Tales of a Translation

I’m proud to announce the latest and most recent project, Tales of Innocence! It’s a collaboration with throughhim413 from Absolute Zero, who also translated Tales of Phantasia for PSX last year. Even though the project is still a young one, a lot has already been accomplished. But see for yourself on the screens at the bottom!

Additionally, KaioShin decided to take care of finishing xdaniel’s Kururin Paradise translation, so he is working on something, too, now. The game has a fair amount of graphics that need editing, and if anyone would like to help with them, we would be very grateful.

But now it’s time for the screens!

A Skit Style menu

28 thoughts on “Tales of a Translation

  1. B.K.

    Wow. This is REALLY unexpected. I didn’t think anyone would do a romhack of Tales of Innocence. You should do Soma Bringer next, since it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to be released in America.

  2. Henson

    Wow, it’s awesome. I’d like to help any way I can. I know no Japanese, but I have dictionary software that may help translating a bit stuff. I’m interested in the script though and may as well try translating it if you can give me the script file.

  3. Aleph

    Hi, i began to translate the dialogues but the characters was much separated and big. I saw that yours are nice. Do you dominated the pointers of the game? How can I do? I can Help in this translation.

  4. irrimn

    Wow! Very unexpected but very welcome news! I am glad that the group is growing and more great works are getting translated than ever! And to think this all just started as a fanslation for a game that sadly just never got localized… and now look! I am excited to see what news comes next!!!

  5. Pennywise

    Soma Bringer is already being translated and there’s already been patch releases. Anyways, the amount of projects you have is just insane to me. I hope they don’t burn you out. Good luck.

  6. Crowmeister

    Whoa looks great, thanks so much for working on this project. I love the Tales series so much! *thumbs up*

  7. Narusegawa

    WOW!!! ty very much for your work… i love the ytale series a lot… ty ty *sob*

  8. RodolfoRG

    Hm.. I can’t leave a comment on Help Needed page, so I’m here.

    I would like to help on Magical Vacation. How can I get in touch?

    by the way, there’s a mistake at your script dumper there…
    it dumped 乞 instead of 第 (3rd msg of sample)

  9. KaioShin


    You can send me a personal message on romhacking.net and I can give you ICQ, AIM or MSN details then, depending on what you prefer.

    I’m also available on romhacking.net’s IRC channel.

    I’ll double check the table on that Kanji, thanks.

  10. Axses

    I L.O.V.E. you!
    I really love you. You´re the only man in my life!!!
    Keep going. you´re the best!

  11. matt

    nice but i guesse it isint finished so i cant get it…>:D you guys want to make a nice final copy i get that but for those of us who want to play it now and dont really care about some parts still not finished..well its a bit like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit then when he moves towards it you move if farther away…….and this looks like a very tantalizing carrot to me…..:(

  12. Ike

    Awesome! The translation looks really good. Keep it up.

    I can’t wait to finally play this game the way it should be played. I am very grateful.

  13. Linkachu

    oh, awesome! can’t wait till this is done. think you guys could throw us an approximate release date?

  14. Seph

    Taking the “R in Japanese is L in English” too literally, it looks like. Ruca Milda and Iria Animi, not “Luca” or “Ilia”.

  15. Zack

    I’m really looking forward to the translated version of this game, but how much longer will it take to finish?

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