Back in action for the most part

Welcome back to the site. If you visit the site regularily you’ll have noticed that it was completely unreachable for about a week. This was caused by a complete data loss on the server were this page is also hosted. You can read a bit about what happened at this news site. To summarize it briefly, the webhosting company hosting that server and thousands of others was attacked by hackers. We’re back in action again now at least after Nightcrawler, RHDN’s site admin took care of the most imporant underlying technical issues. Some things still aren’t working, such as E-mails being sent from the server, so I disabled comments on this site for now to be on the safe side. I’ll let you know when comments are enabled again.

The last backup of RHDN and this site was from early April, so every post and comment since then has been lost and they can’t be recovered. I salvaged the FAQ post at least from google’s cache and turned it into a page, which you can access through the navigation bar.

This incident was only related to the website, rest assured that it didn’t affect any hacking work. We all have our files stored locally. I hope you didn’t thought we were all hit by meteors. Although at our current luck level it might not be so unlikely…

Update: Comments are enabled again for this post and from now on. I decided against opening them up again for all the old posts, they are old news anyway.

66 thoughts on “Back in action for the most part

  1. Zeru

    Ok, I’ll try to make you understand, look again there you may see something looking like ds cartridge, but inside of it no real game, there is device that using own OS to access content of sd card(/mini sd card) inside of it, they looks like this and you may freely take it out of flash cartridge. This sd cards are containers and used in mobile phones, flash cartridges for storage and transfering data, as example in my sonyericsson w710i is san disk m2 sd card with 512 mb capacity I can accsess it connecting my phone to PC or using card reader. Examples of card readers you may find here to use them you must put inside of it your sd card and then put it in USB port, then you’ll be able to access data on it just like if it were USB Flash Drive(memory stick), though to put data on your ds sd card you may need special software wich comes with your flash cartridge. Hope it’s all clear to you now. ^^

  2. SyberiaWinx

    Maybe once that patch comes out, I can buy a complete one off someone.@_@ This all sounds confusing, still…

    Does this group need the current Xenosaga patch? With the tutorial, items, and moves translated?

  3. Tom

    Devil Children still has some issues to iron out before it’s playable. There are a couple of bigger issues to face:

    The password entry screens need to be revised to accept longer word, and in battle, the enemies respawn over and over again, almost endlessly.

    Also, there is some graphics hacking that needs to be done, along with some menu work. I think Kaioshin will be able to work on it once he has a break from school.

  4. Zeru

    Tom, why you said this top secret information? KaioShin will kill you with own hands because of leak. -_- that is not right if somebody may ask and others may not.

  5. KaioShin

    It’s not top-secret information, it’s pretty much the same thing I said publically in the last post about the project. I wouldn’t have wasted time replying since the info is already out there, but I think Tom can make his own decisions on how to use his time 😉

  6. SyberiaWinx

    I’m guessing, then, that you guys don’t need that patch, since I’ve asked twice and have been ignored?

  7. SyberiaWinx

    Ugh, what a jerk. I was not whining. I asked them if they were interested in the partial patch and got no response.

  8. Skyrunner

    I’m really happy that there are people outside,
    who translates old games and helping them to get new glory.

    Such people deserve respect!!!

  9. Norberto Chung Wong


  10. sol

    such things are very hard and time consuming. also by asking them to email you a patch for the games they would then have to do that for everyone who checks this site and making sure everyone that checks gets the email. that by itself might take about as much time as hacking the game itself and the people at this site have better things to do than sifting through emails. besides they have a translation patch page that when they get done the patch goes right there for you to download.

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