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  1. Chi

    OMG, what is the status of this project? Is this nearing completion? Been waiting for this one and am super pumped.

  2. ed

    yeah looking forward to playing this myself! thank you kindly and keep coming with the updates! 2 in 2 weeks is a record:)

  3. Garett

    Any new screenshots for Dragon Quest Monsters? You said that was next on the list after Oriental Blue. If donating will speed up the process, I would gladly donate and provide help any way I could.

  4. john

    wow looks great can’t wait to play this game
    I wish more great games like this could be translated. especially for older system like the
    pc engine/ turbo grafx 16
    a lot of great rpg cd games were made for that system and not many have been translated
    thank you for this game

  5. kdiz

    Yes screenshots are great. And really you can’t expect too much else from armips; it’s great for those who want to use it but most of us are here for the games. Personally, I’m not entirely sure what armips is used for.

  6. cronnebonne

    Hey awesome, xenosaga. I’ve been waiting for dragon quest personally haha. But xenosaga is cool too.

  7. Chi

    This translation is the reason I got an R4. Now I’ve moved on to the 3ds so it looks like I’ll have to get a newer version to play this on my new XL. Not a problem though, It will look so much better on that big screen!!

  8. Mikh

    I’m pretty pumped about this game, my ds doesn’t get any love from me as of late. And when this drops i’ll have to dust it off

    side note…
    I’ve been coming here every other day since Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 was announced, even though its been years and i still come to this site and jumping when i see a new update. And a day will come when you do release DQM 1&2 and it will be one of the greatest days of my life ha.

  9. Ljink

    Looks good, where’s Dragon Quest? Sorry to be so pushy as I know this kind of work can be tedious. Just hurry before Squeenix decides to release the 3DS versions here all of a sudden.

  10. BGX

    Even if they release the 3DS version, I, like many others, would still love to play DQM1&2 PSX. So no need to push things just because of that.

    Thanks for the Xenosaga screens, this looks like another high quality translation!

  11. Valkyrie

    Wow I didn’t know there was a real database in Xenosaga I.II…

    In that case, it is not surprising that you haven’t completely translated yet.

    Anyway I read in your previous posts that you have completed the story part. Good job guys !

    Thanks for what you have already done , and keep up the good work !

  12. sol

    the reason i can give for why there is more work on xenosaga than DQM is the same reason i play different games after a bit…. boredom. and with as many people pestering him about the game i would not be surprised if he is chosing to work on somthing else to spite those exact people. i would at least half expect it.

  13. Chrona

    Seeing as Xenosaga and DQM are the two games I’ve been desperately following, I’m okay with this

  14. ed

    na sol, i don’t think he’d choose not to work on a game out of spite. i’d say what happens is he is working on such a game and sees great progress and then after a while the progress slows. then he picks up a new game and gets a buzz from how the new game is coming along until that one slows down too. then he picks up where he left off in the original game and ploughs through. plus he has made huge progress in armips. massive piece of work right there!

  15. Ralph

    Keep up the good work, guys ๐Ÿ˜€ Been anticipating this for so long. Possibly a release this year?

  16. Ragura

    Hi there, new follower of your translation of Xenosaga 1 & 2. As a huge fan of the series I’ve been awaiting a translation of this game for so long, I was overjoyed when I saw the screenshots! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, I won’t bug you with “when is it done” or “can I betatest” questions, I just wanted to show you my support and I’ll be awaiting the completion of this project with extreme anticipation! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Yidsus

    Please tell me you’ll keep working on this ;____; Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll be awaiting :D!!

  18. bri

    Ahh thank you so so much for working on this, I’ve been a long time lurker and have waited very patiently to see this translated. You are wonderful and I look forward to seeing updates but please know this. Take your time, yes it’s been a while but the wait will be worth it!!! Thanks once more and again don’t rush!

  19. Salya

    wow, the sceenshots look great. Now I want to play it even more. I been waiting on this game to be dubbed for a long while. I know that you all have lifes and much, but when will this game be done? I really want to play it since I’m replaying the PS2 copys. lol

  20. ed

    its fairly quiet here unfortunately:( just looking back at some of my comments to this translation…4 years ago! Kingcom obviously has his fingers in many pies but as far as we know the project is still alive. don’t give up hope when there is no news.

  21. my name

    Feels like years since I last checked here, glad to see you’re still alive and Xenosaga I & II is looking awesome.

    Time to play Oriental Blue, thanks for another great release! Good luck with Xenosaga and the other stuff you have going on.

  22. Nommy

    Regular updates, just letting people know the project is still active, would be greatly appreciated… even if there’s very little progress.

  23. 72ex

    keep working ! un dia sere rico y gratificare a tds los q hcen el trabajo q las grands industruias deberian hacer ^^

  24. Alichain

    I don’t mind waiting if the Translating group is serious and reliable, and The Aerie is both things. Is so much painful to wait 6 years+ for a bunch of trolls who said they’re gonna translate a game, fake the cancellation of said translation “for the lulz” twice, and then really cancel the project when a localization FOR ANOTHER CONSOLE is announced (cough cough, Tales of Hearts, cough cough).
    So, keep the good work guys ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. ed

    wow is this an update to the layout of the website?? or just my browser acting funny:) still rooting for news about translations. i’m looking forward to DQ 1&2 but any news will do!

  26. kdiz

    It’s not just you. Someone, somewhere did some serious change to this site. It’s looks good, but I kind of preferred the darker background.

  27. TheDevil

    Perhaps Sqeenix send them an email to not release DQM, because they want to localize the 3DS version?

  28. SomeRandomPerson

    I’ll keep coming back every week to check for updates or anything news even if the news is just that you are alive. Even if you have no news it will at least tells us all that you haven’t disappear or something horrible hasn’t happen to you.

  29. Chi

    Can we get an update on this please? I’m super excited at the progress here and just wanna know.

  30. =_=

    I know its annoying to get these kinds of comments begging for stuff, but you have to admit its been a while. Can we FINALLY get some more armips news?

  31. Darkace

    I’ve been following the progress for years on this. I eagerly await the release of a translation.

  32. Dave

    I only just discovered the DS version of Xenosaga and I searched for a translation patch straight away. Is this one anywhere near ready yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

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