It’s over

It’s over. It has been a nice time, but everything must come to an end… After 8 months of a carefree life without posting news… here we are.
Everything is still alive. I don’t have all that much time anymore, and my interest is slightly fading, but I fully intend to finish any projects listed under my name on the translation page.

Now on to the updates.

Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 has received a new menu text system. VRAM is now dynamically allocated and deallocated as the strings need it, giving effectively infinite space. It didn’t have any allocation systems previously (positions were hard coded for the translation), and had only very little space limited to half of a single VRAM page, so the improvements that can now be made are very nice.

The translations for SRWFF and Xenosaga 1&2 are still progressing slowly but steadily.

The hacking for Oriental Blue is also progressing. It had quite a few intense graphic formats that had to be reverse engineered, and they were shared by just about everything in the game… including every single map. Of which, incidentally, we need to edit about 50 due to japanese signs. It’s a challenging work, especially as we are very limited in what colors and how much VRAM we can use, so the process is very time consuming. Deets is doing a great job at the image editing front though, as we learned to expect. As said before, Oriental Blue will be the next translation to be released.

We’ll eventually release updated patches for Super Robot Wars J and Tales of Innocence, but don’t expect them anytime soon. All issues are minor and don’t get into the way of playing the games at all (except one crash in Tales of Innocence, but that can be averted by saving and reloading the game after receiving fabled recipes). The patches will fix all known issues and will be the final updates to those translations.

A new armips version will also be released eventually. It adds optimizations for some ARM opcodes (automatic conversions for: ldr=->mov/mvn, movmvn, bicand, cmpcmn) and fixes a couple of minor issues.

So until the next update, no news is good news.

60 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. spaceship earth

    I’ll be sending possy vibes your ways, fellas, up to and after your release DQ 1+2. ;D

  2. Cameron

    I just found out about your Dragon Quest Monsters translation and I am really excited, I hope you guys finish it! =D

  3. Jaguar

    I admire you so much your dedication and hard work 😀 I can barely wait for oriental blue. THANK YOU!

  4. Titus

    looking forward to seeing the Xenosaga I&II conversion or at least a menus and items patch ^.^


    Hi! I wanted to ask ya’ll, if someone of you could ask KingCom (cuz I don’t know if he does read the comments), if he knows when he’ll finish hacking DQM1+2 🙂
    Love ya’ll guys, thx

  6. Scott

    Hey, saw your post for Xenosaga 1 and 2 and noticed that you hadn’t made a new post since 2010. Any idea when this project will be completed or is dead in the water? I hope it isn’t…

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