one a lot, I love Xenosaga and I’m dying for a good rpg for the NDS.

    Sands of Destruction and Glory of Heracles aren’t doing it for me i’m afraid.

  28. Cypriss

    only 15 more days until the “I’m sure it won’t be another 3 months” thing is false. XD

  29. Trey

    The ‘other’ translator for xenosaga I/II DS was me I suppose, but the main translator wasn’t interested in having another translator on board, if only to speed things up. I guess they thought it would cause some continuity problems….i understand this though. The way I would translate a particular character’s manner of speech might be completely different from another, which would make things flow oddly, and probably require being rewritten/re-edited.

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