Finally an update

A lot of time has passed since the last update. Unfortunately, not a terrible lot of progress has been made. As it’s often in life, you never seem to have as much time as you’d like to have. And the older you become, the less time you have. But I am still just as dedicated to finish all the projects!

Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2’s battle text has seen a lot of updates. We reverse engineered the format, are in the process of adding new variables for proper grammar, and have rewritten many instances of text scripts for better and more fluent readability. We hope to make the whole battle text as natural as possible, with full support for all three genders and other grammatical structures. We also just recently fixed a bug that troubled us for over a year. When you started a new game, your monster would randomly do anything except what you told it to do. In the end, a single byte was wrong. I guess that’s life.

I said that I would be disappointed if we couldn’t finish it this year… and that is true. But university has sucked up a lot of time, and when I had time after months of studying, I was so burned out that I couldn’t make much progress at all. We will still do our best… but you shouldn’t get your hopes up for this year. I have faith that you appreciate our translation and hacking quality enough to bear with the time it takes to reach the end.

Super Robot Wars F/FF’s translation has also progressed. Around 50% of the FF script is now translated. The other projects also haven’t been forgotten!

And to finish this, here is a little excerpt of japanese coding goodness I found in one of the games. The variable index can have the values 1 or 4. No others, both before and after the code. This is how they did it:

if (index == 2) index++;
if (index == 3) index++;
if (index > 4) index = 1;

Sometimes it feels like a miracle that some of these games even work at all.

55 thoughts on “Finally an update

  1. Dex

    Hoping the see updates at least twice a year (ie once per 6 months). It has been 5 months now since the last update. I know it’s a bit pointless to post if there isn’t much update, but really we WILL be delighted to know that it’s alive, especially for something that takes a long time to complete.

    It’s like if you’re transferring a huge file and it takes 1 hour to complete, you will be much delighted and patient if the progress bar (or numbers) is updating every instant rather than only after every 10-20%.

    There are other translation sites out there too that don’t post news, but they keep a progress bar of many different categories of the translation process. Every time each progress bar, regardless of category, goes up by just 1%, it really delights everyone waiting. You all have progress % as well, but I can see it’s not updated. Keep it updated, and put it as part of the main page – for that I can guarantee there’s no need to post news even after a whole year =)

    These are just my 2 cents worth opinion =P

  2. Arne

    I’m waiting for a year (?) for the release of DQM for the PSX… Dude if you need help – just leave a comment here, I’m willing to help you out as much as I can!

  3. Kang

    Thank you for all your hard work.
    I am trying to translate srw f into Korean language and need some advise.
    I found the fonts in slps_019.24 and looking for the right table for extracting the script. Can you inform me about the s-jis table for srw f?

  4. vojovnik

    I’m waiting for almost 7years, so I’m pretty sure that this project is as dead as it can be

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