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Admit it! You didn’t think it would happen. But as I’m sure you all know, it’s still summer! At least for most of this week.

Oriental Blue is an RPG that’s part of the popular Tengai series, also known as Far East of Eden to most (see the Readme for details on that). It features non-linear gameplay, an intelligent battle system with a unique magic system, and near endless replayability due to countless minor and major choices that you knowingly or unknowingly make.

The translation project was started on October 16 2008, and was announced to the public on March 15 2009. Tom, who is known for translations such as Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart and Persona 2: Innocent Sin translated it. It has obviously been a long project, taking much longer than I would have liked or expected. While the translation was finished relatively early on, the hacking dragged on for a long time… other projects were close to release and had to be finished, university took a lot of time away, etc.

We eventually reached a stage where it was ready to be tested on April 9 this year. It’s a massive game, so it was always the plan to have a long and thorough test. I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but as is always the case, the amount of issues that were found was pretty disheartening. A total of 130 issue tickets were opened on our bug tracker, of which 53 were technical issues. A huge thanks goes out to our beta testers for this amazing performance. I especially want to highlight Lord Oddeye, who played the game more thoroughly than anyone else and did his best to try every single possible outcome of all events, and made sure to catch all instances of the ever changing NPC text.

And now, make sure to read the Readme and enjoy the game!
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103 thoughts on “Oriental Blue Release

  1. Guest

    Great for Oriental Blue fans.

    But woah… I was expecting updates for other games to be mentioned in this news as well. I mean… it has been 1 year since any update news have been made for games like SRWF. Really wish you can keep update news coming for all games at least once per 6 months.

    I hope at least with Oriental Blue out of the way, you all will have more time for the remaining games…

  2. KaioShin

    Whining about other games in the release post of a project that was 5 years in the making is so disrespectful, I don’t even know what to say!

  3. Wes Falls

    Fantastic job, guys. Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication. I am going to get started playing through this one pretty much right now.

  4. sol

    i have to agree with both kaioshin and guest’s very last statement. it is disrespectful to be whining about it but having fully hacked the game does leave more time for other stuff not just hacking. im in college and the last time i played a game was a few days ago and it was only 2 chapters of SRWJ toura’s storyline, so kingcom hacking is only a past time, college and everything else comes first.

  5. Jhutch123

    awesome work! really been looking forward to this one since I’ve heard about it!! 🙂 for all the hard work you put into this, and on your free time I might add, thank you so much!!!

  6. Ian Clue

    Disrespectful indeed. I have not put a single hour into a hacking project in my life, yet I have played 13 fan translated RPGs. 100s of hours of play time thanks to the efforts of a few individuals.

    What right would I have to complain?

  7. Xiados

    Can’t wait to give this a go! Played it when it was originally released and looking forward to being able to understand it. 😀

    Also let’s quit adding to the down by pointing out one person’s selfishness. We all get that way! Just enjoy the release and hard work!

  8. square711

    About time this series started getting some love from us western gamers! I honestly have never played a single minute of Oriental Blue, but if it’s half as good as Zero or Apocalypse IV I won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks to everyone, and congrats on finishing another project!

  9. Indiana Jones

    Nah, I don’t think Guest is being disrespectful. 1 year is quite a long time, after all that time “waiting”; to be expecting at least a few mention of other games’ status is pretty understandable. Wishing for update news once per 6 months is pretty reasonable too, IMHO. But that’s probably because I’m not a romhacker myself, so I don’t know how it feels like to work on challenging hacking project.

    That said, thanks a lot for this release. Sounds like you guys had a pretty tough time dealing with all those issues. Glad to see you pulled through in the end.

    Thanks also to Tom for the translations. Did you take on the role of TLC/QCer as well or did somebody else do that part? Or perhaps the script didn’t go through such process?

  10. Strikebomber

    This game looks interesting. Is it like Suikoden where you can recruit a bunch of characters?

  11. Sarge

    Wow, going to give this a shot!

    Also, regarding the first poster: it’s often not what you say, but how you say it. The same thought can be conveyed in a much more sensitive manner.

  12. PhantomBanger

    I’ve been checking back most days since the last post, super happy to see this as the game looks awesome.
    Congratulations on a finished project and thank you so much, hugely appreciated! <3

  13. Colin

    Tons of love to you guys. Thank you so much for another exquisite translation. I’m also looking forward to Dragon Quest Monsters; waiting with bated breath. Thank you so much.

  14. Wes Falls

    I have put a day into this game and its very good. It has many original takes on typical rpg mechanics.

    I am running it on my Wii, using the VBA emu, and it runs perfectly. There have been no problems.

  15. Isamu247

    ok i need help. this isn’t the first time i’ve ever patched a file, but for some reason everytime i try to patch THIS file, i get a message like this: “bad magic number: not a valid delta” o.O WHAT?? what does that even mean???

  16. Wes Falls

    Sometimes when you first play a new game, you instantly sense that it is of good quality. This is unlike other games, that may only have quality components, and is overall harder to appreciate. Oriental Blue is much the former. Its a very well-made game–with a very well-made localization, too.

  17. 4fatal

    Tested on my slim psp cfw 6.60 pro b-10 emulator UO gpsp kai 3.4. (Supposed to be the best gba emulator for psp) Game locks up on a black screen while entering the first battle.

    Just wanted to inform. Thanks.

  18. vince

    thanks for the translation. One question though, anyone has a link to any walkthroughs for this game?i’m hopelessly stuck with a ninja asking for me when i talk to him. It’s just weird..hope someone could help!thanks

  19. Zaane

    looked in the coments after I saw this was released…first 1 I read more or less said ”about time now hurry up and release other games” which is completely and utterly disrespectful and whoever said it ”guest” should be strung up by their feet and beaten relentlessly >_>

    To be honest I was hoping for DQM before this but I am still very happy that this has been released.

    Thanks for all the hard work and good luck in all future endevours 🙂

  20. Lord Oddeye

    @vince: It’s just a hint that the ninjas are looking for you, this guy’s served his purpose. But I agree that the game could use a walkthrough, however difficult it would be to make one.

  21. Wes Falls

    I found a good way to get money. Play the Casino Game ‘Turk Card.’ It is pretty easy to win respectable amounts of coins at it. You can redeem 50 coins for a Destiny-dan, an item that sells for 500G.

    Looking for 5,000 coins in order to redeem them for the incredibly-powerful Four-Treasures Blade? Stick to ‘Turk Card.’ Turk Card is easy to win at, and cheap to lose at. I spent three hours with it, and was able to win slightly over 7,000 coins. I did this almost immediately after starting my new game, as well. I was so strong that I wandered around raiding dungeons until I was level 19, going solo. You can also cheat using save/load states, but where’s the fun in that?

    Normally, the go-to-game in an RPG Casino are the slot machines. Not so, here. The ones in Oriental Blue rely on your personal timing to line up symbols. However, your timing has less to do with winning than whether or not the game decides its possible to win. I verified that even by using save-states to cheat, it may not be possible to fix the result. I spent an hour of my time trying to win normally, and then another hour trying to see if I could cheat at it (which is very unusual for me). I had a save-state set with two blue “7’s” while the third reel was still spinning, and I could not get it to line up. I was easily capable of hitting it one symbol before or after, however. I may be wrong, but what I witnessed was pretty compelling.

  22. Lord Oddeye

    @Wes Falls: The outcome of the slot machine is determined as soon as the symbols start rolling, it’s the part that has nothing to do with your timing. You’ll find it more rewarding to try the slot machine later in the game after the casino upgrade though. The minigame session has good potential for coins if you manage to get to it, the chance is slim but it happens and sometimes pays off.

  23. Wes Falls

    @Lord Oddeye – Thank you. So the moment you start the mini-game, certain glyphs are included/excluded? That’s great.

  24. Lord Oddeye

    Yeah, once the minigame begins you have a much easier time winning tokens. The length of the minigame depends on the symbols that triggered it. Three eyes means 10 rounds, three 7s of the same color means 30 rounds. The machine will give you a repeated hint when it’s time to start trying to line up those symbols to trigger the minigame, and yes this requires *some* timing for once. If you fail enough times after the first several hints, the machine will alternate two methods to decrease the difficulty.

  25. Wes Falls

    After witnessing how uniquely the game bends common RPG mechanics, that’s not surprising. When I first began the game (in English, I played through a lot of it in Jp years ago) I would have thought the slot machine simply uninspired.

    Oriental Blue is a really interesting game, that challenges much more of one’s mettle than just strength. I have five pages of loose-notes accumulated, already, and I have not had to take notes like this since the 90’s.

    The localization is also very well done, especially considering that the game uses essentially zero standard Euro-centric RPG naming-conventions. I keep wanting to compare the game to one from the SaGa series, also. Something I have come to expect from SaGa games are localizations that make the story nearly impossible to follow. Thankfully, Oriental Blue didn’t get translated in the 90’s by the profit-minded.

  26. FF7Cid

    Thanks so much for another FREE RPG to play on ANY emulator I have. You guys rock.

    Waiting patiently for Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 =)

  27. A guy

    @31 I think that’s a horrible way to get money IMO. There’s a much easier way to get money. To start off, you need 3.6k and a bunch of magic stones that you can use to mod (perferably 40 or so)

    1) With your 3.6k, go to Shanghai and buy the Gara Bracelet from the accessory shop (3.5k). Now, go to the room on the right and mod it (30 coins) with 4x of one of the following magic stones: hi/sui/rai/fuu. This should give your bracelet a special if you do it right (don’t mix, so your mod should only be hi x4, sui x4, rai x4 or fuu x4).
    2) Go to the antique shop and appraise it. It should appraise for 6k-12k. Sell it and repeat until you have 18k or so.
    3) Now, you can buy the ivory wand from the antique shop for 17.5k. When you mod this, it should appraise for 40k+. Repeat with ivory wand until you get 150k+.
    4) Take the monorail to Kuron and go to the turk shop. Buy the headgear for 150k, and then mod it. This one appraises for 400k+ (I’ve had it appraise for 1m before). Sell it, and then repeat with headgear until you have enough money.

  28. vince

    @A guy holy crap you’re a genius! that would solve all the money issues!
    @Lord Oddeye thanks for the info but i’m still hopelessly stuck and not moving with the main plot. I still could not go to the Way of the Ninja at all. And what does the ninja wants at baron falls anyway?no one’s telling.

  29. ENDG4MER

    Only problem with these sorts of non-linear games; having difficulty figuring out what to do and getting stuck is commonplace. Mad props for the translation though, above and beyond in quality.

    For example, I’m at the point where I’m supposed to stop a ceremony and I need to enter a desert tower to do it, but whirlwinds keep blowing me away. Flash back to the Konohana Shrine, and the charms sold there which say they protect from dark wind. Bingo! …only not. Even equipping my entire party with them did nothing.

    There was also the Djinni thing in the mountains, but I need the Djinni Flute to activate that, which is held by the ruler who sent me to the desert tower in the first place… and he doesn’t give it when you talk to him. So at this point, I’m kinda stumped.

    Still, I’ve been waiting for this game for years now, so I’ll enjoy taking my time and exploring every inch I can reach.

  30. Nobody

    Is there any way to figure out all the stone combos? I’ve done quite a bit of trial and error, but there are a ridiculous number of combos.

    Also, is there any way to make more than one stone at a time? I can make full heals with 4xwhite stones in a diamond, but… yeesh, doing it one at a time is slow.

  31. vince

    i think this game has a thing for giving you a step less and wanting you to accomplish other things to fulfill the events before which is kinda annoying at times but fun at the same time. However, being stuck at one place is not fun at all. One hopes to get his way ahead soon. I’m officially out of ideas where to go and wat to do

  32. A guy

    @40 The ruler does give you the Djinn Flute. I think you need the party member you get from the area in your party though (the one related to Suigetsu – I got Kagura, but you may have Kashin Koshi instead)

  33. Wes Falls

    Yeah, my recommendation for money gain was for the absolute beginning of the game. Its not that great pretty much any time after that.

  34. ENDG4MER

    @42 I have Kagura, but the ruler still won’t hand over the flute. I’ve already taken Ren to see the stone and translate, which is how I know the ruler has it.

  35. A guy

    @44 Did you actually get to the desert castle? Like, there’s a path that you can take where the whirlwinds won’t blow you away, and you get a scene where walk up to the desert castle and Kagura says that you can’t walk in and to get the djinn. Maybe you need to trigger that scene.

  36. ENDG4MER

    @45 I actually figured it out through save scumming; it seems like every step you take has a probability of summoning the whirlwinds. I’d save my state, then move. Whirlwind comes. Reload state, take exact same path and speed, no whirlwind. Got to the center path and scene saying I needed the djinn, went TO the djinn and got the scene there, but the ruler still isn’t giving the flute. Yay flags.

  37. ENDG4MER

    Ahh, THERE we go. How specifically annoying. Even though I’d gotten Kagura’s scene at the Djinn, and had previously had Ren read the stone outside it, I needed to have Ren read the stone WHILE Kagura was in the party in order to start an extra two lines or so of dialogue, and NOW the ruler reacts. Hurrah for specification!

  38. Zaane

    @ vince sorry it took so long to answer but I just now saw your question.
    One of the people when you first enter baron falls mentions alot of people have been coming by with
    -> tentei arrows <-

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