Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei – Finally released

DDSTranslation here, with news about the Kyuuyaku translation that’s been in the works for almost 4 years now. It’s been a long time coming, and I deeply apologize to everyone that’s been waiting for this to be completed.

For those that just want to play, here’s the link to the patch file:

[wpdm_file id=6]

Update: Someone discovered a bug with the v1.0 release where having a partner or friend name with the max of 8 characters would cause the save and load game screens to lag and not display anything.

I’ve made a fix for it and updated the patch to v1.1. Sorry for any inconveniences.

For those interested in keeping the megaten.asm file up-to-date, all that was added was an extra “BEQ save_screen_human_name_found_01” to lines 7411 and 7572. If inserted correctly, the two places should have operations in the order “LDA, BEQ, CMP, BEQ”. Or basically, copy the “BEQ” line and paste it above the “CMP” line.

I hope that you have a fun time playing through this game in English, and would love to hear what you thought about it.

If you’re still interested in hearing me ramble, or want to know just what the heck happened, I guess I can summarize the last couple of years. It’ll be nice to finally get all this off my chest.

I first started working on KMT around the time I finished college, which would have been around Spring 2008. I’m no stranger to the fan translation community, and thought I could do something with my spare time that would be constructive. After doing some preliminary work to make sure I’d be able to finish what I started (ironic, considering what would be to come), I made my first post on to solicit help from Japanese translators. I got a wonderful reception from people surprised at the quality of the work, and it wasn’t too long before I finally got the help I needed.

The following 2 years, I was learning how to be a white collar worker in the real world. And unsurprisingly, that meant a lot less free time to work on the translation. I was coming to the realization that it’s a lot more appealing to play games in one’s free time than it is to work on them. I started falling behind in progress, and after spending a long time trying to solve a major logic problem with my text editor, I ended up giving up on the project. That was around the time where I put up my video that apparently has become somewhat of a parody, where I said “I’ll either finish this project or release whatever I have by the end of 2011”.

Just as I was no stranger to translations, I was similarly no stranger to just giving up on translations as well. But the thing was, this was the one that I thought I had in the bag. I had done things with this project that I have never done before, and this was supposed to be my ultimate work. It hurt so much to have to give up on it, and it nagged at the back of my head for the last 3 years. What kind of person am I that can’t even finish what he set out to do? What about all the work that the translators had put into it? I had let everyone down, and all the work had been for nothing.

At the end of January, I decided to leave my job for personal reasons and became unemployed again. As the job search went on, I was finding myself bored with the games I had been playing. I thought about the Kyuuyaku translation again, and wondered if I could really ever finish it. I had tried looking at the problem I was stuck on several times over the years, but could never get my head back into it. When I looked at it again in July 2014, it just suddenly clicked. I guess I had learned a lot about programming in the last 3 years that I could finally overcome that hurdle.

I made a post on at the end of July stating that I would be resuming the project, and have tried my best to be as open and engaging as possible. I thought it was the least I could do to make up for my broken promises. And it actually turned out to be the best experience I’ve ever had in this hobby. The rest is pretty much history, and might still be seen in the thread on where it all started.

I don’t have any plans for the future in regards to translations, though I wouldn’t mind going back to one of my other abandoned projects and finishing them up. And I’m not sure how appealing it’d be to receive help from someone like me who has a history of just disappearing on a whim. But I’m striving to turn over a new leaf. And if I’m able to help anyone else that needs it, I’ll try my best.

In the next post, I will be releasing all of the notes, files and source code that I’ve used to make this translation. It wouldn’t do me any good to hold onto them. And maybe, it might prove to be of some use to someone out there.

30 thoughts on “Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei – Finally released

  1. wukong

    Thanks for the hard work. I would have guessed this was an official localization project given the quality.

  2. Wesley Lopes

    His effort was valid, my friend, is a historical translation! I have no words to measure how much I waited for this! I would be very happy if “Devil Summoner” was also translated.
    *sorry my english*

  3. Zio Name

    Well, since SMT IV is STILL due (even with a release window announced <_<) in Europe, i'll give KMT a go.

    Thanks for all the hard work, DDS!

  4. Ninten

    Thank you so much for your hard work! It was absolutely worth the wait and in all honesty, I’m glad that I was able to play Kyuuyaku in english instead of the Famicom version. Not to disrespect the hard work went into the FC translation or anything.

  5. acidic being

    great translation, it sounds coherent and it doesnt have those weird “too-literal” translations from japanese, i can tell a lot of work went into this

  6. sgm

    I just wanted to say thank you for coming back and finishing this project. I’ve been following it since those early days and ever so often would check in at RHDN or your YouTube channel hoping for some news or update. What I’ve seen so far is fantastic. Thanks again!

  7. Anon14

    Thank you for translating this game (these games?). However, I find that i’m not able to play Megami Tensei 1, at the least. It tells me the game has “bad checksum”, and I can’t get past the naming screen. I’m not particularly computer savy, so i’n not sure what to do.

  8. neutral-chaos

    Thanks so much! I just found this on romhacking and it made my day. I’ve been playing old fan translated games for years and it’s how I found the SMT series and how it became my favorite. Can’t wait to play this!

  9. Von Ithipathachai

    I’m having trouble with this! I’m using Snes98x and it won’t open the patched file because it says it’s in an “invalid ZIP archive”. The original Japanese ROM seems to work fine, but after I patch it, it won’t open. Could you possibly provide a prepatched download?? Thanks.

  10. Von Ithipathachai

    Never mind. Apparently, when I downloaded my ROM, I needed to take it out of the folder first, and then patch it.

  11. Fahad

    Thank you.

    Sorry, my English is bad, but i want to say thank you for your hard work. You people -translators- are one of the few members in this industry who are passionate about their games. Really, thank you.

  12. Rikki

    That was unexpected!
    I kept coming to this website in hope of seeing this particular release sometime, with less hope each time. Surprisingly, as other projects I’m waiting for are being abandoned one by one, this one emerged out of nowhere absolutely unexpectedly (for someone not tracking romhacking threads, anyway). Thanks!

  13. Renan

    Sometimes people call me crazy because I’m always playing old games (SNES being the most) but the fact is: I love old games, they make me feel good and the nostalgic feeling are priceless to me. Why am I saying this? Simple. I’m very happy to see something like you did here! Sometimes I find myself reading about that game and thinking I won’t be able to play it one day when I searched again and depare with this amazing translation!
    Dont’ push yourself to hard dude! I know exactly how is to be always giving up on thing I’m supposed to do, the good part is: You did it!
    I just want to say a big thanks to you by the hard work, now many people can enjoy this memorable remake thanks to you.

  14. Thales

    Thanks, I played some games of this franchise randomly, but recently I tought “Hey, why not start from the beginning?” So yeah, I got lucky that there was a recent translation of this. 😛

  15. James Purcell

    Great translation. It fills me with joy that I can now enjoy these games in english.

    But uh… I seem to have run into a bit of a bug. In MegTen 1 the very first enemy I beat leveled me up. Giving me 84 bonus points to redistribute. Which of course breaks the game pretty much completely, since you now can max out all your stats.

    Is this a translation patch bug any one else has ran into?

  16. gezegond

    For around 2 years I’ve been checking up on this website every couple of months to see if there’s any news on KMT. Now I check again and HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS RELEASED.

    You’re a legend man. Thank you for this.

  17. Risa

    So wait- how do I download this? This is just the translation patch, right? Where is the actual game and what emulator is recommended? I didn’t see a download for the actual game on Actually, I have a mac, so this might be incompatible anyways.

  18. JenadaeX

    Thank you so much for this. I wanted to start this game years ago and found no translation for it! Today I come back to this idea and your efforts have come to fruition! Thank you for all your hard work!

  19. Shane

    I’ve waited so long for this, you are the legend of legends, I’m going to love every minute of KMT. Thank you!

  20. pork

    The patched rom is 2,25mb
    I need a 2mb rom (like the original japanese version) for play it with an original super nintendo
    can you guys manage this? thanks a lot

  21. KuroiNeko

    Thank you for the translation! I’ll start today to play this game, and with his translation work I will be able to understand and enjoy the game 100%. In fact I was wanting to get into the world of Romhacking, but I quit before I started, after seeing his work I thought better and I will research and learn about Romhacking. If you can help me and advise me I would be grateful, my email:

  22. Bram Janssen

    Thank you very much for translating this game.
    It is so great to finally be able to play this game.
    You are amazing

  23. Wes Falls

    I own the original guidebook for this game. Ironically, I just now remembered that, but months ago when i was actually playing through the game. It has really well-detailed maps for the whole game. I’d be willing to scan them in exchange for flattery.

  24. Katelyn

    I can’t get it ta open using WinRAR. It says that files are either damaged or in unknown format. Is there another way ta play?

  25. Lust3D

    I’m a fan from Shin Megami series and thanks to you I can try their roots.

    Thanks you very much for your hard work!

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