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Site moved

Welcome to the Aerie’s new home.

We moved the site over to a new host, so please update your bookmarks to the new URL. If you were using the RSS feed, please redownload that as well since the old site will no longer be updated from now on. All posts and comments were transfered over, so all your whining encouragement and support has been preserved.

Nothing should have changed for now, though me may upgrade the site with some gimmicks in the future. If you find any broken links or stuff that isn’t working, please drop us a comment so we can fix it.

Now I realize no one wants to hear about that, after half a year with no news post (aside from some comments) you want to hear some stuff about the projects. No, we aren’t dead yet, no, nothing is cancelled and yes, stuff will be released when it’s done. I’d like to tell you that the last few months weren’t spend on black jack and hookers but uhm… well you know how it goes sometimes. Blame that on me hooking up Kingcom to Steam weekend deals. Shouldn’t have done that I know. But you gotta treat yourself to some good time now and then too. But worry not, stuff will finally happen sooner than you think … if we don’t get totally busy with playing games we grabbed from Steam’s Christmas Deals. Until then, see you around guys.

Website upgraded

As you’ve surely noticed already, the site comes in a new design now. While I loved the aesthetics of the old design it had some usability faults that made it quite a pain to work with sometimes. Since I was updating the wordpress backend of  the site anyway I used the chance and threw in a new theme too. I hope you like it! Some of the older posts might look ugly now since I had to use a lot of tricks back then to achieve some effects, like adding white borders to an image to get it centered. Those might look strange now, but I think you’ll live. I might clean up those posts some day, but I wouldn’t bet on it considering my latent lazyness.

The header image is still the standard that came with the theme. If anyone would like to create a 960×90 pixel header image that I can use (and that I like) I’ll gladly take it. It should contain something that will connect it to the site (i.e.: one of the projects) somehow though. And keep in mind the text and the search box go over it. If no one volunteers a decent picture I’ll probably rig something up from some H-game CG, you have been warned 😉

Ice Book script translation complete!

Tom has been on steroids recently and completely finished the script translation of Devil Children: Ice Book! This is a major milestone for the project and one that’s sure to point the way for more good news. Next up for this project will be finishing the hacking and formatting the text (sadly no auto formatter for this one). I already started on the later part a little bit, but there are also still tons of hacking issues to sort out too.

There already has been major hacking progress recently. Kingcom rewrote the game to use 1 Byte text instead of 2 Byte SJIS, which fixed our lingering naming storage issues. It destroyed just about everything else, but hey, it’s all a matter of time. Furthermore the naming screen has also been hacked. That’s a major step since it should be one of the most difficult to hack menus in the game. Other menu fixes are too numerous to list, but we’re getting there.

It’s coming along nicely!

Another matter I’d like to address is that we get asked a ton about what’s the progress on Project XYZ. We write updates on this site for a reason, to keep you informed. When we don’t mention a project than there is propably nothing exciting to report about. Most are in translation, and translating takes a lot of time. We can only hack one game at a time, so sometimes we make a ton of progress on one game and not a single bit of progress on other projects. This is completely normal and doesn’t mean we abandoned any of the other projects. It also doesn’t affect how long it takes for the other projects to be released, since the part that holds them up is usually the translation and not the hacking. When there is something to report you’ll read about it here. So please, reduce the redundant “Nice news but how is the other one?” comments.

Last but not least there is apparently a bit of confusion about which persons are working on which project. Otherwise no one would ask Tom how the translation of Xenosaga is going … To redeem that we created a project overview page. There you’ll find the people that are associated with each project and where the project stands.

Project Overview Page

That’s it for today and I hope you’re as excited about DC as I am! Progress form my side will be a bit slow for a couple of days, but you can blame that on Fallout 3. Absolutely the best game released this whole year so far. Shit! It’s that good >_< I need days with 30 hours each please…

General news / Image Editors wanted!

KaioShin here, long time no see.

I was enjoying my extended period of laziness when Kingcom finally threatened to take away my loli porn collection, so I was forced back into action. I’ve resumed work on Devil Children since the translator will be finally ready to start translating the script soon.

The main reason I’m writing this news post is to bring to your attention that we’re really in dire need of an image editor or two to help us with our projects. We’re both not artsy types of people. Just thinking about Photoshop gives me a headache and I’m not sure if Kingcom has ever even used it at all.
We’d like someone to join our group as a permanent image editor for helping with our various projects. The work would involve creating small graphics, usually with text, for us to integrate into the translations. The size can go from a small 16×16 sign to a whole title screen. If you’re good with text graphics and you’d like to help, PLEASE contact us.

What we could offer someone as a member of the group:

  • Access to early WIP and BETA builds of our projects
  • Our projects get done faster
  • A warm fuzzy feeling for helping out
  • Do I dare say it… fame?

If you’d be good for the job you propably know what the work involves. We aren’t slave drivers (unless Kingcom gets a mean streak again) and are really quite nice guys to work with. Just get in touch with us and you’ll see.

If you’re interested drop us a comment and a means to reach you and we’ll contact you with instant messaging or IRC details.

On another more project related note, we also uploaded a new video about SRWJ to Youtube. As you might recall from the initial project announcement it was planned that no other than Gideon Zhi would be the script editor for the project later on. But since he has been really busy for months now and he even started to outsource his own SRW projects to other editors it was clear that we’d need to find someone else if the game were to be released sometime in this millennium. We now found a promising volunteer who will try his hand at the editing of the 3MB monster script. As a sample of his work he already edited the introduction of the game. The new video on youtube shows that ingame. Enjoy!

Last but not least, there have been volunteers for the translations of Magical Vacation and Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei! The scripts have been sent out, let’s hope for the best and good news on those projects front’s soon.