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Need Moar Newz

Woah, has it been three months already since the last post? Time sure flies by. We meant to write something for quite some time now, but you know how it is… there’s stuff to do, games to play and translations to finish. Despite our silence work has been steady and progress has been amazing on many fronts. I’d hope at some point you people would trust us on that instead of declaring us dead.

So what’s up?

Script translation and preliminary editing of SRW J is complete! Hackingwise the game has been very advanced for a long time already. We have a new editor on the team who is giving the whole script a second edit to make it shine as much as possible. His name is Deets and this second edit is also already well under way. I realize many of you would be happier with a raw beta release now and a polished translation later, but we decided against it. We’d like to present you with a truly professional translation that’ll make us proud and all of you happy. Please have some patience and bear with us, the end result will be worth it.

Tales of Innocence is also going excellently. The story event portion of the script has been completely translated leaving only the skits left to go. I’m damn excited myself to see this finished soon. For more information and screenshots, see Absolute Zero’s site.

In other, even greater news, I have the honour to announce three new projects to the public. Yes ladies and gentlemen, three! They have been worked on in the background quite some time already (one of them for half a year), but we feel the time is finally right to make them official. If you follow the comments and the board at you might have already known about some of them.

Oriental Blue
This GBA RPG is a spin-off of the famous Tengai Makyou series. Tom will be translating it and Kingcom is taking care of the hacking. It has actually quite far progressed already, with the translation progress reaching past the 50% mark.

Super Robot Wars F
After Tyria finished translating SRW J it was time for a new project of course! He’s currently translating the PSX version of SRWF. The hacking is still in early stages, but there has been great progress already. Compared to SRW J the script isn’t even that big, so maybe this one won’t take Tyria too long.

Super Robot Wars D
Another SRW? Yes, we’re totally serious. This one won’t be translated by Tyria however since he is obviously already busy. Another translator who’d like to stay anonymous at this point, is handling this script. It’s the predecessor to SRW J, so it’s not as spectacularily looking, but most people agree it has the superior storyline among the two games.

That’s all for now, rest assured there has been steady progress on all of our projects. If I didn’t mention one specifically, assume that no news is good news. Not all of our translations are as insanely fast as Tom or Tyria. We’ll bring up these projects again when they reach major milestones.

Not dead yet

It’s been a while, isn’t it? We didn’t die, quite on the contrary, we have a ton of progress to report on several projects’ fronts. We just didn’t feel like writing much. Fortunately you aren’t e-mail bombing us when we don’t post something for three days unlike the poor Mother 3 guys. *ahem* On to the news!

Image editor post:

I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to help. A lot of people sent in the first batch of trial images, that really surprised us. The second one was a bit harder and only two people replied with an edited one. I guess we were pretty demanding after all. In the end we decided to give the post to death_seraph. Welcome to the team! I’ll try to have screenshots with his work in action soon.

Super Robot Wars Judgement:

Unfortunately, the editor we had presented to you in the last update left shortly afterwards due to time constraints. Not all is lost though, since we got a competent replacement just a few days ago. The new editor is YuushaFan, a friend of our translator Tyria. The very good news is that he seems to be as insanely fast as Tyria. I’m positive we’ll see lots of exciting progress on the editing soon.
The translation is progressing smoothly as well. Last I heard everything to mission 20 or so is already translated. Kingcom hopes to crack the last few remaining hacking issues soon as well.

Devil Children:

Translation is about a good 70% done. Story dialogue is already completed, what’s left is misc stuff like devil descriptions. Tom promised to have the translation finished soon! I have been working on the hacking again too, fixing a ton of minor menu problems. Kingcom helped out too, so we’re looking at good progress here. The game is a convulted mess though (only programming wise of course), so there is still lot’s to do.

Tales of Innocence:

Hacking should be mostly complete and the translation is progressing smoothly. You can find more detailled progress reports on Absolute Zero’s blog.

Xenosaga & Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei:

No news is good news. Translations are progressing smoothly.

Magical Vacation:

One of the two translators vanished. I don’t know what’s up with him, but I haven’t heard from him or seen him online in 2 months or so now. Anororn is making slow but steady progress though. The translation might progress somewhat slower, but it IS progressing. If someone else would like to fill the blank and help out with the translation contact me.

I’m also still looking for a translator for the Shin Megami Tensei GBA remake! If anyone is interested, you know where to find me. The game is awesome, it really needs to be translated!

General news / Image Editors wanted!

KaioShin here, long time no see.

I was enjoying my extended period of laziness when Kingcom finally threatened to take away my loli porn collection, so I was forced back into action. I’ve resumed work on Devil Children since the translator will be finally ready to start translating the script soon.

The main reason I’m writing this news post is to bring to your attention that we’re really in dire need of an image editor or two to help us with our projects. We’re both not artsy types of people. Just thinking about Photoshop gives me a headache and I’m not sure if Kingcom has ever even used it at all.
We’d like someone to join our group as a permanent image editor for helping with our various projects. The work would involve creating small graphics, usually with text, for us to integrate into the translations. The size can go from a small 16×16 sign to a whole title screen. If you’re good with text graphics and you’d like to help, PLEASE contact us.

What we could offer someone as a member of the group:

  • Access to early WIP and BETA builds of our projects
  • Our projects get done faster
  • A warm fuzzy feeling for helping out
  • Do I dare say it… fame?

If you’d be good for the job you propably know what the work involves. We aren’t slave drivers (unless Kingcom gets a mean streak again) and are really quite nice guys to work with. Just get in touch with us and you’ll see.

If you’re interested drop us a comment and a means to reach you and we’ll contact you with instant messaging or IRC details.

On another more project related note, we also uploaded a new video about SRWJ to Youtube. As you might recall from the initial project announcement it was planned that no other than Gideon Zhi would be the script editor for the project later on. But since he has been really busy for months now and he even started to outsource his own SRW projects to other editors it was clear that we’d need to find someone else if the game were to be released sometime in this millennium. We now found a promising volunteer who will try his hand at the editing of the 3MB monster script. As a sample of his work he already edited the introduction of the game. The new video on youtube shows that ingame. Enjoy!

Last but not least, there have been volunteers for the translations of Magical Vacation and Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei! The scripts have been sent out, let’s hope for the best and good news on those projects front’s soon.

More progress

SRW Image1Quite a bit has happened since the last update! Starting with the best, Tyria finished translating Super Robot War J’s battle text! Just a bit less than 1mb, which is over 1300 pages of text. Taking that into account, the translation progress is now at about 35%. Additionally, I made a few other hacks, so now it’s even more playable. You can play up to mission 10 without encountering any Japanese text!

And the innocent looking graphic up there took two hours of work. Animations can really screw with you. Well, at least there aren’t that many animated text segments, and I now know how to edit the sprite data easily.

There’s also lots of progress on Xenosaga 1&2. Since the translator is a bit busy right now the script translation is only progressing slowly, but that doesn’t hinder the programming aspects, does it? The VWF works now (quite a beast, but very easy), as well as dumping and inserting all types of text back into the game. There were other additional tweaks as well.

KaioShin also updated the About Page to reflect the recent developments on the site.
By the way – we’re still looking for translators for Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei (SNES), Shin Megami Tensei (GBA) and Magical Vacation (GBA). Please spread the word and point people you know who might be interested in translating in our direction.

Xenosaga is getting off the ground

Some of you may already know me, but I’m Kingcom, the one who joined during Dragon Quest Monsters. I’ve done most of the work of our current projects, and I’m proud to announce some major progresses today!

Xenosaga 1&2 - First sample screen
First and foremost, Xenosaga 1&2. We now got a competent and motivated translator for it who already started his work! We’re grateful for the help, especially since it’s such a beast to translate. On the left is a first sample screen, although still without a VWF.

The game still needs a lot of programming, both assembly and for my programs, but I’m happy to work on it, seeing as it’s a fantastic remake of two fantastic games. I will try to do the best I can for this game!

SRWJ Naming Screen

Of course, that wasn’t all for today. Next is Super Robot Wars J.
First, the translation is coming along steadily. It’s now at about 24%. And then, the hacking. I did a lot of the ugly work last weekend, and the last real gameplay relevant major hack, the naming screen, is now completed! A lot of other stuff as well, but nothing to write home about. There’s a screen for this one as well.

By the way, I also welcome dds in our group!