armips v0.7c released

It’s been a long time since I released the last version of my assembler, so I think it’s about time for an update. This version has been in private testing for over a year and many mistakes were corrected during that time, some new features were added, and old features were enhanced. I’d say it’s a much bigger improvement than the version number indicates. You will need the VS 2010 C++ redistributable to run this version.


  • macros can now contain unique local labels
  • area directive added
  • added missing ARM opcode variations
  • countless bugfixes
  • no$gba debug message support
  • full no$gba sym support


There will be a bigger update next time, but I have no idea how long it will take. I will probably rewrite a good part of the core code to allow for more features and even more flexibility. One of them will hopefully and finally be PS2 support, and maybe even PSP support. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or other things, just let me know and I will evaluate them.

13 thoughts on “armips v0.7c released

  1. FruitsPunchSamurai

    Ive been thinking of getting into Rom Hacking, how much will this help? Or do i need to work up to this program?

  2. Kingcom Post author

    You definitely need to get the basics done before this is of any real use to you. It’s an assembler, so you’d use it mainly for changing old code and adding new code to the game.

  3. FruitsPunchSamurai

    Aye aye. I heard that starting with something like an NES rom is good. Guess ill start there.

  4. NotInTheFace

    I used this app before, and I can say that this app is very useful for romhacking.
    It is simple, easy to use, although I don’t know yet whats been upgraded. I used a number of similar apps but this one got me most interested for changing code in ROM

  5. Kojiro Hineri

    Well, first of, i’m sorry for using the coments in such away but…
    I have searched far and wide for a GBA translation i once found, and played, but, as i changed computers, it was lost, and i never found a translation for that game again…

    The game is “Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari – Hajimari no Ishi” A few years ago, i found a fully translated version of this game in a rom website, however that site has closed doors, and sadly, i never found the translation again, i was wondering if you guys would know something about this game, if someone has or is working on it…
    If you guys have no knowledge of a fully translated one, a partially translated would help me, i would translated it myself, however my hacking skills are somewhat “lacking”…
    I’m sorry for my bad grammar, however english is not my main language, and neither have i ever studied it…all i know come from talking with my friends on the US, videogames, and movies….so i cant write all that well…

    Thanks for listening, any info would be much apreciated…

  6. Dragonus45

    @grr dude not to say that we have been bastions of patience and understanding but back off. They say their making it and that it will be out “sooner than we think” so relax and wait. It might be a long wait but they have shown that the produce quality work that’s at least worth time. Also you have terrible spelling and grammar skills, your argument is invalid.

  7. CSJM

    Well, “sooner than we think” can be taken to mean “sooner than never”, so it’s not that much consolation. 🙂 But yeah, we can stand the delays, and be civil about it.

  8. alex

    hmm i was searching the net on how to hack psx games and i run in to this and how do you actually hack it with this program?

    can you give me a site where it shows or give more info on how to use this stuff

  9. asasas318s

    Can you use this program to edit graphics of a gba rom? when i try and open the rom sonic advanced a cmd window appears for a half seccond. other things my region is set to japan and i have windows 7 64 bit pro

    i want to replace sonic with a pegasi

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