Ice Book script translation complete!

Tom has been on steroids recently and completely finished the script translation of Devil Children: Ice Book! This is a major milestone for the project and one that’s sure to point the way for more good news. Next up for this project will be finishing the hacking and formatting the text (sadly no auto formatter for this one). I already started on the later part a little bit, but there are also still tons of hacking issues to sort out too.

There already has been major hacking progress recently. Kingcom rewrote the game to use 1 Byte text instead of 2 Byte SJIS, which fixed our lingering naming storage issues. It destroyed just about everything else, but hey, it’s all a matter of time. Furthermore the naming screen has also been hacked. That’s a major step since it should be one of the most difficult to hack menus in the game. Other menu fixes are too numerous to list, but we’re getting there.

It’s coming along nicely!

Another matter I’d like to address is that we get asked a ton about what’s the progress on Project XYZ. We write updates on this site for a reason, to keep you informed. When we don’t mention a project than there is propably nothing exciting to report about. Most are in translation, and translating takes a lot of time. We can only hack one game at a time, so sometimes we make a ton of progress on one game and not a single bit of progress on other projects. This is completely normal and doesn’t mean we abandoned any of the other projects. It also doesn’t affect how long it takes for the other projects to be released, since the part that holds them up is usually the translation and not the hacking. When there is something to report you’ll read about it here. So please, reduce the redundant “Nice news but how is the other one?” comments.

Last but not least there is apparently a bit of confusion about which persons are working on which project. Otherwise no one would ask Tom how the translation of Xenosaga is going … To redeem that we created a project overview page. There you’ll find the people that are associated with each project and where the project stands.

Project Overview Page

That’s it for today and I hope you’re as excited about DC as I am! Progress form my side will be a bit slow for a couple of days, but you can blame that on Fallout 3. Absolutely the best game released this whole year so far. Shit! It’s that good >_< I need days with 30 hours each please…

47 thoughts on “Ice Book script translation complete!

  1. Irrimn

    Sweet!! Haha… that’s the best word I could come up with to express my excitement about all the progress going on lately… XD

    Thanks for the overview page! That’ll really help clear some confusion on the part of the fans about who to bug! (lol; j/k)

    Awesome work The Translator!!! I can’t praise you enough on your uber-speedy translation of Ice Book!!! I realize the hacking parts will probably take a while… any chance you guys will need some help with the text formatting? Because you know how eager a lot of the fans are to help with any of the projects… I would like to help, if possible. 🙂

    Keep the updates coming; and keep up all the awesome work!!!

  2. The Translator

    Well, your comments certainly helped! If people like you were not waiting to play these translations, I would not be motivated to hurry up and finish them!

    My next project probably won’t be announced for a while, so I can’t really update you on it until it’s official.

  3. Mclane

    I’m kind of new to this site but do you guys release early versions or only till the game is 100% done?

  4. The Translator

    We only release complete versions. (I’ve never understood why somebody would only translate the menus.) When it’s released, it will be in English, 100%.

  5. Dred

    Fucking Awesome!! you guys rock!! btw, the rom transalted to english, when is it gonna be available for download?

  6. Glenn

    Wohoo, great 😀 I like the font too! So, Ice Book is almost done…. Flame Book next? 😀
    (I didn’t know the Translator was Tom, I’m sorry ^^).
    Also, I must apologize for insisting too much on previous posts… I’ll check the Overview page from time to time 🙂
    Good work everyone ^^

  7. The Translator

    I’m working on a different project until Ice Book’s finished. When Ice Book’s finished, we’ll carry over duplicate lines into Flame Book, and I’ll translate the unique lines that remain.

    Unlike most “monster collecting” games, Flame and Ice have very distinct quests, but the system text (the boring part) is pretty much a direct copy, so only the fun storyline will be left for me to do. 🙂

    We’ll definitely do Flame Book so the Devil Children “saga” will be complete.

    Glad you like the font! Seeing the screenshot gets me excited about the English version too!

  8. The Translator

    I don’t know who’s translating Xenosaga, but I can tell you this… Text translations aren’t useful at all to hackers, because they still need to know what Japanese text corresponds to each line.

    Plus, the story text is only one part of the text in the game, and it’s usually scattered throughout the game script. There’s a whole bunch more to it than that.

    It’s a nice gesture, but unfortunately I doubt it’ll speed up the translation/hacking process!

  9. Lord_Prime

    I noticed that, i thought i would use google translate for the japanese text then looking for the english official counter part. Or maybe I’ll look for a Gamescript which has japanese characters and a translation.

  10. Irrimn

    Never got an answer on whether or not you guys needed any help on the text formatting or whatnot… Hopefully all is going well with the other translations and the hacking and all that!

  11. The Translator

    I don’t handle the text formatting, but I think Kaioshin tried to get people to help with my last translation (Caravan Heart) and they either only did a small bit before giving up, or didn’t format it the way that he explained to them…

    I think he said that he wouldn’t ask for help with the next project, but I am not sure. Kaioshin might be able to answer your question… But then again, he might still be playing Fallout 3, ha ha.

  12. KaioShin

    I’m through with Fallout 3, but then there was Red Alert 3 and I was and still am really busy with university stuff. The project will some progress this weekend, promised. And I’ll get you that last file Tom.

    As for formatting, last time really didn’t work out too well. There were lot’s of people who were eager to help, but explaining to everyone exactly how to format the text took so much time I could have done it myself right away instead.

    Besides in this game the text has to be formatted while playing through the game, and adjusted and tested all the time. Which makes it impossible for more than one person to work on it at once.

  13. The Translator

    My computer has been hit with a heavy dose of disk read errors again, so I’m unable to access any of my files. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I can access them again…

    That means the progress on my current project has come to a dead stop… And I can’t work easily work on any new files, either. I hope the computer starts working again soon… If so, I’ll try to backup the files that I’ve done so far.

  14. The Translator

    Good news: my computer’s up and running again (for now), so I’m continuing to translate. 🙂

  15. Lord Prime

    After days of “debating” with myself, I want to help in translating Xenosaga.

    LoL @ “debate” hehehe.

    All i can do now is translating the gamescript, the ones from ps2 games.
    can i have permission?

  16. KaioShin

    Lord Prime: I saw your topic @ GBAtemp. If you’re wanting to google translate text we don’t really need your help. We could as well fill the script with random letters.

    Thanks for the good intention though.

  17. Lord Prime

    Thanks anyway for replying to my comment. I figured that it would be too stressful for me as i am in college now.

  18. The Translator

    Translating a game requires a lot of work, but if you are interested, you should take a few semesters of Japanese in college.

  19. B.K.

    Using the PS2 translations for Xenosaga I&II won’t help. The script is rewritten. Especially in the Episode II half of the game. That part of the game is completely rewritten.

  20. Lord Prime

    Yeah, i know. They’ve added some new scenes which weren’t on the original.

    I’ll try playing with the rom’s internal files.

  21. B.K.

    It’s not just a few scenes. Everything is different in the Episode II half. The flow of the game is the same, but all the details are different.

  22. Hale

    Well… since it’s been a while since anyone threw up any support comments, Keep it up everyone!

    I’m especially interested in XS 1+2 but i’ll take anything that you guys toss out to us. =)

  23. The Translator

    Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it, because positive comments are what keeps me going. It’d be easy to just play the games myself and never translate them, but I only translate because I care, heh heh!

    Not many people seem to care about Ice Book though, unfortunately. I hope that people are willing to give the series a shot once the patch is released.

  24. Irrimn

    Well I know currently the excitement for the game release may be a little on the low side, but I for one am VERY excited!!! But I also think that once there is more progress made on it, like if the hacking is done and the project goes into beta then there will be much more people hyped up about the game’s release! Currently it’s just that you guys are taking on a lot of projects so people are only able to focus on their favorites… also without knowing much about a lot of the other games being translated.

  25. Irrimn

    Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Aerie! … even if some of you are not from America…?

    I am thankful for all the hard excellent work you’ve all done and will continue to do on your quality game translations!

    What are you thankful for?

  26. The Translator

    Kaioshin and Kingcom are from Germany. I’m from America, but I have never really been into Thanksgiving since I’m a vegetarian and everyone always gives me a hard time about not eating turkey.

    What am I thankful for? I’m thankful for the game companies who actually make these great games in the first place. I hope that our patch will encourage people to support the game companies.

    And I’m thankful for the support of fans who enjoy using our patches… Well, “our patch” for now.

  27. ñmhbñ

    where is the damn devil children tv serie???? i cant fucking find it!!

    and where is it gonna be finished this???

  28. Private Prinny

    Keep up the good work…. I am also playing favourite with Xenosaga I+II (and to a lesser degree Ace Attorney // SRWJ // Magical Vac) but I was really impressed by the quality of DQMC. But to be honest, it isn’t my kind of game….still I can appreciate the hard works of others.

  29. Irrimn

    Hello to the Aerie! Just checking up on your guys to make sure you’re all not slacking! lol, j/k.

    Hopefully you guys will toss us an update before the new year! Still checking back daily, but I guess no news can be good news if you’re all keeping busy.

    As always, keep up the good work! Hope to hear from you all soon. =]

  30. Hale

    Well… Time for another cheer =D Go go Aerie!

    Which reminds me, I never did thank you guys for the work you did on DQM:Caravan Hearts, It’s very different from the other DQM games but I loved it quite a bit =D

  31. The Translator

    Glad you liked Caravan Heart (no s on the end, though). 🙂 I blame Kingdom Hearts for making everyone call it “Caravan Hearts.”

    I have not been slacking, but my computer’s hard drive failed, and I lost all of my data, except a few files that I had backed up. (Just the important business and family related stuff.)

    Fortunately, this has no impact on the hacking of Ice Book (since I already sent the translated files to Kaioshin), but it certainly has stopped me from working on other projects. 🙁

  32. Irrimn

    Aww, sucks that all the progress on the other projects is halted… Hopefully you can fix your computer problems… Keep up the good work!

  33. KaioShin

    There’ll be a Christmas blogpost with news of course (no releases though – just so nobody gets their hopes up).

  34. Frank

    Those problems affected the translation of SRW J?, Forgiveness, but I’m anxious waiting for that game. I hope that the problems are resolved soon and can continue their good work.

  35. The Translator

    Yeah, I should have been more clear about it. When I said “my other projects,” I meant projects that I’m doing with different hackers.

  36. Hale

    Ouch! >_<; I’m sorry to hear about your hard drive. I hate it when they do things like that =/

    And thanks for posting something on Christmas Day, this comments page is getting just a wee bit long =D

  37. The Translator

    I like lots of comments, personally. 🙂

    I translate for other folks. It’d be easy for me to just play the games myself, and leave it at that… I translate because I want others to share the joy…

    Without the fans, there’d really be no point. 🙂

  38. destiny hero

    thats was great keep on working other project thanks a lot

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