Tales of Innocence translation released

After almost two years of hard work, Kingcom and throughhim413 finally released a complete translation for the NDS game Tales of Innocence.

Head over to Absolute Zero and grab the patch and enjoy the game. No more complaints about lazyness on Kingcom’s account now. Even if you’re not interested in the Tales series, check out the translation just to see the amount of attention to detail and work that went into the patch creation. Expect nothing less from the other projects, we frequently told you they’ll be worth the wait!

Work will probably resume after we finish laughing at the English soccer team for their pathetic display at the world cup. Next up will be SRWJ, stay tuned.

207 thoughts on “Tales of Innocence translation released

  1. jitro

    hey i have a question about no$gba in tales of innocence. I can’t active the skill (artes) when i press the arrow keys + skill button at the same time. i need to hold the arrow key and then press the artes skill button to make it work. anyone experience this problem when you played it in your computer using no$gba?.

    to those people complaining about srw J. play this game first…. you will realize how hard they work on this translation. i think they also made this translation with srw j at the same time.

    give this translators a break…. they just recently released and finished this one hell of a work/masterpiece which is tales of innocence english translation…

    thank you jeets and company for this translation I’m enjoying the game right now.. so damn gooooooooooooooodddddd……

    damn namco bandai. they just keep their gems for themselves..

  2. FruitsPunchSamurai

    @Jitro I havent had that problem. The only problem i had on the no$ was with graphics. Are you using Keyboard or Gamepad?

  3. jitro

    wow that was quick.

    im using keyboard….. for example. down arrow key + artes skill button pressing at the

    same time… ah ah… doesn’t work. need to press the down arrow key first..

    by the way whats wrong with your graphics? if your problem is black screen, change your “3d renderer” to “no cash” instead of open gl i think..

  4. FruitsPunchSamurai

    Thanks for the advice. It had to do with the map graphics.

    As for your issue, i didnt have that problem. Perhaps its the keys youre using. Are the skills equipped properly?

  5. jitro

    what do you mean skills equipped properly?.

    ok, the directional keys “up,down,left and right” are the arrow keys: up,down,left,right.
    my artes skill button is letter “d”.

    for example, if i press down + d at the same time (simultaneously). it doesn’t work instead the “letter d” only artes skill is the one that activates.

    i need to press and hold the down button and then press the d button in order for the “down + d artest skill button” to activate.

    ok thanks im going to change the direction keys lets see if it still the same. ^_^

  6. jitro

    ok. i think my keyboard is so sensitive. i need to press the directional key + artes button
    skill without any delay.. i think i need to buy a controller instead.

    thanks fruitpunchsamurai for your time to answer my question. ^_^

  7. FruitsPunchSamurai

    That might be it… Im still a little confused as to why that would happen though. Ill probably mull over it a little more.

  8. Jamie

    you could always just turn down the sensitivity of your key board in the system settings so you’ve got more time.

    Control Panel>Keyboard>(either “repeat delay” or “repeat rate”)

    Slowing repeat delay might be best.


    “I’ll give you that series list is more engaging that in K. However 4th portable game with no UC Gundams and with Gundam Seed in its stead. I would like to see something different than seed or wing in one of these. At least one UC series. The system in K was disappointing as well. I’m hoping for something better, but you know how it is when you’re let down.”

    It’s funny that you should say this, considering that A, R, and D all had UC series, not to mention the vast majority, if not all of the console SRWs have reiterated Char’s Counterattack, Zeta, and ZZ many times over. Comparatively, this is only the fourth game with SEED in it, and Wing has only been featured once. Endless Waltz, now that’s been overdone.

    What I’d really like to see myself is a Banpresto original Gundam line and story for their characters, actually accepted as canon. For a super route, a new Mazinger or Getter original. That would be fresh and would give us a chance to see new blood in both sects. Only sad thing would be that they wouldn’t be usable in future OGs, but I could accept that.

  10. ENDG4MER

    And of course, I realize that you’re talking about the portable SRWs, but I have met few fans who haven’t played at least through the PS1 games.

  11. FruitsPunchSamurai

    I was talking about the portable games, not the console ones. A,R, and D did have UC Gundams in it, however the graphics were rather low on those. Endless Waltz was featured in W and it will be in L. Seed has been in the last four. I would have liked it if Gundam 00 was making an appearance at least. I didnt mind not having UC in the portable games, but i was hoping that they would have them in L. UC gundams have been a part of SRW since the beginning along with Mazinger and Getter. In fact the first SRW only featured those three series. When J didnt have Getter i was like “what?” but it was a good game so i let it go. W then had Getter and i was quite happy. You see i dont care if they dont have certain series in some games, as long as they bring them back every so often. Four games without one of the heavy hitters of SRW makes me sad. This is for portable games though.

    Banpresto Original Gundams, Mazinger, and Getter. Interesting, but i dont know how they would go about it. You cant just make up Mazinger and Getter series like you can with Gundam. I would like to see a combining original robo though, similar to Getter, for the main protag. That would be quite cool.

  12. FruitsPunchSamurai

    To respond to the post you made while i was typing my first response:
    I am playing Alpha Gaiden right now. Ive been wanting to play Alpha but i dont know where to buy it and then how to play it. Same with MX, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 too. I believe my ps2 needs a mod chip right? Ive beaten SRW 3, am playing SRW 4, and got my ass handed to me in the original. The original is so hard ๐Ÿ™ I downloaded Alpha but it freezes on me after the first mission. I know how often UC is used in the console games, but that doesnt mean i dont want them in the portable ones every now and again.

  13. ENDG4MER

    It makes sense, my first forays into SRW were the Alpha series, so after playing straight through all four games (and then through A, R, and D) I was fully sick of UC by that point.

    As for Original Mazinger and Getter, it’s much easier than you would think. Don’t forget that Mazinkaiser is technically a Banpresto Original, created specifically for the games by Go Nagai. I would not be surprised if he would be willing to do something like that again, or for Getter Robo (given that he was the mentor of the late Ken Ishikawa).

  14. FruitsPunchSamurai

    True. Getter was made by both Ken and Go. But the thing is, how are they gonna make an original character for such a thing. Mazinkaiser is still piloted by Kouji. Its something that would have to be tested and carefully thought out. I think they need Go Nagai to do the design of a super original. He is the best when it comes to stuff like that.
    You know what i really miss, being able to pick your protagonist and robot type. That was fun.

    I really want to play though the alpha series, sadly i can not.

  15. ENDG4MER

    It’s easy enough, really. Even if you can’t afford a pre-modded PS2 or don’t have the expertise to mod it yourself, you could always get a replacable cover and use Swap Magic to play import games. I did that to play Alpha 2 and 3, for less than $30. Something to consider at least.

    Yeah, that’s something that’s been missing since W. Even Z only really gave you two choices, and the robot was paired with the protagonist, rather than selected. In a sense, it improves overall story since the character doesn’t have to be as generic and can be much more related to their mech, but the variety is missed nonetheless. Hopefully they’ll bring that option back with the next console SRW.

  16. FruitsPunchSamurai

    I do hope so.
    I really wanted to use GaoGaiGar on the console game too. Ill look into what you said, thanks.

  17. FruitsPunchSamurai

    A squeaky toy and an awesome theme song: GA GA GA GA GA GA GAOGAIGAR! GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GAOGAIGAR!

  18. Brave Exkaiser

    When it comes to console SRW GaoGaiGar, take note that the first arc takes place during Alpha 2 and the second half of the TV show and FINAL take place during Alpha 3.

  19. poggg

    It takes like, two minutes to come in here and say “yeah, I’m still working on it, I just need to do ______”, and doing so will make EVERYONE waiting for SRW J feel a lot better. Can we PLEASE get an update of some kind? It’s been an awful long time with no contact. I’m not asking for a full status report or anything, just a reassurance you’re still working. =/

  20. VitaminT

    Since we’re talking about Super Robot Wars in the comments section for a Tales of game, I’m going to combine the two topics with the following question: does anybody know where I can find a good translation of Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 2?

  21. AD

    Hey come on you shouldn’t really rush them guys but I do agree that we deserve some kind of update that we aren’t waiting for nothing

  22. FruitsPunchSamurai

    Ah, sorry then man. I dont know of any other patch. If i find something ill post it.

  23. Dragonus45

    Mid year, man you have more hope than i do, jk jk. I just wish that we could get some kind of news, i don’t want to pester about a release date. I just want to know that its still being worked on, and hasn’t been shelved for the time being with no one mentioning it.

  24. madmaxmadog

    good news guys……… your page is now on auto-complete on google……partially thanks to my frantic visiting :D….thought i was gonna say something about srw j didn’t ya? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. AD

    I’ts obvious such a project took much blod sweat and tears. Whenever they release is fine by me. Keep up the good work guys

  26. AD

    Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขts obvious such a project took much blood sweat and tears. Whenever they release is fine by me. Keep up the good work guys

  27. Slikshot

    Personally I think that Kingcom and his team are going to release this patch on Christmas.
    I think that they have completed it already, just waiting to give the patch to all the fans as a Christmas present…
    I hope I’m right, I don’t wanna wait till next year.

  28. Michi

    Well on the bright side next year is not long after christmas :D. Also Keep up the good work guys takes alot of dedication to do one fan translation let alone how many your doing, make sure you take at least one day off over christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Solar

    I pray that the speculation about the patch being a designated christmas present is true…

  30. Anonymous

    I don’t know about you guys, but my most awaited game from these guys is Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei.

  31. HolyDragoon

    Powers that be, please let that be true. There’s not a lot of things out there that would make me happier than seeing a little newsfeed saying “Guess what? SRWJ translation is out, Merry Christmas!”

    Bonus points if the picture from that post is Laftcranz with a Santa Hat.

  32. KaioShin

    If there’ll be a Christmas release the announcement will feature Boss in a skin-tight, red spandex suit.

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