Super Robot Wars J Release

What? Christmas is over, and we all fooled you just to laugh behind your backs? Well, Christmas shouldn’t be abused to play games featuring lots of giant robots, right? Despite all that, I’m now proud to announce the completion of Super Robot Wars J!

It has been quite the long ride, but I have to say that the final result is pretty satisfying. This is my second completed translation after Tales of Innocence, but actually the first I started. It feels great to have finished this old stuff now! I’d like to thank everyone everyone involved, especially Deets, without whom this translation would look nothing like it does now.

Reports of wrong names can be filed here. Be sure to read the included Readme file, too. And without further ado, enjoy the game and the translation!


Note from Deets:

Now that SRWJ is out, I figured it might be a good idea to set up a direct avenue of communication between everyone playing the game and ourselves. Or just me, at least!

@srwaerie is a twitter account created specifically for any Super Robot Wars-related questions you may have while playing the patch. Reports of typos, glitches, and other assorted weirdness are welcome, but feel free to ask any other questions that may come to mind, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I can’t really speak about Oriental Blue, or Xenosaga I & II, or so on and so forth. Those aren’t my projects! But everything SRW-related — or any other projects of mine that may show up in the near future — are completely fair game. Thanks a bunch, and happy tweeting!

332 thoughts on “Super Robot Wars J Release

  1. Blackkat

    Anyone else having problems getting the battery save to work?
    (using either vba or vba-m)

    I can get the save states to work easily and I suppose I could play one game through that way. But without being able to make a battery save, I cannot do new game+’s as there is no save to go off of. (I don’t believe anyone has posted about this yet, sorry if it has, I did try to check first).

    I’ve tried a couple different things from different versions of the program to roms from different sites (other games work fine, just SRWJ seems to not want to make a battery save). Also have tried to change the Options>Emulator>SaveType area to each of the different settings but to no avail (so I switched it back to auto).

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. Blackkat

    Crap, ignore what I just posted. Got some help from a friend. I did need to do the Options>Emulator>SaveType and change the save type for the game to Flash 64bit, but I did not realize (stupid of me) that I needed to delete all the old saves first. I was only deleting the .sav file and not the save state files as well.

    So, I guess to help those as dim a I, here is how to fix the save issue.

    -Delete all save files (all as in the .sav and save states)
    -Open your VBA or VBA-M of your choice
    -Pull down the menu Options>Emulator>SaveType
    -Change the SaveType to Flash and Flash 64bit for both options
    -Load your patched copy of SRWJ

    There, your battery saves should be working now.

    Quick note for those who don’t know the difference between a battery save and a save state:
    Battery Save – The in game save, for when you save at a save point in a game, it saves and you can load next time like normal. (not the best explanation I know)
    Save State – The emulators save function. In the Visual Boy Advanced programs you get 10, they can save at any point in any game and load the game from that “state”.

    Sorry for the trouble I’ve caused.

  3. Maou

    Erm, not to be too rude, but how about the other projects? It’s been over six years since we last heard from you guys.

  4. desconchetumadrizate

    seen that thus guys/girls ( we dont know who they r -.-) r too much bussy with they real lives to helps us to deal with owrs(lifes) well i hope we can get some old school game a world wide understanble idiom -.- ( im chilean btw and sorry for my poor english im still in school T_T)

    well hope u guys can keep up the others projects ( specialy DQMM1+2) if not … whe apreciat all r time wasted in us ( or atleast i do) bye loong live to de kingdom( fandom … what ever… u say DUDE~~~)

  5. Simon

    Yes, it’s been just about 6 months. How are the other projects going? Is the site dead…?

  6. Zaane

    Erm Can i ask for a news update? havnt seen one in forever……dont leave us hanging!

  7. FruitsPunchSamurai

    It may take a while longer for an update. I mean, Ive been watching this site for years and were lucky to get more than two or three a year lol. Rather than worry about an update, wait patiently and someone will deliver.


    I am playing SRW J atm. I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to SRW D. 🙂
    Year 2013 is approaching and that will mark 10 years anniversary of SRW D.
    I’m hoping for a surprise. LOL 😀

  9. Carlos Fernando Perez

    Incredible!! thas all i have to say i been following this site for about 2 year and i play super robot wars J 7 or 8 times and to finally understand the story whitout going to a crappy translation in txt….. Superb Incredible Thanks for you hard work to all the team im gonna enjoy this greatly.

    Pd. sorry for my english im a little rusty

  10. Al

    Started playing SRWJ, loving it. Looking forward to the others you’re translating!

  11. AD

    This is the part where the guys work hard and in the mean time people bitch and moan “wheres my patch!” As if they deserve it or something…just relax bro patience.

  12. Maou

    I am teh super awesome jew boi, so I deserve not just one, but patches for all of the GBA SRW games on a day’s notice. Get working, slaves.

  13. Tom

    Kingcom’s been working with Deets on modifying the graphics in Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai, but they’re encountering problems with the way the graphics are handled.

    Once the graphics are hacked, the mini-games and menus need to be edited.

    There’s still a lot to do before there will be a release.

  14. Jitro

    just visiting this site again to add to your traffic.. to show how i appreciate you guys when you share your awesome srwJ patch..

    i hope you update this site.. thanks again to you all. godbless.

  15. S

    Thanks for translating SRW J! I had played through it a few times in Japanese but I couldn’t understand anything besides the katakana. It’s much better knowing what they’re saying. Also, did anyone else have this happen: When Tekkaman Omega uses his voltekka he always says something like “Farewell Blade!” no matter who he’s targeting?

  16. Zaane

    guess we will have to wait another year or 2 for an update on whats up?
    seriously I am NOT trying to be rude but just totaly leaving your fans out of the loop for so long is not fun at all

  17. Bassilus

    To all mac users having problem with the patching process, Change the end of the ROM Name to .nds, I figured that since its a DS Rom Patcher the rom should be NDS.

  18. Balki

    No news is good news
    No news for 8 months is good too, because you’re too busy working to update, but just a lifesign would be cool and a status update on projects (and maybe new?) would be very cool

  19. asmo

    sorry I’m new to this patch I really like the games especially q try such strategy, but I download the game and the patch but since I can do to bring them together?
    thanks for the help I can provide

  20. Help!

    HELP! my patch is srwjpat.xdelta
    my source is Super Robot Taisen J (Japan).gba
    What should b my Output??????

  21. Help!

    I don’t know what is my output. please help me. i want to play this!
    my patch is srwjpat.xdelta
    my source is Super Robot Taisen J (Japan).gba
    what would be my Output please Help me! Thanks

  22. zzz

    Hey, I found a small glitch with the SRWJ Translation. In the Intermission menu, if you look under Pilot Stats, some of the pilots’ Abilities show up as empty spaces. The only ability I’ve seen do this so far is “Assail”, but if you plan on updating the patch it’s something to look into I suppose.

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