Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker out next week

Time flies by so fast, a year ago I’d bet that I had Caravan Heart finished before Joker was released in English. Now the release is just a few days away and I’m months behind schedule, damn ^_^

I must admit though I’m not too excited about Joker myself. I heard from trustable sources that Caravan Heart is the much better game of the two. I’ll play Joker of course, at least to compare how they translated some things.

I’d like to ask you, dear fans of Dragon Quest, if the release of Joker will affect your looking forward to the Caravan Heart translation. I wanted to release Caravan Heart first because I was afraid many people wouldn’t be interested anymore in it if there was a new English DQM game. Is that so?

Please let me know your opinion about this, I’m very curious.

29 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker out next week

  1. teKnival

    ha ha ha. i dunno about other people but the dqm series is my favorite game series. period. of course we’re still going to play caravan hearts. but joker seems like the better of the two in my opinion because the monster breeding system is back. i still doubt any of them will be better than the first or second dqm games though. im looking forward to you finishing your work.

  2. WarSerebii

    I’lll still wanna play Caravan Heart, mainly cause both games differ greatly in play style! Joker is more akin to DWM 1 and 2 in that it has a breeding system instead of the heart system, and it has some stuff from DQ8. Please keep up your good work on Caravan Heart, and just let Joker spur you on to making yur game translation great!

  3. Wermo

    Kaioshin, I’m still very interested in Caravan Hearts mainly because I imported the game and have finished it without relishing it and understanding it, as I mentioned a few other times in your comments. Now I’ll be able to play it and understand it which will lead to greater enjoyment. Keep up the hard work and we’re rooting for you!

  4. Burban

    I’m still looking forward to caravan hearts with as much anticipation as i had a year ago. If not more now since its pretty close to completion. Joker’s graphics look pretty great, but i think i will enjoy playing DWCH more. Its like…I enjoyed playing dragon quest VII alot more than VIII. The graphics in VII obviously werent as good, but the story and gameplay kept me more enthralled than in VIII. Ended up with over 200 hours in DWVII. Anyways, thats the same way i feel about the DWCH and Joker, but i dont know until i play them.

  5. TSD

    I’m still just as hyped for caravan hearts as I am for joker, I’ve heard that they lowered the monster roter which also lowers the amount of time that can be spent on it without it getting boring. Ill probably like caravan more then joker for just that reason.

    Besides that all Dragon Quest games are must plays in my book and CH is the only DQ game thats out that I have yet to play O_O

  6. Solstice

    Caravan Hearts has more going for it than the monster-catching-it’s the setting, the throwback to classic DQ, the 2d (huge draw for me). It seems closer to a real Dragon Quest Gaiden than Joker will be. Of course, I’ll still try Joker once I get a DS, but had Caravan Hearts come out officially I would have rushed to buy it.

  7. brewer

    I am very interested in playing Joker, but even more interested in playing CH. So I am defintly still looking forward to you having the translation done.

    Keep up the good work

  8. James Spangler

    I’m interested in Joker, but to be honest, I’ve been drooling over Caravan Heart since before I found out you were translating it.

  9. Jose Lopez

    Both games are radically different. Joker tries to go back to the series’ roots, while Caravan Heart is a different beast that does it’s own thing and likes it that way. Seriously, I love Caravan Heart, and would love it even more if it were fully translated into English. Furthermore, while I’m sure both games will be amazing, I think everyone needs to play Caravan Heart just to get a taste of what a different spin on the franchise would play like.

  10. Irrimn

    I think I speak for just about everyone in saying that even though Joker is coming out really soon, we all still very much want to play caravan heart in english just as much, if not more than joker, since joker is just being handed to us and caravan heart we have all been waiting patiently to play for so long, once you are finally done it’s going to be like… well, like waiting for something for a very long time and finally being rewarded for the wait, which is a prize in of itself.

  11. The Translator

    From what I’ve seen of the English translation of Joker, they did very good work with it. The original Japanese dialogue was rather dry, but the English dialogue is much more fun. They definitely took some liberties with the script to make it more lively, and it works.

    While Joker is a good game, it is much shorter than any other DQM game. I’d recommend buying it though. The English version’s dialogue seems a lot more enjoyable than the Japanese version.

    Buy Joker and finish it quickly… Then play Caravan Heart (not Hearts) when you’re done.

  12. OAL

    Great work guy! I looked everywhere for this patch and was sad to hear the other one was dropped. I love all DQ games and their spin offs. Really appreciate ur effort on this and I look forward to seeing another DQM game done for us.

  13. Namakemono456

    I’ve got the feeling the Hearts comment was pointed towards me… I have the bad habit of not thinking when I’m dead tired 😛 If I could have edited it I would have.

  14. The Translator

    Namakemono, it’s not just you. Look at rest of the comments… Most people get it wrong (because of Kingdom Hearts, I’m guessing).

    I am still clinging to the hope that people will refer to it by its proper name, but that might just be blind optimism on my part.

    To be perfectly honest, Caravan Heart is my favorite game in the series (mainly because it has the best storyline).

    The new systems in CH seem restrictive at first, so it won’t appeal to everyone like Joker will. Joker is very simple and straightforward, with fancy graphics, while Caravan Heart is difficult and has old-school graphics.

    Much like DQ7, you could easily put in over 100 hours into CH’s multiple endings, whereas it takes about 30 to beat Joker’s single ending and another 5-10 to complete optional battles.

    Joker will appeal to more people, but Caravan Heart is a better game. My advice during both games: don’t cheat. Play them legitimately.

  15. ColdDrone

    Ok from what I’ve read I can speak for most of if not all of the people who have spoken so far Kaio and just say: Yeah, we are all still dying for this game and we want you very much to translate it. Joker is a game that looks really cool but I don’t have a DS unfortunately just a PSP so I can’t play it but it looks cool.

  16. Music

    I’m definitely interested in playing Caravan Heart, regardless of however many other DQ games Squenix may release. Keep up the good work!

  17. KaioShin

    Thanks for your comments everyone, I’m glad there is still so much interest in the game despite Joker. I’ll see to make it surpass your expectations 😉

    I haven’t got a chance to play Joker yet, once I did I’ll propably blog my impressions about it here.
    To those who have it already:

    Have fun with it!

  18. yversen

    If anything, DQM: Joker being released makes me with I could play Caravan Heart even *more*. The world will be a better place with your translation.

  19. Hale

    personally i’d play both ^_^ they’re both DWM/DQM games you just can’t go wrong with em ^_^

  20. Kurik

    I don’t own a DS and I’m not planning to get one soon, so yeah I’ll play Caravan Heart. Hell I’m still playing the original DWM on my gameboy color so even if it’s an old game and there’s a newer version out, I’ll still play it.

    So don’t give up!

  21. lordkaos

    I love dragon warrior monsters. I will anxiously await for the translation of Caravan Hearts.

  22. Wayde

    ;_; I want to play DQM CH so badly…AHH It’s driving me insane!!! I will do anything for you, just please arge…finish…arge…(whispers: Anyting). Lol, or…I think I will go out and learn Japanese 😛

  23. SCHUMI-4-EVA

    Only came across this today. I only just became aware of the series with Joker’s release, but I have even gone back and looked for the GBC games on the series, so I am definately looking forward to Caravan Heart’s translation aswell. Keep up the great work =)

  24. Chris

    Are you kidding me??!!
    Of course I want to play Caravan whether DQM Joker comes out or not because not only it’s the only DQM game I couldn’t play, which drives me crazy, but also it’s the only DQM game from the series with different system.

    Please, please keep up the good work!!

  25. madbringer

    Hey man, just popped in to say, don’t give up on the Caravan translation, please. It would be really great to be able to play it in English. I’d also like to thank you for spending your time on this project, you rock, man. I hope it will see completion one day.

  26. Kim

    I am loving DQMJ, but it doesn’t effect my wanting DQCH translated. I really want to play this game, so don’t get discouraged, please continue with your work and know it is appreciated.

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