New Website launched!

So, here it finally is. I’m sorry it took so long, I’m just not very good with web programming and stuff. I hope you find the new visual design pleasing. Orange is my favorite color, I know it’s not everyone’s taste, but I think that overall the theme is not too obstrusive.
I’ll keep up the old site as long as possible so people will find their way here. I wouldn’t want anyone not knowing of this site thinking I’ve disappeared because the old site is gone.

News posts will only be made here on this site, so update your bookmarks.

I plan to write a little FAQ for the site sometime later and there will be a real project page for Dragon Quest as well (wanted to do this right from the beginning on the old site >_<). I hope you stick with me on this site as well. I'm really happy I could establish a small but reliable fanbase on the old site. 🙂 On a side note I plan on writing a bit more about personal stuff, games, music and the like. I hope you won't mind it as bothering or totally uninteresting. Sometimes I just need a vent to rant about things^^ So yes... Welcome!

33 thoughts on “New Website launched!

  1. KiTA

    I like it! It looks very professional. 🙂

    I hate to ruin a perfectly good post with an annoying question, but, probably better to just get it out before 3 or 4 people ask below me: Any news on the DQM:CH translation? 🙂

  2. KaioShin

    No news on DQM, sorry. I only worked on the site in the last few days and before that I was occupied with other things.

    Another note: Yes, comments won’t go through unless approved by me at least once. So don’t worry if your comment won’t show up right away, it’s just a matter of time until I check the site. After you have been approved once you’ll be able to comment without approval, so I hope it’s not too much trouble.

    We all saw what too much freedom would do >_>

  3. The Translator

    You won’t have to worry about my imposter anymore now! I’m glad to see that you opened the new website, Kaioshin.

  4. Jordan H

    I like this layout a lot! Very smooth and clean cut. As for Caravan Heart I think you should put in the section like the Percentage of the process obviously translation is at 100%, Dumping 100%? Similar to what has going on with their projects (that haven’t been updated forever!!

    None the less, great job.

  5. Irrimn

    Heya Kaio, good work on the new site man! Way to go. Now hopefully we can keep things positive to encourage you to keep working on the tranny and not give up just cause progress is slow. Even though news is slow in coming I really hope you do finish it someday, hopefully even more so sooner than later, but no hurry I guess. I just wish there was something we could all do to help, but knowing nothing about romhacking and all that, there probably isn’t anything any of us can do but cheer you on. Hang in there!

  6. bearmann

    Hey KaioShin! 😉
    Yes, you see right, it’s me … *hrhr*
    Congrats for the new design and good luck for your projects!
    So late me say *thumbs up* and keep it up the good work! 😀

    Best Regards,

  7. Ranko-chan

    very nice site! Orange is my favourite too, so the colours work fine with me! I can’t wait until the translation patching is finished…I’ve been lurking aroud for the past 3 months watching the updates every 2 or so days.

    well anyway, nice new site!

  8. ColdDrone

    Hey Kaioshin. The site looks very nice I’m glad to see you’ve finished with it. I am also glad to hear that the imposter will no longer be a problem lol. I wish you good luck on continuing the project, and again I want to say that I appreciate what your doing. Hope to hear from you regarding the game soon.

  9. DaMars

    Hey…Sorry I haven’t gotten around to the VWF. Have you made any progress on it? I have been busy with DQ5r stuff.

  10. Koto

    Hey, I’ve been watching you guys for a while, I hope things can go smoother now.. If you need any help on the translation, just ask me if you need an extra hand. I don’t know how good I am, but I can always try and help ^ ^

    Btw, I like the web design, it’s very.. Orange-Creamy

    Reminds me of em weird candies that are indivudialy rapped >.>

    Er, right…

  11. KaioShin

    Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!

    @Jordan H : I thougt about it but decided against it. To be honest these kind of numbers are usually just made up and say nothing over a projects status (beyond finished or not even started, everything in between is guesswork). What I will do is provide a written “What’s done” and a “What’s left” list which should have the same content in the end.

    @DaMarsMan: Nice to hear from you ^^. Well, I haven’t looked at the game at all in the last few months, so no progress on my end either. But I’ll start with the vwf again myself now when I got a bit used to university.

    @Koto: Thanks for the offer, but actually the translation is already complete! All that’s left is hacking work (and a lot of that), so that’s my trade^^

  12. Purgatory

    Good job with the new site, Kaio. Keep up the good work… >> and Translator.. why dont you use a name? o.O I figure thats been bugging me for a while.

  13. Koto

    Oh ok, thanks for replying anyway ^ ^

    Oh, if ya need any programs or something, I’m sure I could… Obtain some for you…


  14. EvilCat

    Hello. I just knew of this translation project… Gotta say: thanks! I love Dragon Warrior Monsters games very much, just like many of other pokefans.

    It’s hard to do such work. Thank you.

    Sorry if my comment contained no new information. But I think such words must be said…

  15. The Translator

    Saying why I wish to remain anonymous would spoil the whole point of being anonymous… Simply put, I am a fan of the series (just like you).

  16. Purgatory

    Completely understandable. >> Although, I can only make assumptions and have strange, ideas… like you’re secretly someone that works for SE XD

    Anyways.. Kaio, if you need to vent then do it. I dont think anyone will mind ^^

    Good luck, you two.

  17. D0rk

    Keep up the good work guys. I am super excited to think that there will be a patch for this game someday.

  18. Purgatory

    o.o Kaio.. =P update? Not necissarily on the game… but how about one on life? Any less stress than before?

  19. KaioShin

    I’m really short on time right now, I couldn’t think of anything to write right now :-\

    University sucks a lot 🙁

  20. Purgatory

    Understandable. Work’s the same way.. and soon, I’ll have work and school… so I really do understand.

  21. Moulinoski

    Oh, wow! I still had the other site on my bookmarks… And worse still, it kept on not showing me your latest blog post. But now I saw it and here I am! n_n I hope you can get some time to keep working on DQ: Caravan Hearts. (And thanx again for helping me with the DOS problem I posted on’s forum)

  22. GhettoStar

    KaioShin, happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for people like you who are helping us die-hard Dragon Quest fans enjoy so many of the titles that have not been released to the English speaking world. I understand DQ: CH ties DQ7 with the Loto series in the form of a prequel to both. I just cannot express in words just how excited I am about this tanslation project. For now though, concentrate on school and we fans will patiently await your work on this massive undertaking. Thanks again!

  23. Moulinoski

    😀 I hope you had a Happy thanksgiving… And update thy blog, foo’. *Gets ready to be smascked for ordering around*

  24. Hein2010

    ahh I really hope the patch will face the world one day.. I remember the good old days on my gb/gbc with dwm 1 & 2 hehe ^^

  25. Purgatory

    Yo Kaioshin. How’s it been going, the past couple months? Any progress? What about school? Hows that going? ^^ I start tomorrow.. so I might see some of the stress you’re going through.

    Keep up the life updates, man.

  26. Q. Mulative

    Heh, I’ve just finished Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, and looking forward to Joker, but I’m curious to find out what this game we’ve missed out on had in store for us. You’re doing a great thing here, Mr. Kaioshin, may the goddess of gaming smile down upon you.

  27. KaioShin

    Thanks for the support guys, I appreciate it.
    I’ll post an update regarding progress and stuff at the end of the week (unless something disrupts it), so stay tuned 🙂

  28. Saddy

    OK Kaio dann lass ich dir auch mal nen Textstückchen hier :-P. Damit du nicht so alleine bist =). Nochmal dankeschön das wir die Lan bei dir machen konnten.


  29. Thomas

    I love all the dragon quest/warrior games and I can’t wait for this translation. Please email me once your done because I’ll forget to check back. ^^

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