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Super Robot Wars J Release

What? Christmas is over, and we all fooled you just to laugh behind your backs? Well, Christmas shouldn’t be abused to play games featuring lots of giant robots, right? Despite all that, I’m now proud to announce the completion of Super Robot Wars J!

It has been quite the long ride, but I have to say that the final result is pretty satisfying. This is my second completed translation after Tales of Innocence, but actually the first I started. It feels great to have finished this old stuff now! I’d like to thank everyone everyone involved, especially Deets, without whom this translation would look nothing like it does now.

Reports of wrong names can be filed here. Be sure to read the included Readme file, too. And without further ado, enjoy the game and the translation!


Note from Deets:

Now that SRWJ is out, I figured it might be a good idea to set up a direct avenue of communication between everyone playing the game and ourselves. Or just me, at least!

@srwaerie is a twitter account created specifically for any Super Robot Wars-related questions you may have while playing the patch. Reports of typos, glitches, and other assorted weirdness are welcome, but feel free to ask any other questions that may come to mind, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I can’t really speak about Oriental Blue, or Xenosaga I & II, or so on and so forth. Those aren’t my projects! But everything SRW-related — or any other projects of mine that may show up in the near future — are completely fair game. Thanks a bunch, and happy tweeting!

armips v0.7c released

It’s been a long time since I released the last version of my assembler, so I think it’s about time for an update. This version has been in private testing for over a year and many mistakes were corrected during that time, some new features were added, and old features were enhanced. I’d say it’s a much bigger improvement than the version number indicates. You will need the VS 2010 C++ redistributable to run this version.


  • macros can now contain unique local labels
  • area directive added
  • added missing ARM opcode variations
  • countless bugfixes
  • no$gba debug message support
  • full no$gba sym support


There will be a bigger update next time, but I have no idea how long it will take. I will probably rewrite a good part of the core code to allow for more features and even more flexibility. One of them will hopefully and finally be PS2 support, and maybe even PSP support. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or other things, just let me know and I will evaluate them.

You gotta be kidding

Another update? Now we already reached the total count of 2009 – just this month! I’ll keep this one shorter than KaioShin’s insight on reviews though.
We uploaded a preview of the DQM1&2 translation. It shows the whole introduction of the first game. Enjoy!


I guess it’s time for a status update on my projects. I don’t tend to update very often, so better not expect another one until a project is finished.

Before anything else, I want to clarify which projects are affected by KaioShin’s retirement. This does only affect projects in which he is the lead (as can be seen on this page). SRWJ will continue, as will Xenosaga, Oriental Blue, Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2, Tales of Innocence and all the other SRW games.

It has been quite a long time since the last status update, so I’ll give a report on everything. Tom has been constantly editing and improving Oriental Blue’s script, and he also took good care of locating the remaining problems. The quality of the script is nothing short of amazing! Tom is also making progress translating Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (the first part is already completely translated), but it’s not his focus right now.

Super Robot Wars J is almost done. All status and battle graphics are translated and inserted, and the script has been given awesome and thorough editing by deets. His editing makes the game much more enjoyable, there’s such a huge difference between the original engrish-y script and the improved version. So for any naggers who believe that the long editing phase wasn’t worth it, it was. By now, there are basically only more graphics left. The title screen animation has to be reprogrammed, and some ingame graphics also have to be redone (for example, the Naze Nani Nadesico event). It’s been quite a long time since the last technical problem arose, so I’m positive that there aren’t many bugs left either. Tyria is also translating the FF script now, having finished the F script some time ago.

Xenosaga is also well alive, but as many of you may have guessed, it’s been on the backburner for quite a long time by now. I really feel bad for this, but there are so many projects that are almost done… so some have to take priority over others. But the translation continues steadily. The project isn’t in any kind of danger, and I don’t intend to drop anything. There is no need to worry. Once SRWJ, ToI and OB are finished, I can give more attention to other projects that aren’t as advanced.

And lastly, Tales of Innocence. I’ll just say that we started the beta test last friday. All big problems have been fixed, and the editing is also pretty much done. I’m not sure how long the testing will take, but it will definitely be the first game to be released.

I have limited time, so I have to concentrate on finishing one project after another. Innocence has been in the focus since the beginning of the year, and it will be followed by SRWJ and then Oriental Blue.

Tales of a Translation

I’m proud to announce the latest and most recent project, Tales of Innocence! It’s a collaboration with throughhim413 from Absolute Zero, who also translated Tales of Phantasia for PSX last year. Even though the project is still a young one, a lot has already been accomplished. But see for yourself on the screens at the bottom!

Additionally, KaioShin decided to take care of finishing xdaniel’s Kururin Paradise translation, so he is working on something, too, now. The game has a fair amount of graphics that need editing, and if anyone would like to help with them, we would be very grateful.

But now it’s time for the screens!

A Skit Style menu