What I've been up to lately…

Hey everyone, long time no see.

I’ve already hinted at this in the comments, but to make it official, I don’t have much time right now for hacking. University is much more straining than I originally thought, but I’m slowly recovering from the first few week’s shock. If you went to school for 14 years univerisity is a really strange place, I can tell you.

The main problem right now is that I get up early, take the train to university (the train takes one hour to get there), then I attend the classes and when I get back home from there the day is basically over already and I just want to get some sleep. I already waste 2 hours every day in the train, that’s more annoying than the university itself.

With that said, you can propably imagine that I can’t work on the project right now, I think not until my christmas break. As always, if something about that changes this will be the first place to tell you about it.

Anyway, I promised you that I’d write a bit more on personal stuff in between hacking updates, so you see I’m still alive. Up to now I haven’t followed that promise, so I guess I should change that. During the time I spent in the train every day I usually play with my DS or I read books. One DS game I’d really like to introduce to you guys is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Justice For All

Man, I had more fun with this game than with every other game this year so far combined, and no I’m not kidding. This is pretty much the same as in the first game, which some of you may know, but that’s really all one could wish for. It’s some kind of a lawyer simulation, but below that it’s pretty much a visual novel type game. There are lot’s of graphics (all with an extremely unique and awesome style), but the meat of this game is really the impressive dialogue. The characters and the writing with which they are presented…. you won’t find this quality anywhere else in a video game, I’m giving you my word on it. The cases are so extremely clever, the characters outright funny and unique, the story twists unexpected and mindblowing – just fun all the way through.

I hope some of you will have the joy of playing this masterpiece some time in the future, you will be amazed. So, I’ll propably start with Final Fantasy III now, it’ll have a hard time coming right after Phoenix Wright now ^^

24 thoughts on “What I've been up to lately…

  1. Moulinoski

    Wow, so I’m not the only one who spends an entire two hours to get to my college. O.O (Except I go by bus) I can really relate… Universtiy = Pain.

  2. Purgatory

    Pft… FFIII -better- live up to Phoenix Wright.. >> seriously. I just havent gotten either one yet =D

    Anyways, you know you can take your time.. o.O seriously.

  3. ColdDrone

    Hey man, thanks for the update…Wow that sucks about the whole 2 hour trip thing, I couldn’t imagine that. Anyway, like everyone else has said, take your time and do what you need to do first, we all want the game as soon as possible, but we all understand, good luck with all your school things and we all hope to hear something regarding the game near christmas break. Thanks again.

  4. Moulinoski

    Hey, Kaioshin, when is your Christmas break starting? I don’t know how different universities operate from each other but it should be starting soon, shouldn’t it?
    @plepso: I don’t think that’s a good idea- Laptops are valuable, not to mention heavy. At least I wouldn’t take one on the bus. O.O

  5. Purgatory

    They’ve been doing that here, too, lately. They used to give from the 15th to the 6th off.. >.o now they wait until the 23rd and students go back on the 2nd. That sucks so hardcore.

  6. Brewer

    Yeah that sucks about the late break. Mine starts tommorow at 11. Just one more final to go, and then I will be off till January 8.

    Anyways Hope you have a good winter break KaioShin.

    Merry Christams all

  7. Moulinoski

    Since I’m probably going to be unable to use my computer for the following two days, I’d like to wish an early Merry Christmas, Kaioshin!

  8. The Translator

    Wow, what a shame… Well, hopefully the insertion gets done during your breaks, because having a job is even more time consuming and stressful than going to college.

    On a side note, it’s almost time for DQMJ… And before anyone asks… No, I am not going to translate it! 😉

  9. Jordan H

    Haha, yeah I think it’s pretty useless to start projects that have potential to become brought to the states. How hard is it to insert text into the game?

  10. KaioShin

    Text insertion is not hard technically and won’t be a major obstacle. I want to programm a insertion tool which supports “live” formatting, so that I can format the text on the fly. It’s a bit of a programming challenge for me, but nothing major.

    When the vwf works the only possibly problematic thing is menu hacking, they might require some ASM madness.

    I’ll work on the vwf on new year and the week after that. Right now I’m still enjoying Christmass with my family.

  11. hein2010

    phoenix wright is definetly a good game to play yeah, but did you tried dqm jokers already? ^^

  12. KaioShin

    Is Jokers even out yet?

    Some new updates will be coming at the end of the week, stay tuned 🙂

  13. Purgatory

    In japan it is. Its almost certain that its going to break the 1million mark soon. Slimeknights have been keeping track.

  14. KaioShin

    My laptop is broken, I’m too lazy to get it repaired. Besides the battery has died and warranty is over, so I can’t use it without external power supply anway.

  15. Terry

    Oh no!!! I thought you are going to finish up the dragon quest heart of Caravan Heart english translation. Is that project is going to be done? Hopefully you would have the motivation to finish up this great translation.
    Best luck to you in everything.

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