General news / Image Editors wanted!

KaioShin here, long time no see.

I was enjoying my extended period of laziness when Kingcom finally threatened to take away my loli porn collection, so I was forced back into action. I’ve resumed work on Devil Children since the translator will be finally ready to start translating the script soon.

The main reason I’m writing this news post is to bring to your attention that we’re really in dire need of an image editor or two to help us with our projects. We’re both not artsy types of people. Just thinking about Photoshop gives me a headache and I’m not sure if Kingcom has ever even used it at all.
We’d like someone to join our group as a permanent image editor for helping with our various projects. The work would involve creating small graphics, usually with text, for us to integrate into the translations. The size can go from a small 16×16 sign to a whole title screen. If you’re good with text graphics and you’d like to help, PLEASE contact us.

What we could offer someone as a member of the group:

  • Access to early WIP and BETA builds of our projects
  • Our projects get done faster
  • A warm fuzzy feeling for helping out
  • Do I dare say it… fame?

If you’d be good for the job you propably know what the work involves. We aren’t slave drivers (unless Kingcom gets a mean streak again) and are really quite nice guys to work with. Just get in touch with us and you’ll see.

If you’re interested drop us a comment and a means to reach you and we’ll contact you with instant messaging or IRC details.

On another more project related note, we also uploaded a new video about SRWJ to Youtube. As you might recall from the initial project announcement it was planned that no other than Gideon Zhi would be the script editor for the project later on. But since he has been really busy for months now and he even started to outsource his own SRW projects to other editors it was clear that we’d need to find someone else if the game were to be released sometime in this millennium. We now found a promising volunteer who will try his hand at the editing of the 3MB monster script. As a sample of his work he already edited the introduction of the game. The new video on youtube shows that ingame. Enjoy!

Last but not least, there have been volunteers for the translations of Magical Vacation and Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei! The scripts have been sent out, let’s hope for the best and good news on those projects front’s soon.

15 thoughts on “General news / Image Editors wanted!

  1. beelzebub06660

    Hey kaioshin, First off I would like to thank you guys for the great fan translation you did on DQM:Caravan Heart, superb work. On another note I am interested in helping you with image editing especially since several of your projects are from series that I personally love, Shin Megami Tensei and SRW. I have no professional art background but I have done my fair share of sprite work for my own rom hack projects. I also design Skins for a homebrew PSP application called iRShell. Send me an Email if you are interested in seeing some of my skins and/or sprite-work.

  2. Glenn

    I wish I could help, but anytime I try t use Photoshop I end up screwing everything, lol… I’m not a digital artist 🙁
    Anyway… I was wondering, any news from the Xenosaga front? 😀

  3. Irrimn

    Nice to hear some news, bad to hear you’ve been slacking off… >_>”

    I’d love to help with the projects and all, but I probably don’t have enough experience? I mean, I can do some stuff in photoshop, but I’m not really proficient, but still.

    We appreciate all the hard work you’ve done so far. 🙂 Keep it up, and quit slacking off!!! lol

  4. Jampirow

    Hey there. First things first, I love you guys for the Tales of and Xenosaga translations XD Thank you very much.

    I have some experience with Photoshop and I’d like to help. Not sure which type of text graphics you want, but I want to try to help. Just mail me or add me on MSN so we can talk.

  5. death_seraph

    Hi there!
    Congrats on all the projects you´re working on. I´ve always wanted to participate in game translations, but since I´m no good at all with Japanese (still learning the basics) I haven´t had the chance.
    But as for graphics, I have a lot of experience dealing with sprites (I´m currently majoring on VG development) and I have a couple of free hours every day I could spend for sure on this kind of projects so anything that is needed as far as graphics go I would be happy to lend a hand.

  6. terminal71

    I’m new to rom hacking, but I’m pretty good with photoshop so I’d like to help if I can. Just send me an email if you need me.

  7. miruki

    Mhn.. 🙂 Dunno if you already found the helping hands you needed, but if you still need someone for the image editing, just mail me or contact me on MSN and I’ll gladly help out! <3

  8. KaioShin

    Thanks to everyone who mentioned his intention to help. I sent out a few files for a test edit to the first volunteers and we’ll be waiting on those until we decide who we’re taking on the team. What I’ve seen so far is already very good, so I don’t think we’ll need any new volunteers from now on.

  9. Ciel

    Hi, i saw this post today so Dx
    I have some experience spriting for GBA hacks and i’m good in Photoshop, but i don’t know what i’ll have to do so test me!
    I’m too late? ;_;

  10. gukid

    You guys need a little contact form 😛

    Didn’t know where else to post this, but found a tiny bug in DQM:CH. The “Thermostat” ability has the description of “Damaging Breath (group)” but actually does something of protecting the party with light. I’m assuming it’s a hot/cold defensive spell?

  11. Crysta

    “Thermostat” is probably what got translated as “Barrier” in the DW games and “Insulate” in the newer DQ translations (leaning towards IV for reference :P). Kinda wish I had done all the DQ/W playing i’ve been doing now for reference back during testing in addition to my existing knowledge.

    Also, if you ever need more graphics help later i’m still around, if you think I did well enough before in what little I did (and that I wasn’t an annoyance).

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