Need Moar Newz

Woah, has it been three months already since the last post? Time sure flies by. We meant to write something for quite some time now, but you know how it is… there’s stuff to do, games to play and translations to finish. Despite our silence work has been steady and progress has been amazing on many fronts. I’d hope at some point you people would trust us on that instead of declaring us dead.

So what’s up?

Script translation and preliminary editing of SRW J is complete! Hackingwise the game has been very advanced for a long time already. We have a new editor on the team who is giving the whole script a second edit to make it shine as much as possible. His name is Deets and this second edit is also already well under way. I realize many of you would be happier with a raw beta release now and a polished translation later, but we decided against it. We’d like to present you with a truly professional translation that’ll make us proud and all of you happy. Please have some patience and bear with us, the end result will be worth it.

Tales of Innocence is also going excellently. The story event portion of the script has been completely translated leaving only the skits left to go. I’m damn excited myself to see this finished soon. For more information and screenshots, see Absolute Zero’s site.

In other, even greater news, I have the honour to announce three new projects to the public. Yes ladies and gentlemen, three! They have been worked on in the background quite some time already (one of them for half a year), but we feel the time is finally right to make them official. If you follow the comments and the board at you might have already known about some of them.

Oriental Blue
This GBA RPG is a spin-off of the famous Tengai Makyou series. Tom will be translating it and Kingcom is taking care of the hacking. It has actually quite far progressed already, with the translation progress reaching past the 50% mark.

Super Robot Wars F
After Tyria finished translating SRW J it was time for a new project of course! He’s currently translating the PSX version of SRWF. The hacking is still in early stages, but there has been great progress already. Compared to SRW J the script isn’t even that big, so maybe this one won’t take Tyria too long.

Super Robot Wars D
Another SRW? Yes, we’re totally serious. This one won’t be translated by Tyria however since he is obviously already busy. Another translator who’d like to stay anonymous at this point, is handling this script. It’s the predecessor to SRW J, so it’s not as spectacularily looking, but most people agree it has the superior storyline among the two games.

That’s all for now, rest assured there has been steady progress on all of our projects. If I didn’t mention one specifically, assume that no news is good news. Not all of our translations are as insanely fast as Tom or Tyria. We’ll bring up these projects again when they reach major milestones.

37 thoughts on “Need Moar Newz

  1. thunderbolt

    Wow now thats some major update we got here. Glad to know the progress is on the way. SRW J ROCKS!!!!!

  2. i_


    Two more SRWs aside from J. This is wonderful news. Keep up the great work you guys.

  3. Reisha

    Oh man, the epic of this update can hardly be contained. 3 SRW’s?! I was excited just to get the chance to play one translated, but now we’re getting 3? This is pure awesome! Keep up the amazing work guys. I eagerly await the SRW J patch.

  4. Milkman Dan

    What’s this? One SRW translated and being edited, and you are taking on two more? You guys are crazy!

  5. Aldotsk

    Wow, I cant wait to see the SRW F to be translated! I hope you’d do SRW F Final, SRW Complete Box and SRW Alpha soon!

  6. Frank

    I can only say one thing: thanks for all you are doing, I am glad to see the new and old projects, thanks for everything.

  7. The Translator

    You people don’t know what you’re missing, ignoring Oriental Blue like that… Ha ha!

  8. Frank

    You’re not so sure, the Oriental Blue is one that I’m expecting more, so do not take any rest… just kidding but do not forget finish it, good luck…

  9. Sarukah

    Wooh, thanks for the update! I’m most looking forward to Xenosaga I+II! I’m sure it has text/translating out the yin yang though, so thank you so much for still working on it! 😀

  10. Irrimn

    Woot! updates! YAY! You guys totally need to update more often… XD But keep up the good work, anyways. 😛 You know we’re all rooting for you and we all appreciate your hard work! Keep it up guys, you’re doing great!

  11. Zeru

    Ah, adding rss to miranda was a good idea, but even without it there was no chance for me to miss this incredible news! You guys are great, amazing work, keep it up! We all rooting for you! *happy*

  12. Aerzian

    XD, thanks for updating. =”( I ish so happy. *Pours skittles in everyone’s hands* X3 *play strangles everyone* Thanks for working on these projects!

  13. Hale

    nice progress on all the projects, I hope things go well from here on out xD

    @ The translator, i don’t ignore any releases xD if someone releases something i’m not expecting, i’m just grateful that someone picked up a game/rpg i would have otherwise passed over

  14. tuta

    Cool more SRW games I really Look forward to to SRW F
    So will F final be the next psx game in plans?

  15. KaioShin

    I think it’s pretty obvious that F Final will follow some time after F. If it will be next one however depends mostly on Tyria and not on us.

  16. YuushaFan

    Kinda jumpin’ the gun there, Kaioshin. I’m not quiiiiite done yet with the preliminary editing on my end. But I AM on the last mission, so I hope to have the last batch handed in fairly soon.

  17. Frank

    A question for Tom, “The Translator”, after finishing with Oriental Blue and Devil Children, you’re going to continue with other GBA games?; Because it is my favorite console and after a little research I discovered a huge amount of games that never came out in English and at first glance seem quite promising, I ask out of curiosity…

  18. solid278

    I’d be interested in translating for you.
    Please let me know how I can get in touch.

  19. The Translator

    “After finishing with Oriental Blue and Devil Children, you’re going to continue with other GBA games?”

    I have many projects with various hackers, actually… And many systems. I don’t limit myself to one console… But without a doubt, the answer is yes; I will continue to work on GBA games in the future. As you said, there are many good GBA games to translate.

    Fortunately, I’m not interested in any of the new consoles (aside from the PSP and DS — I love those!), so I have plenty of old games to focus on throughout the years.

  20. Frank

    It’s good to hear, GBA I’ve always liked (I have several personal reasons, but suffice it to say that I like). I wish you good luck with each of your projects, I am sure that many people are looking forward hearing good news from you …

  21. The Translator

    Well, the only news I can give now is that I finished another folder of Oriental Blue files, and I entered a new area in the game… It keeps getting better and better.

  22. Ryochan

    I don’t keep up well, or leave enough feedback, so when I remember I do leave it. Although I don’t know these games, it’s still very awesome to see more being worked on. (I keep up a little on rhdn) Keep it up!

  23. Raeon

    You guys are the only hope that some these great games become playable to non-Japanese folks like me. Looking foward to the SRW J patch, btw great job you guys.

  24. YuushaFan

    Finally managed to start editing the final scenes for each pairing. I’ll hopefully finish sometime in April. Sorry for these delays!

  25. Zeru

    Just don’t make april fool jokes about translation or waiting fans will tear you apart XD
    Nothing to sorry about, if it takes longer than planed than it will be even greater =) Waiting increases pleasure, you know, but if not too much.
    All SRW fans cheering for you, keep up your great work!

  26. YuushaFan

    I have finally finished the preliminary editing on the game. We’re now one step closer to seeing a release!

  27. Thunder

    Good job YuushaFan. Now I am releaved to hear form the translation is progressing

  28. Private prinny

    Thank you for your interest in SRW….surely look forward to it….but I always look here mainly for update reports on Xenosaga 1&2….hope it isn’t on hiatus yet ^^

  29. Russel

    I’d just like to say thank you for all your hard work. I’m an big SRW fan and to hear of one transation was awesome. But to find out upon arriving on the site there’s two more comming? AWESOME! Best of all the first one has G Gundam! 😀

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