58 thoughts on “Mecha Damashii on SRWJ

  1. Kylindra

    Ahahahaha. Look, if they hadn’t released the article yesterday, no one would be hyping it up, would they?

  2. Rai

    They did actually get our hopes up of a Christmas release. We didn’t KNOW it would come out today, tomorrow, whatever. But we thought it could have, they didn’t let us know what was going on. This is normal.

  3. HolyDragoon

    Meanie. 🙂 I still dare you to put Boss on a red spandex suit in the next newspost related to SRW, though. I want ot hear the sound of asploding heads.

  4. Lucny

    Well, we cant do nothing now and just wait until the next day to next…hoping itll come out as we keep refreshing the page =3.(I hope the release isn’t out when school is back on again).

  5. eva3071

    Somebody puppeted my name in order to mock me on this site. Whoever did so, I would appreciate it if you would commit ritual suicide to restore My honor that You took away by hijacking my name.

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