KMT Source Materials

DDSTranslation again, and here is the batch of miscellaneous files I mentioned before that should contain all (or most) of the work that was done to create this translation.

[wpdm_file id=7]

These files are being provided as-is, and I claim no responsibility if they end up erasing or deleting your PC. But it should all be safe.

The archive consists of the 65816 assembler code that I wrote to change the game’s functions, the text editor that I wrote in Java that allows easy modification of the dialogue in the game, and assorted text files containing the Japanese script, translations and my own personal notes.

These are being provided for those who are curious about the extent of work that’s been done with the translation, and also to help those who may be interested in localizing the game in their own language.

26 thoughts on “KMT Source Materials

  1. Chad

    Is there an algorithm the game uses to determine demon fusion results, or are they hard coded? I tried to figure out how the game calculates it, but I’m coming up short.

  2. fate

    Since this was the last post for this site i want to use this post to ask a question if you don’t mind.
    Are you guys still translating F and F Final? It seems f was 100% complete and F-Final was 50% in 2012. We at /m/ were wondering if you stopped or if its close to coming out? Maybe we you could release F?

  3. Sromek

    Hello! Great job on Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei being released. I still hope that other translations weren’t forgotten and we’ll be able to see them here too! Can’t wait to play F and FF :> Good luck with all your hard work!

  4. hugo

    hey sorry for asking but i would like to know if you guys are still working on the dragon quest monsters 1 2 psx translation

  5. Robbie

    Kinda wondering what’s happening here, no new comments anywhere as far as I can tell. Curios as to the progress towards DQM 1+2.

    I don’t see comments or updates, and I hope I’m just bind instead of there being stagnancy for the past few months.

  6. chris

    id just like to say id kill for an update of any kind, even saying no progress! thanks

  7. sromek

    Yeah 😀 I would love to see an update too! Please dont let the projects die!

  8. Nick

    You guys… I’ve been watching progress on DQM for years now. I’d LOVE to see an update on that. Or anything, really. You guys are awesome. Please don’t let this die!

  9. Patience

    No news is good news.
    Learn this when it comes to translation projects and be patient.

  10. ed

    December 7, 2009 at 23:11

    110:) god i can’t wait for DQM – wait i’ll have to;) like kaioshin says there aren’t any other translations. good stuff though, keep it going!

    this is my first post about the DQM translation nearly 6 years ago! I can’t believe i am still checking back into this website looking for news on the translation. I wonder Kingcom will there ever be a release. I would love news about it, how far its come, whats holding it up, more screenies!! i had thought before it was very close to being released i wonder why it stopped so dramatically. – ed

  11. Abe

    Yes, please. We would like at least an answer about how is the DQM1+2 translation doing

  12. Frank Furter

    Since it’s been almost 10 years. Would you please consider a release of a patch for DQM 1+2? Even if it isn’t complete, I’d take anything. Please, for the love of god!

  13. Chrona

    Yeah, I’ve been checking this place all the time for updates to Xenosaga and more importantly DQM1-2. Would be nice for a confirmation that you guys are still alive at least, tis been ages. No rush though, it’ll be done when it’s done 🙂

  14. Mikh

    I’ve been coming to this website for 7 or so years everyday sometimes 3 times a day. Usually it’s when I give up hope there is an update. I recall turning 10 and getting three things for my birthday one was the purple transparent Gameboy Color the other two were Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 and the Strategy Guide. I can’t tell you how many hours I poured into that first game. And it’s sequel. Years later I foud out about the remake for the ps1 and then shortly after I found this website and I felt something I havent felt in years. I was excited. Years have past since then. I now have a son and he’s six and he just started getting into my older games from my youth and I can’t help but smile when I see him playing DWM on my old gbc. But anyway I ramble… I can sit here and beg for an update but I wont. I can say I’m upset and I hate everything but I dont feel that way. The only thing I can do is say I hope some day in the future this translation comes out.

  15. Sromek

    Hello again 😀 We have been very patient and you have been very silent! Give us a sign you re still there!

  16. Well, they're dead.

    RIP Kingcom, who perished tragically in an out-of-control tire fire before completing his life’s work.

    Hopefully his next of kin will release his work so someone else can complete it.

    The page header should be updated to read “Translating Games from 2006-2014” but that would require someone to be alive.

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