Merry Christmas

The Romhacking Aerie wishes every loyal fan and casual visitor a Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately we can’t offer you any surprise releases, but at least we have some news for you.

The Devil Children project got a huge progress boost – The preliminary formatting has been officially finished as of yesterday! I’ve played through the whole game and formatted the text along the way. We now have a very clear picture of what work is left to be done and we’ll get right to it. Beta testing for this project will start soon!

In other news, Super Robot Wars J is now translated up to Mission 45 (of 52). We’re very close indeed. Don’t forget there is still lot’s of editing to be done before it’s ready for beta though.

Last but not least, be sure to check out Absolute Zero’s blog today for a surprise on the Tales of Innocence project.

We’d like to thank everyone who commented on our site so far for the continued support. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Stay with us and you won’t be disappointed.

Now, go celebrate Christmas with your family and enjoy the holidays.

Until next year,

48 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Irrimn

    Sweet!!! Awesome work everyone! VERY excited for the Devil Children project coming into beta soon! Keep up the good work everyone and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Tyria

    Hello everybody, just posted here to say I am not dead (despite getting no word from me for over a week), I am taking a small break on translating (too damn hot to translate), but at least there are now only 4 missions remaining to finish J. Yep, everything up to mission 48 done!

  3. Stevie

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the work you are doing. I’m looking forward to kyuuyaku megami tensei. Hope all goes well with everything!

  4. Zeru

    Thank you guys for your fantastic work, of course I’m waiting for complete translations(waiting from the time SRW J was announced) ;), have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wihs you the best of luck!

  5. Hale

    Whee new post to spam!

    Er.. I mean more news on the projects =D updates are always nice! Nice to see both Megaten and SRWJ projects moving along smoothly (especially since i’m a big fan of both series!)

    And Merry (belated) Christmas! and to all a Happy New Year!

  6. Irrimn

    Hey translator, was just wondering how your computer troubles were working out and if you’ve been able to resume work on your other projects yet? been a bit since you posted any news on that… hope it all worked out ok.

    How are those unannounced projects coming along anyways? Mind if I ask what other projects you are in collaboration with as far as other groups go currently?

  7. Seran

    You guys rock! I’m mostly looking forward to Xenosaga I&II but it’s always good to see activity.

  8. RM

    Whoa that’s some great news. On another note, could you try to start a translation for Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi (GBA)? A lot of people are looking out for it these days (hint hint). You should at least check it out. XD

  9. Thunder

    Whoa ! Thats some progress. Keep it up!
    And as I recall Summon Noght Sword Monogatari on GBA is translated by Atlus

  10. The Translator

    Happy new year, everyone. 🙂

    My computer is still unresponsive, and I haven’t done any translation work recently. 🙁

  11. Daaznpwnage

    Summon Night Sword Monogatari has been released I believe for a while. The english version is called Summon Night Swordcraft Story. They released the second game too. I played both of them and theyre good. and wow i’m new here but nice job with super robot taisen J

  12. Frank

    A little late but happy new year, that great year ahead …
    To Daaznpwnage and Thunder, there are three games of that series and RM refers to the third game, which was never translated into english…

  13. RM

    Actually Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi is the third game in the GBA series and has not been translated into english by atlus. That’s why I was hoping we might be able to find a translator somewhere 🙂

  14. Thunder

    I played Summon Night 1 on GBA and I can’t stop playing.The game is just great.
    I hope the Summon Night 3 would be translated.

  15. Frank

    I too would like, but I do not think it will happen soon … I understand , Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi is encrypted, not to mention all the games of this saga has too much text, so it is really hard work, a shame since it is one of the best GBA games …

    By the way, i know that there have been problems with the translators of the Shin Megami Tensei games, Haruhi Suzumiya: Ace Attorney, and Magical Vacation. Wanted to know, whether these projects continue, or are detained.

  16. RM

    I know that you guys won’t start a translation for Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi any time soon but could you at least consider it after a few projects have been completed?

  17. Passerby

    Hi, first time poster here. Well I came here because I’m a big a fan of one of Tom’s translation jobs (P2 tsumi). Hope I can expect the same here ^^

    Good luck with the new year!

  18. The Translator

    I’m glad you liked IS, Passerby!

    The level of the text in Devil Children is not as high as Innocent Sin…. Keep in mind that this was originally intended for children, so it may not be as impressive…

    But with that said, it’s still an interesting game, and the translation is certainly better than the “DemiKids” releases. 🙂

  19. Frank

    Hopefully with some luck, we can soon enjoy Devil Children and SRW J (my favorites projects), the best of luck …

    RM, I have discovered a small project taduccion of Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi on GameFAQs, but I think the project is stopped, apparently is another game of gba that goes to the list of untranslated (Together with Naruto Konoha Senki and Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage )….
    God!, why not i was born in Japan… XD

  20. The Translator

    Just to let you know folks, I’m back in business and I’m translating up a storm once again. 🙂

    I know a lot of people are recommending Summon Night, but I’m unfamiliar with that series, so I don’t think I would be able to provide a translation that would satisfy you.

    Currently, however, I’m working on a project with Kingcom, and though it hasn’t been officially announced on the page, I’ve been given the okay to mention it here to the loyal comment readers and posters.

    It’s a game you probably haven’t heard of, but I’m hoping that it becomes popular in the English speaking world soon enough. It’s Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai on the Gameboy Advance. It is a non-linear RPG that was originally planned for the N64DD… The plans were scrapped, and years later they introduced a GBA incarnation… (Sound familiar?)

    On the surface, it appears like a generic RPG, but it has a very unique skill and magic system, and the game branches so much that no two players are likely to experience the same path.

    It’s a part of the relatively unknown Tengai Makyou series… But I can guarantee that the translation is some of my best work, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s already playable, for the most part, and all of the boring system text is done.

    Only the fun part remains now, and I’m VERY excited!

  21. Irrimn

    SWEET!!! Never heard of this new project, but if you say it’s a good game I will believe you! Glad to hear you are up and running, and I can’t wait to hear some official news about this and see some screenshots or whatnot soon!

  22. Frank

    Had heard about the Oriental Blue and I saw a couple of pictures, but I have not tested, though it seems a excellent game, I wish you much luck with this project and hopefully soon we can see on the page.

  23. Passerby

    That’s great to hear.
    Good luck with your new project.

    Judging by your taste of “games you would like to see in english”, I think I’ll look out for that project too.

    Nice to see that people like are taking their time to bring to us non-japnese speakers the games that were never released outside of that country.

    And to reply your comment (sorry if a bit late): Like I said before I trust your judgement in games that you would like to see in english, plus I liked demi-kids dark version a lot, so a sequel to that won’t hurt (especially when the translation’s better than the first one) 🙂

  24. The Translator

    Glad you folks are so excited about Oriental Blue. In a few more days, I hope to have another section of the game completed… Since it’s so non-linear, Kingcom is pretty much forced to wait until the entire script is translated before he can begin to play through it. It’s moving in the right direction, though!

  25. Zeru

    Great news! Looking forward to it 🙂 I have japanesse rom of it for a long time, but can’t understand a thing, so only your translation could help 😉
    Still the game looks interesting and have quite good battle system. Keep up your great work!

  26. The Translator

    The battle system is a lot more complex than it seems. Unlike most RPGs, where skills become useless the second you learn a new one, in Oriental Blue, attacks are based on percentages rather than fixed amounts of damage… And they have drawbacks too, so no skill is overpowered. The first skills are just as useful as the last ones.

    The super-powerful ones may leave you unable to act for five turns, or take up half of your HP and stuff… It’s pretty interesting. The magic system is based on a combination of HP and magic stones, which can be fused together for more powerful spells (or set into your equipment to unlock special powers or bonuses). It may also affect their “break rate.” Stuff usually has a 0% chance of breaking, but if you modify it, you may create a very fragile item…

    Because of this, you have to pay attention to stones, items, percentages…

    Also, the game discourages you from just walking back and forth to level up because the in-game clock manages the events… If you take too long, the kid who’s sick in bed will die… Or the mission posted in the trading center will be done by someone else.

    Also, if you get into a boss battle, and get defeated, the game will continue on as if that boss won the fight… Certain events in the game change depending on whether you win or lose… There’s a lot of substance to the game!

  27. Frank

    More and more I like the game, I saw his introduction on youtube and I am impressed, without doubt is a great game, but due to its variety of ways and events, I guess that will be a hard job to translate completely, I wish you much luck and has our support with this and your other projects.

  28. The Translator

    Thanks! It’s making progress… By the way, I realize that I mistyped that “HP” is used with magic stones… I apologize. I meant “MP.”

    It is indeed difficult to translate everything, and Kingcom claimed that I am probably the only person who will actually know the entire script… On the plus side, it’s a very entertaining script because everyone has interesting and relevant things to say… Unlike most RPGs where the villagers say: “Beautiful weather today, isn’t it?” (Not only is this game more fun to read, it’s also more fun to translate.)

    The intro on youtube is for the Japanese version, and Kingcom and I plan to have a much better intro in the game for the English version… (No Engrish, for one… And some other improvements.) In fact, I can’t wait for you folks to see this game running in English. It’s very slick, and makes the game look fresh. The Japanese version looks pretty dated…

    Anyway, the progress is steady. I’ve heard good things from Kingcom about his other projects as well. All of the other translators are also working hard.

  29. Zeru

    Perfect, really exciting to wait for your translations, I like demi series and SRW(now playing into translation of Alpha Gaiden on psx), I’m also excited about oriental blue, it’s kinda surprise that this game would be translated. And about Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari – Hajimari no Ishi, that’s also a great serie(I like gba games much more than ds ones because of battle system it’s something like Tales Of Phantasia, Tales Of World: Narikiri Dungeon, but with own goods and unique weapon crafting system) so if new project must be started some day – this is great choise(it’s a pity that Knux14 abaddoned translation of it, I hoped to see it done someday).

  30. Frank

    I’m also disappointed by the abandonment of the translation of Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari – Hajimari no Ishi…
    But let’s see the positive, all members of “The Romhacking Aerie” work hard in very projects, well some day we will see good games in English as: Devil Children Ice and Fire Books, SRWJ, Oriental Blue, among others …
    Again I say, have our support and wish them the best of luck with every one of your projects, thanks for your excellent work.

    PS: I had forgotten to explain that it was the introduction of the game in japanese, sorry …

  31. Hale

    Oh wow looks like a lot of stuff has happened since i last stopped by =3

    Just gonna wish ya guys luck on your projects and hope you don’t stumble into any major problems.

    Most of all, GANBATE! ^^

  32. The Translator

    Thanks for your support, everyone. 🙂

    Oriental Blue has reached a small milestone today. The biggest city in the game has now been fully translated… One city? Big deal, right?

    Well that one city had more text in that area alone than some RPGs have in the whole game, heh heh. (It is a critical city to the plot, comprised of four seperate districts, a crossroads, two towers, a palace, a gate, an entrance garden, and plenty of events…) Each district has its own houses (some with more than one floor), shops, and more… It felt so good to get it done…

    So three major sections of the game are done… The menus, the big city, and a neighboring kingdom (three small cities and a temple).

    I’m doing the largest areas in the game first, and working my way down to the smallest ones… (This way, the project seems to get easier and easier instead of harder and harder.)

    I can’t wait for you guys to try it out. You’re gonna love it… 🙂

  33. Frank

    Sorry to bother, but since there has been no news lately, I worry a little, something has happened? or just there is nothing to say… just wondering because silence is extended…

    PS: By the way, the section “Project Overview” is updated?

  34. Zeru

    No, Frank I don’t see any updates in “Project Overview”. I’m visiting aerie every day to check news and I think silence is on purpose – maybe something big is coming 😉 (or rather there is no time to share some progress with us).

  35. KaioShin

    There will be a big update very soon. This time it’s Kingcom’s turn, I’m bugging him already to update every few days, but he feels it’s not quite ready (since there are even better news just a bit farther…). Things are progressing as fast as ever, believe me, you won’t be disappointed when the time for an update comes.

  36. Frank

    I’m glad it was not that a serious problem, we have to be patient and wait for the big news, thanks for responding.

  37. Asema

    Man, I’m really excited for the Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei translation. I’ve played the game a lot, don’t get me wrong, but seeing it in English will probably bring me to tears. 😀

  38. Reisha

    Awesome work guys. I am really looking forward to Super Robot Wars J. And with only a few missions left, I am eagerly awaiting the day of the release.
    Keep it up!

  39. Frank

    Apparently came another period of silence, sorry for bothering but should know that some of us are dying of anxiety… Just kidding, I hope will soon give us good news and as someone said: “Keep With The Good Work”, until next time…

  40. Zeru

    hm… indeed it’s long silence from 20 feb till now… “somebody saying I’m losing my mind, I’m waiting and waiting for you…” …and your news X)
    Something tells me that we will see great news very soon. 😉

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