Site moved

Welcome to the Aerie’s new home.

We moved the site over to a new host, so please update your bookmarks to the new URL. If you were using the RSS feed, please redownload that as well since the old site will no longer be updated from now on. All posts and comments were transfered over, so all your whining encouragement and support has been preserved.

Nothing should have changed for now, though me may upgrade the site with some gimmicks in the future. If you find any broken links or stuff that isn’t working, please drop us a comment so we can fix it.

Now I realize no one wants to hear about that, after half a year with no news post (aside from some comments) you want to hear some stuff about the projects. No, we aren’t dead yet, no, nothing is cancelled and yes, stuff will be released when it’s done. I’d like to tell you that the last few months weren’t spend on black jack and hookers but uhm… well you know how it goes sometimes. Blame that on me hooking up Kingcom to Steam weekend deals. Shouldn’t have done that I know. But you gotta treat yourself to some good time now and then too. But worry not, stuff will finally happen sooner than you think … if we don’t get totally busy with playing games we grabbed from Steam’s Christmas Deals. Until then, see you around guys.

9 thoughts on “Site moved

  1. madmaxmadog

    First!!!……..srry, had to do it XD…..hope this site works out better for you guys

  2. Dragonus45

    Gosh, when i saw that whole comment locked thing i was sure the translation would be done. Now i got my hopes all dashed.

  3. JD

    Forget this! I’ll make my own site! With Blackjack! And hookers!

    You know what? Forget the site and the Blackjack!

    … eh, forget the whole thing.

  4. SB0083

    Sounds good. I’m really excited for the SRW J release. I’ve been getting ready to finally understand what the hell is going on.


    Ah, the black hole that is Steam Sales. Don’t feel pressured, guys, take some time to have some fun for the holidays. We’ll wait, complaints or not.

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