Caravan Heart Release


After 2 years of dedicated work, we’re proud to present the complete English translation of Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart.

I’d like to thank everyone on the team and everyone who contributed over the years for their support. I’d also like to thank all of the fans who left encouraging comments for us and who believed in this project until the end.

Please read the release notes bundled with the patch. They don’t just contain ‘boring’ technical information but also lots of background information about the game and the translation as well as some notes from our translator.

There was also a huge website update. I’ve created a Project Page for the game, where you can find many nice surprises. Make sure to check it out! I know though that you all just want the patch for now. Have fun!

87 thoughts on “Caravan Heart Release

  1. Gainaxe

    Awesome, I was waiting for this for so long. Thank you so much for completing it, I’m curious how many people have downloaded it so far. I just checked back(check back about once a month) and noticed it was done. Completely awesome job.

  2. Namakemono456

    Hey kaio, this patch works well on the GBA emulator for the PSP as well! I tried it on my Flash ROM card too, works perfectly!

  3. Driv3r

    I found something odd. For other GBA games the save converter functions works fine. But for this one the emulator refuses to recognize the save.
    I’m using the M3 by the way.

  4. Dylirius

    waaah!!! you ‘n everyone else who participated in the project r my heroes!! love the dq monsters series and been waiting for this one for months!

  5. Gainaxe

    Hello Kaoishin,
    I was wondering if I could get permission currently to post a patched version of the rom, as well as the release notes, on . I made a mistake earlier today is not fully reading the release notes and did so alerady however I have asked the administrators to take it down(I did not include the release notes either). I highly respect the work you have put into this and would like to speak with you on the matter either way. In case your server does not keep email addresses please contact me at lord.incubus (at)

  6. BryanM

    Game ate my save – ~22 hours of my life gone.

    Might want to suggest playing using Save States when using an emulator in the .txt…

  7. McNally

    BLARG! I can’t get the patch working~!!!

    I have the patch from this site and have tried several different versions of the roms, and am using lunar to patch and every time I get the same error… the cut scenes and title screens are changed but all the diolgue and text are random ‘e’s ‘o’s and other random letters… HELP

  8. Anonymous

    Great work and thanks for translating this great game that Square Enix is obviously too damn lazy to translate themselves. I think the fact that we’re seeing so many of these Dragon Warrior/Quest titles being translated by small groups of people that make no money off of it just goes to prove that Square Enix is just flat out lazy and doesn’t care about American gamers.

  9. Raven

    Hell yea!!!!!!!! thanks for the hard work and effort put into this. I really appreciate this man!!!

  10. Norgay

    Wow, I never actually thought that this project would be finished! I haven’t been to this site for like a year (well it was your old site) It’s amazing that you actually finished it. Someone should pay you a great sum of money.

  11. whiteman

    I didn’t know anything about this game until today when I stumbled across a FULLY TRANSLATED rpg unreleased in the US. Now I’ve been playing it all day, and it’s amazing. I really appreciate all the work you put into this.

  12. ob1

    _Thank you_ _very much_ _indeed_ for your _great_job.
    Having never had the opportunity to play a Dragon Quest game before, your patch is my solution on the go.
    Thank you.
    And congrats’ !!!

    Olivier, France

  13. Bill

    Oh my god I just happen to see this fantastic news! I have actually been waiting for this for a long time, as I am in a real deep love with Dragon Quest Monsters games, yes especially those involving the word, monsters! Oh thank you so much. Thank you so much!!!

  14. Kevin

    KaioShin, do you know what program I can use to run this with? If you or anyone else did, that would be great, I really want to play this game!

  15. rcd_82

    Thank you all who made this possible, I already tested it on my gba micro and it looks great, again thank you very much for this guys you rule! 🙂

  16. pustefix

    Very good and solid work. i have waited so long. Thank you.

    Could someone tell me where I can find a monster guide?
    I find no hints in the game like in DQM 1, so its really hard to strengthen my monster or do you only need more stars to get to the top monster?

  17. julius

    uhm, how do you save in the game?
    are there specific areas where you’re permitted to save? help, pls.

  18. KaioShin

    pustefix: Look on Gamefaqs in the game’s message board. Someone linked to a guide there somewhere.

    julius: As in all Dragon Quest games, you can save in churches.

  19. Zane

    Ok, So I’m a little late =) the patch doesn’t seem to be there anymore!! the file contains the release notes but no patch..Argh help!

  20. KaioShin

    The patch is still there. It’s in IPS format, look at the FAQ @ if you need help with applying it.

  21. Des,

    Hello kaio, just wanted to say a great job on this patch, but i am having a little probleme. you say the file comes out as an ips patch file, when i downloaded it it comes in .rar and i have the lunar patch and it wont work with it. i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction

  22. Jojjy

    Is there any chance that if you ever make another patch, you could UP the text speed of the dialogue? There’s way too much speech in this game, even though the game is enjoyable…. I just wish I could skip it faster. (So I don’t need to read the same thing over and over)

    Also wish Enix had put in a save anywhere option… doesn’t make for a very good pick up and play game.

  23. Nathan

    when i hit the patch button it says the link is broke. id really like to see it fixed please.

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