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Site moved

Welcome to the Aerie’s new home.

We moved the site over to a new host, so please update your bookmarks to the new URL. If you were using the RSS feed, please redownload that as well since the old site will no longer be updated from now on. All posts and comments were transfered over, so all your whining encouragement and support has been preserved.

Nothing should have changed for now, though me may upgrade the site with some gimmicks in the future. If you find any broken links or stuff that isn’t working, please drop us a comment so we can fix it.

Now I realize no one wants to hear about that, after half a year with no news post (aside from some comments) you want to hear some stuff about the projects. No, we aren’t dead yet, no, nothing is cancelled and yes, stuff will be released when it’s done. I’d like to tell you that the last few months weren’t spend on black jack and hookers but uhm… well you know how it goes sometimes. Blame that on me hooking up Kingcom to Steam weekend deals. Shouldn’t have done that I know. But you gotta treat yourself to some good time now and then too. But worry not, stuff will finally happen sooner than you think … if we don’t get totally busy with playing games we grabbed from Steam’s Christmas Deals. Until then, see you around guys.

Tales of Innocence translation released

After almost two years of hard work, Kingcom and throughhim413 finally released a complete translation for the NDS game Tales of Innocence.

Head over to Absolute Zero and grab the patch and enjoy the game. No more complaints about lazyness on Kingcom’s account now. Even if you’re not interested in the Tales series, check out the translation just to see the amount of attention to detail and work that went into the patch creation. Expect nothing less from the other projects, we frequently told you they’ll be worth the wait!

Work will probably resume after we finish laughing at the English soccer team for their pathetic display at the world cup. Next up will be SRWJ, stay tuned.

Discussing Games

In my opinion there are a lot of problems with the gaming scene, the gaming industry, and of course in many games themselves. The biggest problem in the first place is that there is too little serious discussion on those problems. There can’t be any improvement if no one talks about it, if no one is or seems even aware that there are any! So I guess I might just as well do the little I can and start.

There are so many topics to talk about, it’s hard to decide where to begin. I think some people also want to hear more specifics on why I think Devil Children isn’t a good game. I might just as well do a proper review of it then. But before we get to actually reviewing some games, we need a certain groundwork. One of the biggest faults of the gaming scene is its inability to properly review and generally discuss games. So first, we’ll take an in-depth look at those topics before we’ll consider reviewing anything. So, let’s get started with the first of what will hopefully become a series of essays.

(Warning: Lots of text and no pretty pictures)

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Website upgraded

As you’ve surely noticed already, the site comes in a new design now. While I loved the aesthetics of the old design it had some usability faults that made it quite a pain to work with sometimes. Since I was updating the wordpress backend of  the site anyway I used the chance and threw in a new theme too. I hope you like it! Some of the older posts might look ugly now since I had to use a lot of tricks back then to achieve some effects, like adding white borders to an image to get it centered. Those might look strange now, but I think you’ll live. I might clean up those posts some day, but I wouldn’t bet on it considering my latent lazyness.

The header image is still the standard that came with the theme. If anyone would like to create a 960×90 pixel header image that I can use (and that I like) I’ll gladly take it. It should contain something that will connect it to the site (i.e.: one of the projects) somehow though. And keep in mind the text and the search box go over it. If no one volunteers a decent picture I’ll probably rig something up from some H-game CG, you have been warned 😉

KaioShin retires from romhacking

I don’t know if this warrants a lengthy explanation or if a quick and short statement would be best. Anyway I decided to go with a bit of explanation. Only read on if are in the mood for a bitter, old man’s ramblings.

To clarify in advance – this only concerns the projects I’m directly responsible for. This means Devil Children, Haruhi and the SMT remake. Some others I’m not sure I ever announced officially. I’m still unsure about what to do with those. Kingcom’s projects are completely unaffected by this, you don’t have to panic over Tales of Innocence or SRWJ. There are obviously some delays on those, but they are still progressing and this really isn’t the right blog post for more about that.

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