VWF madness

Since yesterday I’m working practically fulltime on the Dragon Quest Monsters VWF routine. Yes, you read that right, I’ve finally jumped over my shadow and got to work damn it xD The funny thing is that I started work after I actually decided not to do it and asked for help on the romhacking.net message board. Sometimes my motivation behaviour is a mystery even to myself^^

Anyway, writing a vwf is both easier than I hoped for but harder than I imagined. I stumble on new problems practically every hour, but every problem I solve is real progress. I wish I could show you some fancy screenshots already, but aside from boring RAM dumps there isn’t anything to show yet. Rest assured that I work like mad on it though. I wouldn’t be able to progress this much without the help from my dear romhacking.net community though 🙂

By the way, this is not the bigger news update I promised on the comments earlier this week, that is still to come.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, wish me luck everyone.

3 thoughts on “VWF madness

  1. Brewer

    Hey KaioShin, good luck with the VWF routine. Hope you dont run in to too many problems.

    Also looking forward to your big news update, with fingers crossed.


  2. Jordan H

    You have our full support man. You have the great quality of sticking to a project. Most people seem to ditch them fast. I cannot wait to finally be able to play this game.

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