33 thoughts on “Oriental Blue Preview

  1. ed

    wow looks good! great to see a bit of activity here too. you were missed kingcom. will definitely give it a playthrough when its out though and keep up the good work!

  2. Ta-chan

    I about this game from Tom. When i checked it out it looked really like my kind of game.
    Now to see it in english….and with Tom’s naturally flowing accomplished translation the game looks even better than what i’ve imagined it.

    Feels good seeing you post here again kingcom. Thanks for this project and keep this spirit alive

  3. Reficul

    Ah, shit, son!
    First Tengai Makyou game to be seen in English!
    I’m pumped!

  4. UntilDeath333

    I thought DQM was higher on the list than this one. How’s that coming along, guys?

  5. FBC

    Great Going guys! I have been looking to be able to play this game in English!! I am also looking forward towards your other translations!

  6. Guest

    I’m sure higher demand games like DQM they will only target at holidays season, which is the end of the year. Whether it is 2013 or 2014, I don’t know.

    In any case, I’m waiting for any PSX games, mainly SRWF.

  7. Gar

    I’m very exicited for this release, as always your work looks top-notch!

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. Rahan

    Is any work still actually being done on Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei? I was thinking about digging into it to work on a translation of my own, but I’d heard that some other group was doing it. Seeing as actual updates about the game’s status haven’t come in several years, I’m wondering if I should continue on my merry way in acquiring a script dump, or if that would be unnecessary. The last thing I’d wanna do is step on another translator’s toes, after all. D:

    Thanks for your time!

  9. ed

    well still checking in here most days would you believe and feels like a ghost town. just looking for a bit of news regarding how the translation of DQM is coming along. anyone? i think i’ll try and set up rss or whatever it is cos i dont have the heart to check anymore

  10. ENDG4MER

    I’m far more excited about Oriental Blue. Been waiting for this one for a long time… and it must suck to se the comments section of its announcement as to release filled with people grubbing for DQM. XD

  11. Zaane

    to the above poster. people are only ”grubbing” about it because they assumed it would be released before Oriental Blue.

    If possible some new news would be fantastic.

  12. SwordEnchanter

    “The full translation will be released this summer.”

    It might sound a dumb question, but in what hemisphere do you live? O_o

  13. SwordEnchanter

    “The full translation will be released this summer.”

    It might sound like a dumb question, but… in what hemisphere do you live? O_o

  14. PhantomBanger

    Personally I’m really craving something like DQM at the moment, just can’t get enough of raising different monsters and breeding them! They need to make some new DQM games, dunno why there’s not one on the 3DS yet. Heck I’d like to see a full scale game (Like VIII) for DQM. Would be so epic!
    Which is why I’m super excited for any news as I thought it was the next release, but having said that I also like the look of this game so I’m happy for all the hard work either way. Keep being awesome 😀

  15. Sromek

    Are there any news about SRW F/FF translation? Cant wait to see another update! Keep up the good work and thanks for all translations.

  16. ENDG4MER

    @Zaane A single look through the archives will tell anyone with half a brain cell that they announce things when they are ready, or that their schedule often changes due to real life or sudden onset of difficulty. Combined with the (self-admitted) fact that news/updates are rare as is, and you should have all the clues necessary to put together that picture.

  17. ENDG4MER

    @Kingcom Eeeee~ Can’t wait! The preview has got me pumped up big time! I can never get over how well crafted this place’s translations are… most of the time, they’re better than anything official I’ve seen.

  18. ENDG4MER

    @Zaane Not replying further.

    I remember playing the Japanese language version of this back when my ability to read the language was still meager. I never actually saw the scene shown in the video with the ritual and the big hole swallowing things. I always ended up leaving the town and finding that ogre kid with the metal club… the open-endedness kinda reminds me of Suikoden and how you could do things out of order.

  19. Sillik

    Tom, is there progress on the Tengai Makyou Ziria translation as well? Can’t wait to play that one in english. 🙂

  20. ed

    its good to hear from you kingcom. updates from the team are always welcome! looking forward to the next one!

  21. Cupcake

    I just played this a bit and I’ve decided… It’s not really my kinda game. It’s a great translation though. Very dull though, the battle system is kind of tacky. The graphics are pretty nice for a GBA game (On the average)…

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