Beta status reached

Finally, after 2 years of work, the project reached Beta!

After the game has been thoroughly tested and everything has been fixed, it’ll be time for the public release. Don’t ask how long beta testing will take though, it can take pretty long since this game is huge and so random. There is still some work left ahead of us.

Also, testers have already been selected, so don’t ask to be part of the beta please.

Wish us luck and that everything goes well. This will propably be the last post before release, unless there will be significant delays.

32 thoughts on “Beta status reached

  1. KaioShin Fan

    Hey I’m glad to see that the project’s almost done, thanks for all your hard work KaioShin!

  2. Burban

    Final stretch :] Cant say how happy I am to see this project almost done, especially after a whole 2 years of work. Hopefully another month or two and it will all be over. Or earlier? I dunno. I’m just saying goodluck to all the beta testers and thanks to Kaioshin and everyone working on the project for making this happen.

  3. Irrimn

    Yay! FInally, at last, the last step is here, beta! I wish I could be part of it but I’m just excited to see that it is finally here and soon, in just probably another month hopefully, we can all play and rejoice! Here’s to you, Kaio!

  4. RanmaFreak

    So now hopefully in a month or two we’ll be able to paly the game? That’s awesome!

    Keep up the good work. Hope the Post-Beta work isn’t too much.

  5. Namakemono456

    Hey Kaio just wondering if you have thought about what your going to do with your spare time after this, IMO you deserve a long vacation. 😛

  6. ScrapPS2

    I’ve been following this for a long time now, and to be honest I really didnt think you would complete it. I mean it had so, so many problems, but man everytime one came up you just trudged right along…

    Honestly even when your personal life was an issue, you just kept going! Your one of the best man. Really I’m astounded, its the kind of dedication in translation, that you rarely see.

    If you could pull this off, I’m sure you will go far in whatever path you choose. I really mean it, and though I know I just keep going on, its not just the normal “Thanks for doing this dude” kindda speach everyone gives out. You started this solo and almoste finished it solo, way to go man… This sure seem like the Mt.Everest climb of video game translations.

  7. KC

    I think you misinterpret that a bit. Yes, this game has some ugly coding and a lot of hard coded crap, but it is by far not a very difficult game to hack. It’s just nasty and a bit time consuming.

  8. Alex

    I’m a huge DWM fan and a cant believe I JUST found about this project. GREAT work man keep it up

  9. gukid

    Translation is looking FANTASTIC! Great to see some quality GBA games that never made it to North American shores getting the treatment they deserve.

    And to be honest, I have total faith that you will be doing a much better translation than Square-Enix would, seeing as though they’ve given up being faithful to the series at all.

    Can’t wait to see the end result!

  10. BGX

    Dude, you have my respect, really!

    I was thinking about playing the japanese version till I found ut about this. Now I got a flashlinker and can’t wait for getting started ;).

    Thank you so much!

  11. Brian

    Hey, I am really looking forward to the completion of this… I’ve been playing Caravan Heart in Japanese lately and I really like it.
    I can’t wait to actually know what they’re telling me in the game…

  12. Kevin

    Your hard work is inspiring. I’ve been watching your website since September 2006.

    I love these games so much.

    I’m more excited to see this than Super Smash Bros Brawl!

  13. k24601

    I hate to be all “me too” when I don’t have anything different to say but…me too! I look forward to playing and thanks very much for taking this project up and doing all that hard work. Congratulations on reaching beta. Much love.

  14. RavenSG

    Glad to hear that its reached beta status. Many thanks for your effort in doing this. looking forward for your release soon 🙂

  15. yversen

    As a “Hey You Are Great” beta-bonus……. HEY YOU ARE GREAT. And I can’t wait for this to be released.

  16. Jeff

    I can’t thank you enough for this amazing work, man.
    I’m so excited for this, been a DWM fan since the original.
    Really, from everyone, thank you so much.

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