About this site

Welcome to the Romhacking Aerie!

Most of you who got here propably did that for a reason and know what they are looking for. For everyone else of you who got here by coincidence or misfortune (who knows…) here is a little overview of the purpose and scope of this site.

So what is this all about?

Our group translates video games from Japanese to English. We’re not fixed to one platform, but for various reasons we mostly do translations of handheld games at the moment. Our first translation, of the game Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart, was released in early 2008 after 2 years of development time. We hope to create high-quality translations that don’t have to fear comparison with commercial localizations.

This website and our roots

This website started out as “KaioShin’s Romhacking Aerie”. I was working on my own on translating Caravan Heart and had no plans to ever join or start a group at that time. During the development of the CH translation Kingcom joined me to aid with the translation. Our cooperation worked so well that we later decided to continue working together in future translations. The Romhacking Aerie was born in spirit! Not long after we changed the name of the website and officially started the group.

Current Members

KaioShin – Founder, Romhacker (retired)
Kingcom – Founder, Romhacker
dds – Member, Romhacker