It’s over

It’s over. It has been a nice time, but everything must come to an end… After 8 months of a carefree life without posting news… here we are.
Everything is still alive. I don’t have all that much time anymore, and my interest is slightly fading, but I fully intend to finish any projects listed under my name on the translation page.

Now on to the updates.

Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 has received a new menu text system. VRAM is now dynamically allocated and deallocated as the strings need it, giving effectively infinite space. It didn’t have any allocation systems previously (positions were hard coded for the translation), and had only very little space limited to half of a single VRAM page, so the improvements that can now be made are very nice.

The translations for SRWFF and Xenosaga 1&2 are still progressing slowly but steadily.

The hacking for Oriental Blue is also progressing. It had quite a few intense graphic formats that had to be reverse engineered, and they were shared by just about everything in the game… including every single map. Of which, incidentally, we need to edit about 50 due to japanese signs. It’s a challenging work, especially as we are very limited in what colors and how much VRAM we can use, so the process is very time consuming. Deets is doing a great job at the image editing front though, as we learned to expect. As said before, Oriental Blue will be the next translation to be released.

We’ll eventually release updated patches for Super Robot Wars J and Tales of Innocence, but don’t expect them anytime soon. All issues are minor and don’t get into the way of playing the games at all (except one crash in Tales of Innocence, but that can be averted by saving and reloading the game after receiving fabled recipes). The patches will fix all known issues and will be the final updates to those translations.

A new armips version will also be released eventually. It adds optimizations for some ARM opcodes (automatic conversions for: ldr=->mov/mvn, movmvn, bicand, cmpcmn) and fixes a couple of minor issues.

So until the next update, no news is good news.

60 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. KiTA

    Thank you for the update. I hope things are working out well for everyone involved in real life. We’re all looking forward to the translations, when time permits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Daggett

    Thanks so much for the update! Been waiting for SRWF for so long, glad it’s still progressing.

  3. octo

    thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. I wish there was something I/we could do to help out

  4. X-nova

    Thanks for the update and all the hard work that you guys keep putting into this. I’ve been following this site for about 2-3 years now. I felt it was about time to show my appreciation for these projects. The one I’m interested in is probably still a few years away from completion (“progressing slowly but steadily”), but I’ll keep waiting patiently. Now, back to lurking mode with me. *ninja poof*

  5. gezegond

    Thank you all for all the hard work!

    btw, any news on Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei? I know you keep saying that everything is alive, but this was hasn’t been specifically mentioned for years. just “no news is good news”. I just want to know it’s still alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lv

    look here:,6058.75.html

    DDS: “The project is still going, and the translation side has been finished. I hadn’t heard back from Iriliane in a while, so the other translator worked on the rest of the script over the last year or so.

    The only things left to do are some minor tweaks to the item names and demon names, and to reinsert all of the translated text. I’ll see if I can put up some screenshots or upload another movie to show what it looks like now.

    This project will be released this year, 2011, even if I have to take some shortcuts.”

  7. Max stclair

    You guys are so awesome! Keep up the good work, lots of others and I are really looking forward to Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2!!

  8. Tom

    I am quite proud of the DQM 1&2 translation, and I can’t wait for you guys to play it.

    DQM 1&2 should be the next in line after Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai.

  9. ShadowKnux372

    Good to hear some news of continued existence. Though the title and opening statement had me naturally worried. ๐Ÿ™

    Keep up the good work, though, for as long as you want. You guys are awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    It wasn’t mentioned specifically, thought F and F Final were, but is SRW D still on the list of projects still chugging along? Just curious.

  10. ddstranslation

    I am still here, and still intend to finish the KMT translation. The last few months have been busy for me with getting a new job and a new house, and I’ve also been enjoying a somewhat carefree life too. The text editor needs to be finished, plus cutscene dialogue, status and Jakyou screens need to be fixed.

  11. Zaane

    Scared me a little when I read the headline xD.
    Thanks for the update and please continue with the wonderful work we have all come to know and love.

    @Tom: DQM 1&2 is the one I am looking forward to the most since I have always been a DWM fan and the newer…erm…joker series seems to live up to ”part” of its name.

    Looking forward to the next update!

  12. Jeryme

    I’ve been watching this site for 3 yrs waiting for xenosaga 1&2! I hope its done within the next year its been at 40% for a wile now we support u guys who hack for us..cause u can do it better then us ๐Ÿ˜€ when u finish I garentee you will see how many ppl u make happy as u leave hacking behind so in advance THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’m lookin foward to playing Xenosaga when its finished

  13. burumato

    I’ve been quite distressed by the news that you were going to shut everything down!!
    And of course the headline didn’t help ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!
    But hopefully it was only a rumor (but a very mean one!), so I just wanted to tell you how relieved I was!

    Please keep up the good work!!

    I Know you must be a little bored listening to the same song over and over again, but I can’t help but joining the crowd of lost sheep waiting for their Xenogod to come!

    I must admit I’m frantic about this project, and so grateful that you already put so much effort into releasing it.
    (still don’t understand why such a major game has been kept from us by Nintendo.
    Marketing goes mysterious ways, to say the least)

    Please update us as often as you can!

    I can’t wait to play it!!! (even thinking about playing it makes me dizzy…maybe I should calm down a little…)

    Anyway, to sum it up : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE FOR US!!

  14. Tiduas

    Awesome to hear from you guys again, I finally started playing SRWJ for real and was curious what do was doing now and read this. It’s a little sad that you guys won’t be doing anything new but the projects you’re dealing with right now are good ones, especially the SRW-titles, can’t wait for SRWF! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, J is a wonderful translation and I really wish the team the best!

  15. Sau

    Hey! Good luck in real life :). I am glad you haven’t dropped the projects. No hurry here.

  16. gezegond

    OMG I got an actual reply from dds!! I’ve been following this project since it was on blogspot, and for the last 2 years I was worried that it’s dead. >_>

    Your reply meant a lot to me, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. ed

    not being funny but i think i have lost interest. i suppose 8 months without an update might do that to a person. if i could do it myself i would which leads me to a suggestion, if you’re interest is waning why not get an apprentice to teach so they can follow it through? i’m sure there are plenty of people willing and able to help and will take pressure off you guys. must be 3 years i’m waiting now for dqm and if it takes another 3 years then it’ll still be worth it. sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in this post but the carrot is beginning to lose its taste for this particular horse. think i might subscribe to comments now so i will be able to follow the progress less intensely.

  18. E.A.Y.

    I started here on your website before, because of Dragon Quest Monsters – 03-Caravan Heart(U). It was a pleasure to see how you supported others with your translantion hacks for others projects, too. I am feeling sorry to send you this thanking-message after you choose to stop the project. I wish the members of this projects and users of your translations all the best in your life. May be another project in the future(maybe far, but that would be enough, too) when you have time and others ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was an honor to see how you managed your projects.:D

  19. Tom

    I’m sorry to hear that you have lost interest, Ed. I worked hard to complete the DQM 1 and 2 translation. I think you’ll enjoy it when you get the chance.

    Unfortunately, the apprentice suggestion is not really a solution.

    Kingcom already said he will complete all of the projects he started. I suppose it’s only a matter of time. Keep in mind that both Kingcom and I want it to be released just as much as you do. In fact, perhaps moreso, as we have invested countless hours into the project already

  20. Skelletonike

    Hum, there’s lots of games you’re working on that I can’t wait until they’re finished, specially SRW D, I’ve always been a mecha fan so I just love the SRW games, specially the ones that have Banpresto Originals as main chars. From what I’ve read in several sites D seems to be really good. About the two posts above, I really have no problems with the lack of updates, I mean… Most of the translations I follow rarely have any updates, I guess I’ve come to accept the fact they unless there’s any real progress they won’t be posting, but it doesn’t mean they’re not working on it. =3

    On a side note, how’s D comming along? It wasn’t mentioned on the post so I’m just wondering what it’s status is compared to the other games. O=

  21. Discovererman

    Just poppin’ in to say, yo. Didn’t realize anyone was working on Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 for the PSX! I was intending on skipping Dragon Quest Monsters 2, but when the PSX version is released eventually, I’ll be damned if I don’t give it a run then.

    Good luck on your projects, but don’t forget to enjoy your daily lives. <3

  22. forbiddencreed

    I see… well if thats your decision we cant stop you, but know you guys will be missed. Also, about srw D, do you guys need any help with the translating and or editing?

  23. ed

    ah tom i’m still here checking in like so it was probably just a bad day or something:) sorry if it came across defeatist or anything but best of luck with the translations from now on:) take care

  24. Khazar

    Even though I’m mainly here for the KMT translation, I’m glad to hear that the rest of things are going well – good luck to everyone working on these translations for us fans.

  25. trololololol

    good one guys great job & keep goin until u get bored xD thanks for all ur hard work for ME ( FANDOM = world of leechs ;D) BTW any here does know how to make undubs ?? im bored… trying to find a guide or any trace of how people doit i want to learn even if it takes me my whole punny life … last thing sorry by my english stil in school and my english grade are pretty LOW!!! T______T

    cheer from CHILE!!!!! ( just waiting any release or news from u guys)

  26. zamtraic

    Well I’m glad that some of the translations are still going along I’ve been wanting to play the Xenosaga game for some time and after seeing that your doing an english patch I gotta say i am glad that that’s still underway cant wait till its done!

  27. Hadeki

    You guys are so amazing. I check back here every few weeks just in case there’s an update. Keep up the good work! Just say anything if you need help with DQM!

  28. Adik

    Hi KingCom! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ich wollt dich nur nochmal fragen (hoffentlich ohne dir auf die Nerven zu gehen), wann DQM1+2 vorraussichtlich erscheinen wird. Du wirst dich nichtmehr erinnern, aber wir haben schon vor 1 1/2 Jahren geschrieben, also ich wart schon ne Weile haha ich kann aber natรƒยผrlich verstehen, dass du natรƒยผrlich auch was besseres zu tun hast, also Spiele zu hacken, also lass dir Zeit, wollt nur wissen, ob’s noch arg lange dauern wird. รƒล“berleben werd ich schon, weil ich nur ein “Gelegenheitszocker” bin ;P Viele Grรƒยผรƒลธe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. magcel

    man…J was amazing…so much effort, a year ago I was so happy when you released that game…because I googled it and I waited for one week to be released, I was lucky…

    I hope you guys finish D, you ARE very appreciated, romhackers are VG’s superheros, srsly

    greetings from chile.

  30. Shinai

    Hi there, i would just like to thank the cast that did the work on SRWJ Kingcom
    Translation Tyria
    Text Editing Deets, YuushaFan
    Graphics Deets w/help from Ryusui
    Beta Testing KaioShin
    Lady Jessica
    Tom Phoenix
    Special Thanks KaioShin
    Lady Jessica
    you guys are awsome! if you guys were a hard core company id love to act as your home base if it were ever possible, but seriously you made a hardcore SRW fan such as myself cry, your work was beautiful, and to work on SRWJ to that extent makes me happy, so guys to avoid the cataclismic events soon to occor keep us posted from your ship [Celestial Being] and fight the good fight. Romhacking Forever!

  31. Wes

    Keep up the good work, King. I know what it’s like to lose interest in a project and start to feel chained in, so believe me when I say we appreciate the dedication to cleaning your plate of the projects you’ve already taken on. Slow/steady is fine, whatever it takes to keep your sanity ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Xenosaga fan

  32. UntilDeath333

    Hey Kingcom! Is there any news to be given as of now? It’s been almost 6 months since your last update so i’m jw. BTW when this is all done, I intend to send you money VIA paypal or whatever you’d like. DWM has been my favorite game for over 10 years and the possibility of having basically an HD version of that, well, you have no idea how happy the thought of that makes me. I live for this game. Anyways, keep up the good work, guys.

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