Final Fantasy XII

After all the work I did last week I decided it was time for a short break to regain strength. Lately I had the habit to start games (usually RPGs), play them for several days and stop then right in the last third. This is a very bad habit, so I wanted to change something about it, namely to finish a game from that list. My choice fell upon Final Fantasy XII. Yesterday night at half past three in the night I finally beat it – what a great game it was.

The story run pretty thin in the last part of the game, but I really really liked the gameplay. The new battle system makes battles so incredibly fluid. I had lot’s of fun blasting through the hordes of enemies. Sometimes it felt a bit hack’n’slash, but once you reach the next boss all that was forgotten. In those all what makes a great RPG system is back – strategy. Without a well picked set of gambits, a good feeling for timing buffs and healing and a bit of luck you can’t win these (unless you powerleveled for hours, lame :p ).

I was especially happy about the vast set of optional quests to do, most importantly the monster hunts. These are optional boss battles in their own right and can be even more insane than the normal bosses, depending on your level and special conditions. I propably had my greatest fight in any Final Fantasy ever against Gilgamesh. Holy shit that one was INSANE. The battle took 75 minutes but it felt like 15! No kidding, this was insanely intense. I was constantly busy with healing, buffing, keeping my party alive while I slowly did some damage. I will propably forever remember the game for this fight, great stuff.

17 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XII

  1. Brewer

    Glad you enjoyed FF12. I am curretnly in the middle of it and enjoying ever miniute of it. THe only problem I relly have with it is I dont think the License board is fleshed out enough. But hey I still love it, just wish I had more time to play it. Studpid edgumication stealing all my game playing time.


  2. Purgatory

    Glad you liked it, now back in your cage. … Kidding. Have you played DQ7? Its my favorite rpg, but I havent had time to finish it =\

  3. moulinoski

    In all due honesty, DQ7 actually bored me… Maybe because it was on a console? (I’m more of a handheld person). Either way, good to know that I’m not the only one relaxing away from their hobbies. 😛

  4. Namakemono456

    Aye i thought the loading ruined DW7 :/ i like the cartridge no-load. Plus games are more fun handheld, just like turn based rpg’s are better in 2-d. btw, best gilgamesh quote ever in an ff game (FF5A):
    “And now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh, it is morphing time!”

  5. KaioShin

    I played DQ7 long time ago, I stopped just after I finally got the job system unlocked for a reason I can’t remember now.

    Another of those victims of my habit to quit games halfway T_T.
    I know I liked it so far as I played.

    Wanna help me with what to play next?

    1. Finish Digital Devil Saga 1 (I’m in the last dungeon)
    2. Finish Disgaea (very far, but to progress I’d need to invest in some powerleveling)
    3. Finish Xenosaga II ( I think I just got to 2nd Disc)
    4. Start Rogue Galaxy

    Those are my options right now, what would you do?

    Now, I’ll get back to hacking for a while ^^

  6. Jordan H

    I started playing DQ7 again right before I got DQ8. I like to take my time with RPGs and pick them back up every now and then, but I want to finish DQ8 before DQ7. I effin’ love DQ7 it’s probably up in my top three. Also it maybe a tad helpful to understand DQ7 when working on DQMCH cause I guess they interlock in ways.

  7. ScrapPS2

    Digital devil saga… four words “Deamon with a cod pice” Disturbing, just plain disturbing.

  8. KaioShin

    I just finished Digital Devil Saga 1.

    I was only ~4 hours before the end (of which 2.5 were a bit of leveling up), so I did it in one session.
    I must say that even though the ending isn’t even the saga’s final end, it feels more complete than some other game’s ends. Yesterday I beat Splinter Cell: Double Agent, that one’s ending was laughable. I really wondered if that was a bad joke. The story had some potential, with Sam Fisher being double agent in a terroist cell, but what happened? There isn’t even one word of dialogue at the end when you uncover yourself. You former “allies” just shoot at you suddenly and you kill them. What a crap, really, wasted potential.

    I’m lookign forward to DDS2 now, although I’ll propably finish Disgaea beforehand.

    Concerning the project, I’m formatting two files right now (story dialogue chapter 1 and the main menu with all it’s related stuff). It will take a few days, I can’t do much of this boring work in one sitting. But I make progress at least.

  9. Namakemono456

    This will be released as an ips patch when its done im guessing? Btw, i got FF6A today, love it. RPGs are meant to be 2d imo 😛

  10. ScrapPS2

    KaioShin, you where getting on about crappy game endings. I have to ask; Have you ever beaten Castlevaina 3 for the NES?

    I’m not going to spoil it, but its one of the hardest games I have ever beat (With out the help of emulated save states.) and also very well made by NES standards, but the ending… Perhaps the biggest floater to ever grace endings… (Takeing into account that IMHO it was a truly great game for the most part.)

  11. ColdDrone

    Wow man, I am ecstatic to hear how much progress you’ve made on the game. I don’t know a whole lot about the RPG’s you mentioned so I can’t comment on that, but as far as the progress I think it’s great news, and thanks again for your work on the game.

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