Not dead yet

It’s been a while, isn’t it? We didn’t die, quite on the contrary, we have a ton of progress to report on several projects’ fronts. We just didn’t feel like writing much. Fortunately you aren’t e-mail bombing us when we don’t post something for three days unlike the poor Mother 3 guys. *ahem* On to the news!

Image editor post:

I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to help. A lot of people sent in the first batch of trial images, that really surprised us. The second one was a bit harder and only two people replied with an edited one. I guess we were pretty demanding after all. In the end we decided to give the post to death_seraph. Welcome to the team! I’ll try to have screenshots with his work in action soon.

Super Robot Wars Judgement:

Unfortunately, the editor we had presented to you in the last update left shortly afterwards due to time constraints. Not all is lost though, since we got a competent replacement just a few days ago. The new editor is YuushaFan, a friend of our translator Tyria. The very good news is that he seems to be as insanely fast as Tyria. I’m positive we’ll see lots of exciting progress on the editing soon.
The translation is progressing smoothly as well. Last I heard everything to mission 20 or so is already translated. Kingcom hopes to crack the last few remaining hacking issues soon as well.

Devil Children:

Translation is about a good 70% done. Story dialogue is already completed, what’s left is misc stuff like devil descriptions. Tom promised to have the translation finished soon! I have been working on the hacking again too, fixing a ton of minor menu problems. Kingcom helped out too, so we’re looking at good progress here. The game is a convulted mess though (only programming wise of course), so there is still lot’s to do.

Tales of Innocence:

Hacking should be mostly complete and the translation is progressing smoothly. You can find more detailled progress reports on Absolute Zero’s blog.

Xenosaga & Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei:

No news is good news. Translations are progressing smoothly.

Magical Vacation:

One of the two translators vanished. I don’t know what’s up with him, but I haven’t heard from him or seen him online in 2 months or so now. Anororn is making slow but steady progress though. The translation might progress somewhat slower, but it IS progressing. If someone else would like to fill the blank and help out with the translation contact me.

I’m also still looking for a translator for the Shin Megami Tensei GBA remake! If anyone is interested, you know where to find me. The game is awesome, it really needs to be translated!

30 thoughts on “Not dead yet

  1. Glenn

    Yuhuuu, thanks for the update! ^-^
    It’s nice to know that translations are going smoothly!
    Btw, how’s the hack for Xenosaga I&II? I’ve heard it requires a lot of work… 🙁

    Thanks for your hard work ^_^

  2. Mansoor

    yummy! I almost tasted that.

    Devil children, Xenosaga, Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei…..and you’re actually interested in translating SMT GBA….?

    what more can I possibly ask for..?
    your line-up projects are what i’m most looking forward too now….
    (well….that and Persona 2 Tsumi!).

    I sure hope an able translator well take on SMT….cause with all due respects to the guys who hacked the SNES version, it was one hell of a buggy nightmare!


  3. frankeinsteinp6

    Looking forward to Xenosaga and ToI, best games evar!!!

    I’m doing a translation of a game myself now.

    Go native Language!!!

  4. Blacquejacque

    yayyyy keep it up guys… (or girls??)

    it’s a relief to know that you’re still active doing translations…

    i’ll be sure to keep checking update on your progress ^^

  5. Daz

    Thanks for doing this. I’m really looking forward to your Xenosaga release, as I haven’t got a way to play the game in English without it and I have wanted to play them forever! (The PS2 games are over $200 each in my region…)

    I’m also looking forward to SRWJ coming out, as I am a huge fan of the SRW games.

    Again, thanks!

  6. Irrimn

    Yay! News! I’d almost given up checking back here due to the lack of updates, but figured you guys weren’t just dead, especially with all the new recruits and people wanting to help out! Sorry to hear about the lost members, but those things happen… just makes room for more new members! Heh. Keep up the good work, and try to update more often!!!

  7. KaioShin

    Don’t worry guys, I promise to write more news again. Over the summer I was just in a bad mood, too much free time and stuff. I work better when I don’t have much time every day 😉 As soon as one of our projects goes into the hot period shortly before release there’ll be tons of updates again.

  8. wildercard

    hey thats great to hear, im sure that a lot of people are looking forward to this and appreciate your hard work

  9. The Translator


    Halfway through the system text now – working on the devil descriptions. It’s somewhat fun, so I should be done with it soon.

  10. Irrimn

    Yay! Go Translator!!! You know, news like how things are going, even if it’s small news like that really keeps me excited about all the progress being made. ^_^ Now if only it were so easy to just have all the text translated for the game to be playable… XD

  11. The Translator

    Kaioshin’s working hard along with the script translation, so it shouldn’t be too long!

    I am almost 2/3 done with the system text now. It would be faster, but I am doing the best I can at the moment.

  12. Glenn

    What about Xenosaga? ^^ What has been done up to this update? ^^
    @ Translator: what game are you referring to? “Book of Ice”, seems interesting XD

  13. The Translator

    Glen – I am not translating Xenosaga, so I can’t say how much progress has been done with that. Kaioshin has a different translator for that one. I just did Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart (and now, Ice Book).

  14. Kingcom

    Translation for Xenosaga is coming along slowly but steadily. There isn’t much to do hacking wise, but I’m working on the few problems. Don’t expect a release anytime soon.

  15. The Translator

    Ice Book’s system text is at 3/4… I have a feeling it’ll be the Aerie’s next release. 🙂

  16. Irrimn

    Sweet! Keep up the updates! Even if they are just in the comments, any progress updates give me a good reason to check back here every day, even if the update is something like, “Been busy so I haven’t had time to make any more progress lately.” XD You know? Keeps us all excited in anticipation for the next release!

  17. The Translator

    Well, here’s an update for you! All of the system text in Ice Book is done. I’m just waiting for the last bit (special abilities), which haven’t been extracted yet.

    Kaioshin’s been playing through it already, and the game is looking good. Most of the major hurdles have been overcome. I’m now going to focus on another project.

    You should probably see an update about it from Kaioshin once the final bit of text is inserted.

  18. The Translator

    I can’t say. That’s up to Kaioshin. All things considered, the translation is done, though I am still waiting on the special abilities, which will probably be done in a matter of minutes after I receive them.

    I know that he is also going to try to incorporate icon based menus instead of having squished up text, so it’ll look all clean.

    I am guessing he will clean up some text formatting, incorporate the graphics hacks, and try to get the title screen in English before starting the testing, so it may still be a while. It’s easier said than done!

    I can’t say how soon it will be, because my job is pretty much done (short of revisions and testing). I’m sure Kaioshin will clarify it once he updates the website.

    I personally hope it’s released before the end of the year. It’d be awesome to have both Caravan Heart and Ice Book out in the same year. 🙂

    I’m playing through my next project for the Aerie, which isn’t shown on the website yet.

  19. JD

    Oh my, considering doing a translation for the GBA SMT? The off-chance that it might happen alone fills me with glee.

  20. KaioShin

    I was even recently contacted by someone who would be interested in translating it. I’ll get him a script dump soon, so maybe this project will actually get going next year!

  21. Sarukah

    You…you mean…there are actually people working on translating Xenosaga I&II? I am so happy and excited that I want to cry ;__; I never ever thought I would see the Xeno DS game getting any kind of translation! Thank you whoever and everyone who is working on it so much! I will be faithfully following any updates from now on :3

  22. Emmanuel

    God, they are REALLY working this out, I sure hope that you are able to finish the translation someday (and I meant somwhere in the next 2 years ;_; )

  23. Fabio Henrique

    Please ! Don’t Forget Us !!! I Really Want To Know What Happen With Project !!! Please Tell Us !!!!!!

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