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Due to popular request, it’s time for more armips news! The changes this time around aren’t as big as last time, but they are still notable developments. It can now be used for PS2 games, and also on Unix platforms! Finally you aren’t restricted to just Windows anymore. Make sure to grab the latest revision on GitHub.

Speaking about PS2 games, some of you may know that I spent a lot of time on improving PPSSPP’s debugger last year, to help with a PSP project. Unfortunately, PSP wasn’t the only platform lacking a good debugger. The PS2 was especially poor off, the only PCSX2 version to have a debugger – and a pretty poor one at that – was several years old. Recent versions completely removed it. There was nothing left.

… until recently! I took it upon myself to write a completely new debugger for PCSX2, and a much better one than before. It has almost all the features PPSSPP had, including a builtin assembler and conditional breakpoints. So far it only works for the R5900, but that’s where most of the interesting stuff happens anyway. This will hopefully help future PS2 translation projects. You can get it by building PCSX2 or by downloading a prebuilt version.


As for project updates, there’s not a lot to say. I just finished my Bachelor Thesis, so time was rather scarce lately. One notable development, though, is that dds continued working on Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei 1 & 2. See this thread for updates, and he will comment on it on this blog later on too.

5 thoughts on “More exciting tools updates

  1. Irxson

    I know you seem to hate these kind of questions but it’s already past February 2015 and the last news regarding the project is from April 2013 so, any news on Dragon Quest Monsters?

  2. Scorp

    Want just a small improvement to the conditional breakpoints (in all debuggers). Is it possible to add a memory read operation? Means, to have it possible to write conditions like “M(0x8804000)==0x400 && t1==0x400” Would be really helpful.

    And for Armips – this is really great tool! Just cannot wait when it would be possible to load ELF sectioned 🙂 As it is quite boring to find out the header length and write things like this one:

    open “BOOT.BIN”,”EBOOT.BIN”,0x8804000-0xC0
    .org 0x8C7ED38

    and always be cautious not to overwrite some jump operand, or relocation table would spoil that…

  3. Kingcom Post author

    It’s a bit late, but that is already supported. You can use [off] to read a 32 bit word from off, or [off,length] to read a unit of another size.

    ELF support is in the current GitHub master branch.

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