Finally an update

A lot of time has passed since the last update. Unfortunately, not a terrible lot of progress has been made. As it’s often in life, you never seem to have as much time as you’d like to have. And the older you become, the less time you have. But I am still just as dedicated to finish all the projects!

Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2’s battle text has seen a lot of updates. We reverse engineered the format, are in the process of adding new variables for proper grammar, and have rewritten many instances of text scripts for better and more fluent readability. We hope to make the whole battle text as natural as possible, with full support for all three genders and other grammatical structures. We also just recently fixed a bug that troubled us for over a year. When you started a new game, your monster would randomly do anything except what you told it to do. In the end, a single byte was wrong. I guess that’s life.

I said that I would be disappointed if we couldn’t finish it this year… and that is true. But university has sucked up a lot of time, and when I had time after months of studying, I was so burned out that I couldn’t make much progress at all. We will still do our best… but you shouldn’t get your hopes up for this year. I have faith that you appreciate our translation and hacking quality enough to bear with the time it takes to reach the end.

Super Robot Wars F/FF’s translation has also progressed. Around 50% of the FF script is now translated. The other projects also haven’t been forgotten!

And to finish this, here is a little excerpt of japanese coding goodness I found in one of the games. The variable index can have the values 1 or 4. No others, both before and after the code. This is how they did it:

if (index == 2) index++;
if (index == 3) index++;
if (index > 4) index = 1;

Sometimes it feels like a miracle that some of these games even work at all.

55 thoughts on “Finally an update

  1. Hamish

    Keep at it guys! You’ll get there in the end! And that code snippet is highly lol worthy.

  2. Ljink

    College will bog you down, I’m a witness so don’t rush yourself to finish the game. If u can do it by Christmas I’d be the happiest guy in the world:D but don’t rush perfection. I swear you guys could get big moolah if you sold it but then Sqeenix would be all up your butt. Good luck guys… good luck can I get a ho ho ho… maybe please?

  3. Bearpowers

    Really appreciate all your hard work, would a trailer/video for DQM part 2 be possible?

    Or any of the game?

  4. cody

    Good luck with school! Don’t worry about the rest of us. I think those of us that stick through with you guys and visit the site understand and appreciate the work you do.

    Programming and coding is a lot of work. I know because I took it as an elective and that first year java course ALONE was more work than my other courses combined. It was actually ridiculous. I took it because I thought it would be interesting…and it was, but the work that went into that course was insane because I didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing at first.

    School and life before everything else!

  5. joaoguilherme

    dont give up my friend, its a really good game and we’re all lookin forward to to it. best of luck

  6. Bearpowers

    Looking good, eagerly awaiting the game

    also anyone know how dream eggs work in DQM2 on the PS1?

    Kagebou, Lamia and Dimmensaur are in the PS1 version right?

  7. Azurus

    Well that’s interesting, why bother having the rest of that code at all? What were they thinking…

    Looking forward to a breakthrough, doesn’t matter how long it takes so long as I can play the finished product at some point.

  8. Tom

    The word dream egg never appears in the script, so it seems that they don’t exist in this version.

    All of the monsters from the GBC versions do appear though, along with an exclusive monster only found in the PS1 version! (Of course, you need the hard-to-obtain cell phone game in order to obtain that.) Hopefully we can enable the exclusive monster, so people can obtain it in the English version.

  9. verydead

    The were two versions of dwm2, each had a special key that you needed to trade from the other version with and i was never able to beat my version because of this. Does the psx version remove this?

  10. Galvatron3000

    quick question, after FFs script is translated, how much along the road for the project to reach completion?

    also, youre awesome. Not that i need to say it for it to be more true

  11. Guest

    Hmm I can no progress on the hacking of SRWF/FF? It will take till end of next year I suppose

  12. Tom

    There is no “key trading” in the PS1 version. Since you have access to every game anyway, there’s no need to force you to link up with a game you already have on the same disk. Back in the GBC days, trading was a way to get people to buy both versions of the game, and/or try to get their friends to buy the game.

  13. Polantaris

    Awesome update, thanks for that.

    Out of curiosity, which game is the source of this “genius” level code?

  14. gezegond


    That code looks just fine. πŸ˜› But why is it in C? I thought you guys have to deal with assembly codes???

  15. ed

    i agree, the c representation is alot more friendly to the eye! god help you having to sift through 1000’s of lines of this but it is very much appreciated!!

  16. tupatupa

    well guys thanks alot for the update, best regards from a chilean follower, shame that D project died i will try to get SRT pple and do the project

    PD: sorry for the lame´o english never got used to it πŸ˜€

  17. ed

    nothing wrong with your english as far as i can see tupatupa:) i just started caravan hearts again for the second time to sort of fill the gap until the DQM 1+2 release!! had forgotten about the annoying rations and jesus is there alot of random encounters!

  18. Dan

    I recently completed Super Robot Wars J, and I just wanted to say “THANK YOU,” It was an awesome game (better than most modern games, dare I say?) and I could not appreciate the work that was put into it anymore. Thanks again, and best of luck in continuing to translations.

  19. sol

    dont rush to ge it done. from my own personal experience i have waited almost 7 years for game 4 of a series. the designers stopped working on it after game 3 and finally about 2 years ago another company has taken up the series and game 4 is comming out around my birthday. i really dont care how long it takes to make a translation just so long as it comes eventually. i will wait however long it will take.

  20. knighTeen87

    I’m so happy that Dragon Quest Monsters project is still alive. I will be under the military service for five months starting this December 12th and I hope i can play DQM when i return home. Keep up the good work!

  21. Nelin

    Its already december.. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE RELEASE OF DQM!!!Take your time Kingcom for the best! πŸ˜€

  22. N7X

    Found this project through DQM’s wiki page. I am a huge fan of DWM and DWM2 on GBC. Some of my favorite gaming memories were with these games. I’m really excited for this release! I took CompSci all 4 years of HS, but quit before college because I’m not a masochist. Keep it up guys, your work is immensely appreciated!

  23. Dex

    Merry Christmas to all working on the projects, have a great holiday!
    Too bad you all couldn’t be our Santa Claus this year =X

    I am still waiting for more SRWF/FF news =D
    And since DQM seems to be quite popular as well, I suppose I’ll check it out too when it’s completed ^^

  24. ed

    Festive greetings to everyone and hope all is well! I too was hoping for a Christmas present but best of luck in the new year:)

  25. Michi

    You never know, he said he’d hope to have it done by the end of the year, and we are not there yet ! But thats me just being optimistic, Good luck in the new year guys !

  26. Ljink

    Man, I was really hoping for an end year release but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

    I have Wiisx on my HBC and I was dying to play this on my flatscreen TV! Well, it’s well worth the wait we can all agree.

  27. ed

    Happy New Year guys!! hope all is well in 2013 and looking forward to hearing any news. Roll on 2013 for more romhacking and DQM adventures!!

  28. Matt

    So looking forward to Xenosaga I and II! This was my main reason for getting a flash cart! Any word on it?

  29. uREKSA

    Jesus christ, what was the coder thinking at the time. Must have arisen through the way Japanese coders communicate and work as a group.

  30. ed

    just wondering if there was any chance of a little bit of news? its been over 3 months and i’m beginning to get worried! hope there it’s still being worked on and really looking forward to a release:)

  31. sol

    Patience. I understand where he comes from with college, I spend almost 10 hours a day in college for classes and then i have about 5 hours a day on weekends for homework. So even though there has been no news all we can do is trust everyone working on the game and trust that the will be done eventually.

  32. Escorian

    Hey I was wondering how the Dragon Quest Monsters Patch is coming along also if you would be willing to release an incomplete patch.

  33. ed

    just dropping by for some news. i actually check back here most days as sad as that sounds. anything new with the translation for DQM? please throw us a bone just to keep the interest up!! get people talking about it. is the only place i can get news on it? i feel like i’m missing a big release on facebook or something;)

  34. Ljink

    I want this game so bad it hurts! I want to play more of 2 because it’s so nostalgic to me. I played DWM2 on my GBC for hundreds of hours. Seeing it remade would make me so happy. I hope everything’s going right for the hackers/translators. Take your time guys.

  35. Dave

    Yeah yeah give us a bone, give us a bone πŸ˜› But seriously I think that it’s good idea just to post some news that will show that you guys in it. But you guys have my great Thanks for srwj !!! And also why don’t you guys make some donation link I think you deserve some appreciation πŸ™‚ (sorry for bad english)

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