Joker addiction

Ok, I admit it. I was wrong not to be excited about Joker.

I’m totally addicted now x_X I’m currently on the zombie island, and spend the whole day leveling my various monsters to level 10, synth them and repeat. I want to see how far I can go without continuing with the game. Somehow it sometimes feels as if there is a limit to what monsters I can create, then I suddenly have the next monster stage open. I guess I just had the wrong monsters when I started.

My current party for those interested:

Gryphon C+5
Dragon Slime C+2
Green Dragon D+4

All freshly hatched at Lv1. Let’s see if I can create a B grade monster now.

Anyone else playing like crazy already?

Last but not least, thanks for the wonderful feedback on my last post. I’m glad there is still so much love for Caravan Heart.

16 thoughts on “Joker addiction

  1. Jose Lopez

    It is easily the best game ever made. My current party:

    Great Dragon A+3
    King Bubble Slime A+4
    Jamirus A+6

  2. KiTA

    Yeah, it rocks. I’m currently ranked #61 in the Wifi. My party:

    Killer Machine S+3 (Metal Slime Killer, up next on the rebirth block)
    Demon-At-Arms A+4 (Freshly re-born)
    Metal Slime D+4 – I use him as a healer, he’s pretty much invincible.

    I’m having a blast. I hope to break the top 50 in Wifi this week sometime.

  3. WarSerebii

    To get some of the upper tier monsters requires some VERY spicific synthisis to get. Here’s my team.

    King Bubble Slime +3

    Don Mole + 9 (took awhile to get him and SO worth it!)

    Man at Arms +3

    The game’s as good as I hoped it be, though Wifi’s been annoying @-@

  4. Irrimn

    Honestly I am still at the begining of the game, only cause I have about hour a day to play it so I only have about 4-5 hours into it so far, most of my time I am just battling and typing to capture EVERYTHING I can, not really progressing the storyline much…

  5. KaioShin

    Are the upper tier combinations even possible to find somehow? I mean, are there hints in the game on how to do certain monsters? Or are the combinations obvious?

    I have 10 darkoniums now, but I still have to visit the last shrine. I couldn’t create a single A grade monster yet. I absolutely detest looking up breeding charts at the internet, I want to play this game myself. But if the nice monsters are impossible to get without knowing how to do it beforehand that’d be a huge disappointment to me.

    Reminds on how Final Fantasy games these days are impossible to beat 100% without their guides – cheap way to sell them.

    My currently nicest monster is a Megalodon +6. The rest is only temporary until I finally find something interesting to breed 🙁

  6. KaioShin

    Ok, I went to all the shrines, now I shall “prepare for the finals”. Any recommendations on when I can feel prepared enough?

  7. WarSerebii

    You can find alot of combos for high tier monsters on Gamefaqs in a FAQ, and in the messageboard area. And the finals aren’t terribly hard, and even if you mess up, you can reset and retrain. Good luck!

  8. KaioShin

    Thanks for the link, but the point was NOT to look up a list on GF. Well, since I don’t care for Wifi I guess I’ll just play with my favourite monsters instead of the “best” ones.

  9. WarSerebii

    My bad, sorry! ^^;. And yea, that’s the best way to do it, one of my favorite monsters is the common slime and it can be strong with some work

  10. Youkai

    Hmm i’m not that much fan of that 3D and the art isn’t good as well but still game isn’t that bad at all (i like the Gameboy DQM way more than this one)

  11. Wayde

    Breed the green dragon into a red, it’s an AMAZING monster…I use it as my healer and pretty much only heal in battles and it’s ability lets it regenerate MP so it never runs out =] also it has a nice attack hehe

  12. RanmaFreak

    I’ve been playing the game on and off between schoolwork and Viva Pinata(PC), and I have to say it’s much better when you know what’s going on.

    I played the Japanese version ages ago and it took me like 30 hours to get to where I am now after 15 hours, and I’ve bred 98 different monsters as of yet.

    I use my WhiteKing and OmniHeal to heal my characters, and the rest of my monsters pretty much suck.

    Good luck on the translation BTW, as I’m looking forward to it more than I was anticipating Joker’s release.

  13. Max Ferlitsch

    Ah so its a good game then huh? that’s good to hear, I’ll probably go out and buy it now. If it is anything like dragon warrior monsters 2, (which it sounds like it is), ill probably want to breed every type of monster.

  14. ColdDrone

    Its sooo depressing… All I can do right now is play an extremely laggy DS rom of the game so I’ve barely been able to play it. Well I’m at least glad to see so many other people like it.

  15. leezer3

    Contrary to most others, I really dislike Joker.
    Doesn’t feel right, they’ve modernised it far too much. The overall story again I feel is nothing special, plus the 3D feels far too much like a gimmick.

    I really want the translation of the PS1 Dragon Warrior Monsters 1/2 (Dragon Warrior 7 engine) to be finished, thats soo much better 😉

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