News Round-Up and a Little Request

Dear readers, this will be a BIG update. Not only do we have lot’s of news, no, to commemorate the event we also have a ton of pretty pictures to look at. We hope you enjoy them.

First off, we have a new project to announce, one that should please especially our long-time fans who are with us since this was just my personal little site about my newb attempts at hacking Caravan Heart.

Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 (PSX Remake)

The hacking is currently being handled by Kingcom and none other than Tom (who also translated Caravan Heart) is working on the translation part of it. So far the project is already going very smoothly. As you can see in the screenshots a VWF is already implemented and working. Menu hacking is a different beast and will surely cause some headaches later on, but when did we ever let that stop us? I’ve been told the translation is progressing smoothly, although Tom will be moving to get a new job soon, so progress might slow down for a few months.

Xenosaga I+II DS

Yes we know, it’s been ages since we talked about this one. Translation is steadily going forward though and we also got a help offer from another translator, so things might move along even faster soon, if the original translator gives the OK. Here are some screenshots of translated scenes from the game:

Oriental Blue

Oriental Blue has been completely translated for a little while now. The news about that was eaten by the server crash, so here it is again. Kingcom also continued hacking work on it, so it’s getting closer to completion all the time. There is still a fair bit of stuff to be done (lot’s of minigames that’ll surely require lot’s of annoying image hacking) but this project is propably the second closest to completion apart from SRWJ. Speaking of which, it’s still in editing. We now started to edit the chapter graphics too.
Anyway… back to Oriental Blue. Yeah it’s going great and to apologize for the lost news entry here is a bunch of screenshots:

Devil Children – Ice Book

This one has also been translated for quite a while already, but the hacking of this game can only be described as a neverending nightmare. So don’t give me too much flak for slacking off on this one. It will be finished though, even if I’ll lose my soul in the process (not unlikely). We noticed we never showed any menu screenshots of this game either, so enjoy these. I paid for every single correctly menu label and every single correctly printed string with blood.

Tales of Innocence

Absolute Zero’s throughhim413 made a few special progress reports. Instead of just writing about it, he created two videos with commentary by himself. Pretty neat, be sure to check them out:

Progress Report 1

Progress Report 2

And before you ask, no I won’t do such a thing for any projects here. My accent is why too thick for you to understand anything anyway =P

Also… Could anyone create a new site theme for us?

Together with this news, the Project Overview page has also been updated. There has been some, ehm, critique, that we shouldn’t make such a page if we don’t update it often. It’s purpose is not to give you 0.01% exact live updates updated directly whenever we receive 2kB of text from one of our translators. The page is intended for new visitors who want to get a overview over all the projects combined into one page instead of reading up on all the news entries of the last two years. In that spirit we’ll probably update it only when we also have a front-page news like this.

Last but not least, we have a little request from you. We’d really like to have a new theme for the website. Is there a fan out there with webdesign talent who could help us out with this? Both Kingcom and I are pretty much n00bs when it comes to web stuff. As you can see on the Xenosaga screenshots, the current theme has some problems with pictures for example. 800×600 really isn’t up-to-date anymore, we’d really like a 1024×768 optimized design. There isn’t much we can offer in exchange for any help, other than access to our betas when they are done (might still be a few months off before we get to the first).

It would really be kick ass if someone could create something for us. We don’t have any fixed ideas on how it should like, I guess the only parameters are that it’s a WordPress theme, compatible with the newest version of WordPress and that it should handle pictures better than our current layout. Leave us a comment with a valid mail address if you’d like to help.

That’s it for today, thanks guys and look forward to more news whenever it’s ready.

121 thoughts on “News Round-Up and a Little Request

  1. KaioShin

    Tell me something I don’t know. News will come sometime tomorrow when I have some free time and I’m not busy playing SRWF.

  2. Koka

    Really, you would’ve made it all that much easier for us if you just copied Dakkodango and made the same sidebar thingy as they did. I bet they don’t get as pestered as you are about their projects.

  3. KaioShin

    This has been said 5 times over by now and people still fail at getting it.

    Those Visual novel translations aren’t comparable to game translations in any way. Those guys have almost zero hacking. They find out how to extract the script (usually there are already unpackers from the H-CG collection scene…) and repack it and they are DONE. Then they just take the script and translate line by line.

    We are not keeping in touch with our translators every day getting the latest count in raw bits how many chars they’ve translated today. That would be completely pointless as there few lines are “done” after they’ve been looked at once. Some lines are being looked over once, some five times until they are in the form as they appear in the game. So what’s the actual information content to say the translation is at 46,775% when every line might get re-examined two or three times later? ZERO!

    And the hacking… oh boy. Hacking a console game is SO much more work. There are dozens menus to hack individually, routines to change, sorting algorithms to change, font routines to change, custom graphic hacks to be made for a single sprite… THERE IS NO WAY TO PUT THAT INTO A PERCENTAGE. Either it’s all done (which we’ll only know AFTER beta testing – often there are new menues found even after RELEASE) or it’s not. If we’d say SRWJ’s hacking is at 87,2362% it would be pulled out of our asses.

    Now stop being retarded and whine somewhere else. You can always look at those other SRW, ToI and DQM translations that are updated more often… oh wait there aren’t any! Tough luck.

  4. shaize

    Nice post Kaio, I especially like the “tough luck” part. These fools don’t understand the hard work these guys put to finish translation. Well you can’t avoid it, thats life…

  5. Sociometrix

    So glad Xenosaga has made progress. I thought I’d have to learn Japanese to play it. (Don’t have a PS2) Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the final product!

  6. DumDumRyan

    Thanks for translating Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2~ I am really looking forward to seeing it finish, It is a BIG project and i know it requires alot of time~ keep up the good work guy!

  7. Mariusrhpsd

    wow!!! awesome!! it was just a while ago that i knew that there where a xenosaga for the dsX_X and there is a proyect for the srt too!!! man keep it up!!! OSU!!!!! i wish i could help with anithing to see them sooner, but i am no good for programming… i guess… and yeah… MOAR NEWS!!!!!

  8. ed

    110:) god i can’t wait for DQM – wait i’ll have to;) like kaioshin says there aren’t any other translations. good stuff though, keep it going!

  9. Hale

    Hum. Just me or did we lose a couple of comments?

    At any rate, happy belated new year to everyone here. :3 Here’s to hoping you all have a good year.

  10. ed

    another happy new year, i’ve been checking for news every ciuple days and thought i may as well write a comment and maybe it might prove fruitful. especially interested in dqm 1-2 woop

  11. Adik

    Hi KaioShin =)
    I just wanted to ask, if you already finished translating DQM 1+2 ^^
    Greetings, Adik 😛

  12. Akubar

    Hi Kaioshin
    I would ask you why you can’t take the eng translations for the gbc versions
    of DQM 1+2 :).

  13. Jack Du

    Hello, I come from China to seek for the DQM 1+2 in English. It’s really grad to hear your team is working on it. Thanks so much and wish to see it done fast since PS DQM 1+2 really excite me!!! ^_^

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