What? Christmas is over, and we all fooled you just to laugh behind your backs? Well, Christmas shouldn’t be abused to play games featuring lots of giant robots, right? Despite all that, I’m now proud to announce the completion of Super Robot Wars J!

It has been quite the long ride, but I have to say that the final result is pretty satisfying. This is my second completed translation after Tales of Innocence, but actually the first I started. It feels great to have finished this old stuff now! I’d like to thank everyone everyone involved, especially Deets, without whom this translation would look nothing like it does now.

Reports of wrong names can be filed here. Be sure to read the included Readme file, too. And without further ado, enjoy the game and the translation!

Download SRWJ Translation v1.0

Note from Deets:

Now that SRWJ is out, I figured it might be a good idea to set up a direct avenue of communication between everyone playing the game and ourselves. Or just me, at least!

@srwaerie is a twitter account created specifically for any Super Robot Wars-related questions you may have while playing the patch. Reports of typos, glitches, and other assorted weirdness are welcome, but feel free to ask any other questions that may come to mind, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I can’t really speak about Oriental Blue, or Xenosaga I & II, or so on and so forth. Those aren’t my projects! But everything SRW-related — or any other projects of mine that may show up in the near future — are completely fair game. Thanks a bunch, and happy tweeting!