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KaioShin retires from romhacking

I don’t know if this warrants a lengthy explanation or if a quick and short statement would be best. Anyway I decided to go with a bit of explanation. Only read on if are in the mood for a bitter, old man’s ramblings.

To clarify in advance – this only concerns the projects I’m directly responsible for. This means Devil Children, Haruhi and the SMT remake. Some others I’m not sure I ever announced officially. I’m still unsure about what to do with those. Kingcom’s projects are completely unaffected by this, you don’t have to panic over Tales of Innocence or SRWJ. There are obviously some delays on those, but they are still progressing and this really isn’t the right blog post for more about that.

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Back in action for the most part

Welcome back to the site. If you visit the site regularily you’ll have noticed that it was completely unreachable for about a week. This was caused by a complete data loss on the server were this page is also hosted. You can read a bit about what happened at this news site. To summarize it briefly, the webhosting company hosting that server and thousands of others was attacked by hackers. We’re back in action again now at least after Nightcrawler, RHDN’s site admin took care of the most imporant underlying technical issues. Some things still aren’t working, such as E-mails being sent from the server, so I disabled comments on this site for now to be on the safe side. I’ll let you know when comments are enabled again.

The last backup of RHDN and this site was from early April, so every post and comment since then has been lost and they can’t be recovered. I salvaged the FAQ post at least from google’s cache and turned it into a page, which you can access through the navigation bar.

This incident was only related to the website, rest assured that it didn’t affect any hacking work. We all have our files stored locally. I hope you didn’t thought we were all hit by meteors. Although at our current luck level it might not be so unlikely…

Update: Comments are enabled again for this post and from now on. I decided against opening them up again for all the old posts, they are old news anyway.

Merry Christmas

The Romhacking Aerie wishes every loyal fan and casual visitor a Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately we can’t offer you any surprise releases, but at least we have some news for you.

The Devil Children project got a huge progress boost – The preliminary formatting has been officially finished as of yesterday! I’ve played through the whole game and formatted the text along the way. We now have a very clear picture of what work is left to be done and we’ll get right to it. Beta testing for this project will start soon!

In other news, Super Robot Wars J is now translated up to Mission 45 (of 52). We’re very close indeed. Don’t forget there is still lot’s of editing to be done before it’s ready for beta though.

Last but not least, be sure to check out Absolute Zero’s blog today for a surprise on the Tales of Innocence project.

We’d like to thank everyone who commented on our site so far for the continued support. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Stay with us and you won’t be disappointed.

Now, go celebrate Christmas with your family and enjoy the holidays.

Until next year,

The Aerie grows

dds from the Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei translation project joined our ranks at the Aerie!

His project fits perfectly into our translations line-up and his work is absolutely top-notch. When he read about the founding of our group he immediately asked to join and we gladly accepted. Of course we adopted his project and together we’ll make sure to see it to a completion that can easily hold up to professional standards.

The game is a SNES remake of the first two Megami Tensei games, originally released for the NES. The script of part one is already roughly translated, but could use a proof-read from a Japanese expert. The script for MT2 is still in need of translation. If you want to help out – head over to the Help Wanted page and grab a sample. The remaining text is about 600kb.

On the hacking side, as I mentioned before, the work dds already did is most impressive. Two vwfs and several menu hacks are already implemented.

We proudly welcome dds into our little group!

Here is what he has to say about the join:

“I’m honored that KaioShin and Kingcom have allowed me to join them in the Romhacking Aerie. The only project I have is Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei, but after seeing their desire to translate more Megami Tensei games, it seemed like a good idea to bring them all together. I will do my best to provide a top-quality translation, and to be as much help as I can.”

The future for the Aerie is definitely looking bright. Look forward to news from dds about the Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei translation.

Btw: We also added a script sample for Xenosaga 1+2 (NDS) to the Help Wanted Page. If you’re a Japanese to English translator and you’d like to see this game in English, contact us!

Happy New Year

I hope you started nicely into the new year. For me the end of the last year was pure hell on earth, so it couldn’t get any worse. Considering that, I’m sure 2008 will be a nice year. Propably.

Anyway, above you’ll see the official English title screen of Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. I was a colaboration effort of many people from, and I’m really happy with the result. I hope you like it too.

Thanks to:

Killa B,
FlashPV and

It isn’t inserted into the ROM yet, that’ll be pretty tricky. And currently I’m not in the mood for tricky stuff. On the contrary I’m pretty burned out on working on the game. I spend the whole day fixing up menu screens, which is really stupid and bothersome work. Well, at least there has been quite a bit of progress. KC also contributed quite a few little hacks and a tool that saved me a few days of work to the bunch, so be sure to include him in your evening prayers too.